5 Alternative Uses for Lemon

Hello Spring – It’s time to freshen up your life! What better way than with lemons!?

Check out these 5 Alternative Uses for Lemon –  there’s so many uses from garden, home and even your hair.

5 Alternate Uses for Lemon


  • Keep bugs out
    • Use lemon juice in a spray bottle to rid your home and yard of pests. Spritzing doorways and frames as well as all of those little spaces is said to keep bugs out of your home once they start coming out in summer and trying to come inside in fall/winter. Straight lemon juice may become sticky on certain surfaces so be sure to dilute with water and use a mist setting on your spray bottle.
  • Deodorizer/Air Freshener
    • You can use lemon juice for a variety of smelly and dingy odors in the air. Place a few lemon peels in the bottom of your garbage can to soak up and eliminate odors that occur from food and other trash items. Place a half of a lemon in any room in a small bowl or dish, it will soak up any odors or smells in the air as well as release a lemon smell to refresh the room.
  • Revive soggy lettuce
    • Using a bowl of cold water and half of a lemon juiced, place the soggy lettuce in, toss it around, and refrigerate for one hour. It will revive your lettuce and turn it back into that crisp and fresh lettuce for your salads and other dishes.
  • Give yourself highlights
    • By using 1/4 cup lemon juice and ¾ cup water, rinse your hair with the mix and then sit outside in the sun letting your hair air dry and soak in the sun’s rays. This mixture along with the sun will create a reaction in your hair that will make natural highlights without needing to dye it. You can repeat this process daily for a week for a more noticeable change in your hair color that will last longer.
  • Stain remover and laundry booster
    • Rather than using bleach or heavily chemical filled stain removers, try using lemon juice. Pour it and use it as you would any other stain remover. It’s been said to remove just about any type of stain that you can come up with. It also acts as a natural color safe bleach on colored clothing items that normal bleach would harm. Adding in ¼ lemon juice to your loads of laundry rather than laundry detergent will boost your colors and make your laundry smell fresh and clean without chemicals.


Aside from food-uses, what else do you use lemon for?


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