The Toonie Money Saving Challenge

I’m on a mission to save money this year, but is there an easy way?

I’ve shared quite a few different options for money saving challenges like the Penny Challenge {better for my US readers since us Canadians don’t have pennies anymore} and the $15 and $20 money Saving Challenge. Both are excellent ways to save money in 2017, depending on how much you’d like to set aside daily.

The Toonie Money Saving Challenge is the latest challenge and one that I’m doing this year, it’s a very simple method to save money throughout the year.

All you have to do in the The Toonie Money Saving Challenge is set aside a toonie {$2} everyday and by the end of the year you’ll have an extra $730!

Use this Toonie Challenge Printable to track your savings daily!

Toonie savings challenge

What are your money saving plans for the new year?


  1. Hi, As I get paid once a month, these are not plans that work for me. I’d have to put aside $60+ each month as I have myself budgeted.

  2. Must do! Thanks for the great idea. The kids will be all over it; they’re saving to see an MLB game!

  3. I am now retired so I just took the total I wanted to save and divided by 12 to get my monthly savings payment. Another thought for those still working is when you work overtime set aside that money or a portion of it to add to savings. It’s hard these days when the cost of everything but wages keeps getting higher and higher.

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