How to Get the Perfect Curls – Cheer and Dance Hair Hack

How to Get the Perfect Curls? Especially for Cheer and Dance? Here’s a fantastic Hair Hack, using a hassle-free and no-friss curl formers for ringlet curls.

perfect ringlet curls cheer and dance hair hack

How to Get the Perfect Curls – Cheer and Dance Hair Hack

I’ve most likely spent a small fortune on curling irons and curlers in my lifetime. Even … perms. Yes, I said perms.

While each one I tried had its benefits, I was never a hardcore fangirl of any of them. Each method I tried lost their lustre – either the curl didn’t last with one kind, or another was too uncomfortable, and still another took to long to set. Needless to say, I accumulated a cabinet full of curl styling tools and ever make of curler on the market.

Yet between my hair and my three daughters, who need ringlet curls for cheer and dance, I desperately needed to find the secret to getting the perfect curls each time, with as little hassle and fuss as possible.

Then, I discovered Curlformers and immediately the product caught my interest. Yet the cost made me weary and I didn’t want to fork over a lot of money for yet another possible fail to fill the cabinet of rejects. Yet, after looking into this type of curler, I knew it was one I had to try – so, I searched online for a knock-off Curlformer version that was a more attractive price. And found one.

I bought these heatless curlformer-like curlers off Amazon, and I honestly believe it was one of the best purchases of my life.

**For full disclosure {cause I’m ‘crazy’ like that here on the blog}, this is not a sponsored post yet there are affiliate links. I made my own purchases and am not affiliated in any way with this seller or product. I even went back for more because I was impressed with the product, the seller and the ship-time.

Since trying these curl former curlers for the first time, I fell in love, like I had no other curler or styler. So of course, being in the public eye as much as I am, I shared photos and mentions about finding the perfect curler for my daughters hair. I call it the ultimate in cheer and dance hair hack.

Of course MANY started inquiring about the Curlformers that I was using, so I thought I’d write a post on it. Plus, I’m so excited to share, these really are a game changer!

Curl Formers curlers work by using sheaths and a plastic hook and the process is so simple.

perfect curls how to


Choose the sheath package that is a bit longer than your own hair – most will use the pink and orange ones. The difference between the pink and the orange is the direction of the curl, one curls right and the other left, so you want to do a random mix of both colours on one head of hair.

I did purchase the shorter curl former sheaths {mine are blue and green}, intended for Katie since she has shorter hair. Yet, I found these to be too short for even her {they are really short!}, and while I do use them on her hair when it’s in a ponytail, I’d still recommend having the longer ones one hand, just to be sure. After all, you can have longer sheaths and it not even matter – but if they are too short, you’ll have hair sticking out the ends of the sheath which won’t curl. So if they are too short, you won’t want to use them.

There are other colours as well, yet just note that each colour offered is a different length and some a tighter/looser curl. The pink/orange are the most popular and I find them to work great on whichever type of curl I need. Again, rule of thumb – it’s ok to go longer but you don’t ever want shorter than your hair.

When buying for the first time, make sure to purchase a Curlformers Starter Pack or one with many curlers AND a hook. Then you can add to your stock as needed.

perfect curls canadian mom blogger


I like to start with damp {not soaking} hair. I usually secure the top half of the hair to the scalp with a clip, and start with the bottom first, though you could work from top to bottom if you prefer.

When you gather a section of the hair to curl, don’t do too much hair at once or it won’t fold into the sheath. Plus, smaller pieces will dry father and you are left with smaller curls. Even if I want loose curls, I use small pieces since I’d loosen larger curls at the end anyway. So, I gather a small section of the hair. You could just use damp hair and it’ll work fine, yet I like to add a bit of mousse to each section as I find it helps to not have any frizz – even on hair that is really prone to frizz.

how to use curl formers

Push the plastic hook through one end of the sheath and out the other. Then, use the hooked end to hook onto the hair section, at the scalp.

Holding the sheath at the hooked end, pull the plastic hook through the sheath until it comes all the way out. It’ll pull the section of hair through into the sheath. Once the hook is all the way out, the sheath will fold into it’s usual curl shape and only when it does, do you let go of the base of the sheath.

Perfect curls everytime curl formers cheer dance hair

Repeat steps with each section of hair and work your way through the bottom section of the hair until done. Then, take sections out of the top half that you have secured to the scalp with a clip until all the hair is in sheaths.

Sideshow Bob or adorable Lalaoopsy? You decide!

curl formers in hair for perfect curls where to buy

The steps above may sound a bit complicated, but I’m walking you through it step-by step. It’s really a simple process and it takes little time. I can put a complete head of hair into curl former curlers in about 10-15 minutes. You’ll find that rhythm and it’ll be a simple process – I promise!



Hold the sheath end which is resting at the scalp with one hand. With the other hand, run your fingers along the sheath until it straighten out of its curl shape, starting at the scalp end and ending at the other. While both both hands are holding each end of the sheath, squeeze the scalp-end of the sheath until it opens from it’s closed position and slide the entire sheath so the hair comes out.

How to take out curl formers hair curlers perfect curls


how to use curl formers curlers

Why I love these curl formers curlers:

The curls that result are amazing, very pretty curls that you just can’t get with any other styler or curler. They are simple to put in and take out. My kids don’t complain about sleeping in them, which is a biggie.

Before when I curled my daughters hair for cheerleading, I’d use a curling iron on each section and it’s take me over an hour. Using these, it takes just minutes to set the curls the night before and when it comes time to take them out, even less time. It’s cut our ‘getting ready’ time in half!

perfect curls cheer and dance hair hack

When using for cheerleading – I put in her ponytail the night before, and curl the hair hanging at that time as well. then in the morning, I take out the curlers, slick down some stray hairs at the crown which resulted from sleeping, using a mouse or gel. The only thing I have to do now is some backcombing to get the pouf and height required and that’s it. Our cheer competition mornings are less stressed and a whole lot easier!

how to get the perfect frizz-free curl fast and last all day

When I use these for my twins dance, they are required to have a side ponytail with hair curled. My one twin with longer hair, I put her curl formers in at night, using the same process I do for cheer.

My other twin has shorter locks, so I wasn’t sure her hair would stay in a decent side ponytail at night while sleeping. Her hair is thinner than my other daughters, and dries quicker than the average head of hair. So, I did her hair in the morning using dry hair with mousse combed through each section before pulling the sheaths through. The perfect curl set for her in just 1 hour! So fast!

best curler for cheer and dance hair hack

So, keep in mind, you don’t have to sleep in these curlers, they ‘set’ much faster! Yet, for our early morning cheer competition departures, my kids usually sleep in them. Yet, it’s not necessary!

Check out our video on how these curlers work:


EXTRA TIPS: If you find your hair is tangling or getting stuck in the sheath when trying to pull the hook out – you have too much hair in your section so make smaller sections. As well, it’s easier to pull the hair through the sheath when holding it away from your head, versus right next to it and downward. If you’ll be sleeping in these, try and not have the end of the sheath resting against the head. Leaving a few centimetres of hair between the scalp and sheath will be more comfortable for sleeping in.

For the perfect no-hassle frizz-free curl that lasts all day, and is simple to use and dries fast – I love these curl formers curlers!!

My other curl styling tools and rollers have been donated and my cupboard is not stocked with many sets of these kind of curl former curlers. Finally, I’ve found the secret to long-lasting, beautiful curls.

I personally use the knock-off version and so far they’ve been great. Not sure how they compare to the patent-pending actual Curlformers {which are more money}, but would love to hear the difference if anyone has experience with them.


Disclosure: This is my own purchase and experience – yet there are affiliate links in the post.



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