Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for the Fall Season

The fall season is a time when we’re most often inside our homes, yet it’s the transition time right now that makes us realize just how much we neglected the home over the summertime. The majority of our summer days were spent at the lake, taking day trips, and time spent outdoors. Our time inside the home was fleeting these last few months, and more relaxed.

So right now is when I notice the mess that became of the re-usable containers, junk drawers, pantry etc. There’s so much focus on spring cleaning, yet fall cleaning is just as important. It’s most welcome to begin the fall and winter season with a clean and organized home – yet most importantly, the kitchen. This is because this time of year is also the shift from more grilling to oven-use and so on.

So it’s time to get that kitchen clean! Yet really, we want that done in the shortest time possible right? I’m here to help with a Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for the Fall Season!

A kitchen with a sink and a microwave


Fridge & Freezer – When cleaning the fridge and freezer, pull out all contents one by one and check expiry dates, and for a time-saver, make a grocery list as you go. Once all the food items have been gone through, it’s time to wipe down the inside. Don’t forget to pull it out from the wall and clean the exterior as well as the floor along with any trays.

Pantry – Throw away any expired, old, stale or inedible food. After a long summer of road trips and plenty of snacking, I’m sure there are many opened boxes of crackers or cookies in there, perhaps even some strays that made their way to the very back of the shelf, or spilled on shelves.

Drawers – Sort and organize utensils, and don’t forget to wash their organizers. While you have everything out, wipe out the drawers {and knobs} and replace any tattered drawer liners. Don’t forget that junk drawer – we all have one {or two} in the kitchen. Put things back neatly and organized.

Cabinets – Just like the drawers, sort through items and check expiry dates or stale items. Wipe shelves {and knobs} and replace liners, if needed. Put things back neatly and organized.

Countertop – Despite this being an area that is cleaned most often than others, there are areas of the countertop that needs that deep clean. Examples include utensil jars, small appliances, toaster crumb trays, the inside of the microwave, backsplash, knife blocks, and a good scrub of the tea kettle and coffee carafe.

Oven – It’s an area often overlooked until it’s really bad, but the season is coming when we use our oven most often – so now is a good time to prepare it for a lot of use by giving it a good clean. Hopefully you have a self-cleaning oven to tackle the inside, yet also make sure to pull out the oven and wash the back, sides and drawer – along with the floor.

Miscellaneous – Don’t forget to clean areas that might be only done sporadically like any curtains, chair cushions, and table legs. You’ll be happy you took the trash and recycling bins outside for a good clean with the hose before it’s too cold outside. Bonus, it can air-dry in the sun!

Dishwasher – To get the inside clean without effort at all {too bad this whole list wasn’t this easy!}, use affresh Dishwasher Cleaner. I use this product frequently throughout the year when I notice a not so pleasant smell inside when it’s empty, but it’s recommended to use the cleaner once a month. Did you know that only 27% of Canadians have actually cleaned inside their dishwashers in the last 12 months? affresh Dishwasher Cleaner is such an easy and effective product to maintain the appliance – probably more than you realize!

Affresh Dishwasher cleaner

affresh Dishwasher Cleaner powers away hard water and mineral deposits to keep your machine working its best. I find my dishes come out much cleaner when the inside of the dishwasher is clean {not surprisingly}, so using this product also saves me time and energy by not having to re-wash.

Did you know that affresh Dishwasher Cleaner is safe for dishware, and it can be used while you wash your dishes? For some reason, I had thought you had to use this type of product with no dishes inside. Since it’s a rarity to have an empty dishwasher in my home, I didn’t clean the inside of my dishwasher as often as I would have liked. With affresh Dishwasher Cleaner, you can either add the tab into the detergent compartment if cleaning without dishes, or just on the bottom of the dishwasher if there are dishes inside.


affresh is the manufacturer recommended cleaner for KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air and Amana brands but suitable for all dishwashers – and is available at all major grocery retailers.

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  1. I know I should clean it more than I do which is about twice a year. I will try to do it once a month.

  2. I clean mine about once every 2 months, there’s only me so it only runs once a week at the most.

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