Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

Avoid any of these Hilarious Family Christmas Photos and I think you’ll be fine for your card this year. Goes to show that people have all kinds of tastes, from odd to completely horrible.

Thanks to a good friend for sending these to me, they sure take ‘WTH were they thinking?’ to a whole new level. Yet, it makes me want to stage out own funny Christmas photo with the kids, sure beats the posed serious ones I think!

This is just a little side humour to lighten the crazy holiday season, so have a laugh! 🙂


Hilarious Family Christmas Photos


Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

Really? And THAT’S the shirt you wear to go see Santa? Classy!


redneck christmas, funny

Poor Santa is being held hostage!


redneck christmas, funny

What are the chances? Was this actually planned?


redneck christmas

There are no words…


A group of people posing for the camera, christmas

Hope that they have money tucked away somewhere in those fig leaves, those kids will need counseling!


A group of people posing for the camera, christmas funny

A clown? Why?


family funny christmas photo

Is that Mom or Grandma, either way – yikes!


A group of people posing with santa, funny

Altogether now – say ‘Cheese’!!


christmas photo funny

There’s one for the wall!


funny christmas photo, holding a dog

Aw – so cute! Wait a minute…


funny family photo

Smile as usual, kids. Daddy’s gotten into the eggnog again!


funny christmas photo with dog

Yes. Yes you are!


funny christmas photo

My thoughts exactly!

Have you come across anymore funny holiday photos online?

Which one of these Hilarious Family Christmas Photos was your favourite?




  1. OMG the McDonald’s clown is TERRIFYING lolol I’m sure we have some of these photos if I were to dig!

    1. That zig-zag on the bib of the clown screams 80’s!! And what’s up with the eyebrows?
      Trying to think of why a clown would be involved? A Christmas birthday? Who knows, but bad and frightening idea!! lol

    1. Haha, that is so funny! Can you imagine getting that as a Christmas card in the mail!?
      Thanks for sharing!

      1. People don’t send photo Christmas cards here in New Zealand. I get a few every year from my American friends and most of my Kiwi friends find the them a bit odd anyway, the addition of one of these would be perfect.

        1. Oh really? I had no idea! Why is that?
          btw – so jealous, I hear it’s simply gorgeous there, I guess I’ll have to make the trip one day!

  2. OMG I can’t stop laughing. This is hilarious. The clown totally creeps me out and so does the fig leaves one. What do people think and why do they have to share it.

    1. I have to wonder what the motive was behind the fig leaf… really, WHY?!?!
      And was this for a Christmas Party or something? *shudder*

  3. Hilarious; is this where you got your Christmas idea? I don’t think I have ANY of those cute outfits!

  4. I used to think my family’s Christmas pictures from the 70s were embarrassing. Not anymore!

  5. OMG these are bloody hilarious! The dog baby jesus really had me going lol!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. lol, too funny. lovin’ the fig family, wish i had the body to pull that one off, lol. but really these are giving me some idea’s…… ps loving the updated web page, great photo’s 😉

    1. Thanks Sue!!
      I have plans to do a funny photo this year, no fig leaves though. That’s just wrong. So wrong!

  7. I love these, too funny. A man must have decorated the tree with the beer cans, I know a few that would that .. lol

  8. These definitely top some of the weird looking photos I have from when I was a kid..and I thought I looked awful but this puts that on a whole new level….

  9. When my son saw the clown one he said “That’s scary mommy!”
    I don’t get the fig tree one at all. Nudist family perhaps? lol

  10. These are creepy and hilarious. Yet I’m strangely inspired … next year I’m totally going to do some kind of crazy tacky xmas card to send to friends/family.

  11. Oh my Word! Never again will I worry that someone in a picture didn’t smile enough, blinked, or slightly looked away. As long as they don’t wear (or not wear) any of the ‘things’ in these pics or join any cults of strange persons, it’ll be just fine by me! hahaha. These did give me a laugh tho, so thanks for that.

  12. Oh my goodness! I agree, a lot of those kids are going to need counseling one day when they discover these old photos! Ha! Poor kids.

  13. Those are so horrible. A couple are kind of cute but the clown one is going to give me nightmares. Great post.

  14. Hahahahahahaha Those are by far some of the funniest photos! Those poor naked kids 😐 they are going to be really messed up as adults if they dont have counselling!

  15. I love the Maggot with the pink hair. I mean, the rest of the kids in that picture are cool and all, but the Slipknot shirt makes it.

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  17. Especially funny are the birds coming out of the right ear of the guy on the right in the last one.

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