7 Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls

We are now in back to school mode, which is like a new chapter starting in the same book – many things the same routine, yet different. For instance, of course I fed them lunch all summer long, yet now gears shift to packing lunches daily. Also, I tackled the girls tresses all summer long but now the focus is on back to school hairstyles.

The secret is to know your routine and stick to it, and everything falls into place. The hardest part though, is getting into routine. Finding that groove!

Our morning routine is as follows: wake, get dressed, do hair, eat breakfast, brush teeth, grab those bags and lunch – and go. If all goes well, the execution is seamless. That is, only if you are prepared for each step.

Have those clothes laid out and lunches made beforehand, know the breakfast options, and have plenty of easy hairstyles under your belt so that the mornings go off without a hitch.

7 Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls

7 Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls:

In the video are 7 of the easy hairstyles I opt for when doing the girls hair for school. I’ve included two braids, two braids with gather, messy buns, an elsa braid, half-up pull through, and a simple headband.

Knowing some easy hairstyles going into the new school year keeps the plain ponytails at bay, though even a simple ponytail can be taken to the next level by wrapping a piece of the tail around the elastic, or using a nice elastic ribbon instead of the standard.

Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls

It all comes down to being prepared, and arming yourself with a good selection of Goody Ouchless hair products.

Goody Back to School Hairstyles

First and most importantly, is a good brush – one that gets the job done with no hassle and tears {because morning tears over pulled hair throws a wrench in the entire day}. The Goody Ouchless No Tears Hairbrushes {which is a 2016 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winner} are gentle on the scalp and hair, and effective thanks to their FlexGlide bristles. Not to mention, it really helps to braid hair when it’s free from any tangles or knots.

These Ouchless brushes come in three fantastic styles – Oval, Styler and travel-sized. My girls have one in their bathroom, I have one in mine, and the other goes with us on our travels and when we’re not on-the-go, my oldest takes it to school to tame her hair after gym class. So it’s a good idea to send along a brush and some Ouchless hair elastics to keep in the school locker. 

Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls how to

As well, we’re also fully stocked {that’s an understatement} with Goody Ouchless hair elastics in a wide array of colours. Seriously, these are everywhere {and I mean, everywhere}. The bigger ones are perfect for myself and two of my daughters who have thick hair, and the smaller ones are better suited to my other daughter whom has thinner baby-fine hair. 

Other items in my must-have back to school hair repertoire include Goody headbands {mainly for my daughter that wears one daily, it’s her thing}, and ribbon elastics {which are a fun twist on an original}. I find that having an array of hair accessories really helps to beat the blahs too, they inspire you to try different hairstyles! 

I hope you enjoy my Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls video!

Do you have any other go-to’s when it comes to back to school hairstyles?

Back to School Easy Hairstyles for Girls Video

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Goody, all opinions are my own.




  1. I love this! There’s a super cute, super easy hair do for every day of the school week and then some!

  2. I have all boys, but a friend of mine has a little girl and she does all sorts of fun stuff in her hair. Sometimes I would think it be fun to be able to put a little girls hair up. All of these are cute.

  3. My girls love when I do their hair but get so bored with the everyday braid, so these are great. Plus, it helps that we already have a whole bunch of Goody products, LOL

  4. Thank you. My oldest is finally allowing me to do her hair. It’s so much fun but no one did my hair as a kid so I need ideas.

  5. It’s definitely important to have good hair accessories. I always wanted to wear my hair these kinds of ways, but I have crappy hair that won’t grow that long. Your girls are lucky.

  6. My oldest daughter doesn’t usually do much to her hair except brush it. My youngest requires a bit more flair. Since kindergarten she has mostly done her hair herself. She’s taught herself to braid, now she’s working on French braids.

  7. You are awsome with their hair; looks so cute! Must get one of those brushes to have on hand

  8. I have always purchased Goody brushes for as long as I can remember. I wonder if my daughter would let me try some of these hairstyles on her. She’s a teenager so chances are no.

  9. I love that side braid-super cute! I am going to try those top knots on my daughter’s hair.

  10. I’m so in love with the braids! I’m going to practice on my granddaughter right now. I think she’ll love it too.

  11. These are such cute hairstyles. I have two daughters, and I’d love to try these with their hair. Their hair is so long too, so it would be nice to get it up out of their face.

  12. Braids are a go to style in our home. I will have to try the side braid tomorrow for school.

  13. My girls are really creative when it comes to their hair for school. They like to look up different styles on You Tube to see how it is done.

  14. oh how cute. i love all of them and i like that they are super easy as well as cute.

  15. Those hair styles are lovely. Thick hair is a blessing. Thanks for the information. Hope your girls have a great school year. I remember when I was in school every one went shopping for new clothes and haircuts or trims.

  16. My girls like it when I do a ton of ponytails and inter tie them to make it net like… I’ll have to take a picture next time I do it.

  17. Some great ideas, will have to share for my niece who’s hair is finally getting long enough to start doing something with.

  18. its so wonderful, i love it too much, i braid for my daughter ‘s hair every morning, There’s a super cute
    Thanks for sharing

  19. Super cute! Hopefully my daughter will let her hair grow out so I can try some of these!

  20. Great tips as its always a rush to get the kids ready for school and these hairstyles are perfect for a busy morning!

  21. really good for different kind of girls that just want to have a bit of fun with their hair

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