Frightening Photos with the Easter Bunny


I did it once. Many years ago while at the mall, little Isabelle insisted on photos with the Easter Bunny. I have to admit, the whole concept scares me. Santa? Yes. Anyone else dressed up wanting kids on their knees? No.

Yet she really wanted to see ‘it’ up close, so as much as it creeped me out, I agreed. Turns out she got closer and didn’t like it. A total, ‘get me the heck outta here!’ look. Since then I have steered the kids away from the giant bunny at the mall.

Proof that it can be a complete nightmare experience?

Let me show you a trio I like to call, ‘Bad, ‘Creepy’ and ‘Scary’.

photo, with easter bunny

photo, with easter bunny

easter bunny photo


  1. those are some scary bunnies! I took my daughter to Center Island last year and they had a psychedelic looking bunny walking around, she loved it but I though it belonged at a rave.

  2. Yikes! Who on earth thought those costumes were a good idea?! They remind me of *Donnie Darko*!

  3. People in large masks and costumes are always scary to little kids. I’ve always wondered why anyone ever thought that was a good, or smart idea.

    I remember the first time my daughter at about 3 years old was scared out of her wits by Chuck E. Cheese running at her at the pizza parlor. In fact, he was relentless even after seeing she was scared. I thought about decking him, but figured that was probably a bad idea.

  4. Oh man….Those are some SCARY looking pink and yellow bunnies, let me tell you o.O
    Honestly, can parents NOT see why forcing your kids to take pictures with strange people dressed in costumes would scare them?!

  5. Now I know why she said the Easter bunny we saw today was pretty scary looking. However ! as we were leaving the mall; she wanted to go back and see him.!??/

  6. Bunny number 2 creeps me out!!! What were they thinking when they made that costume?

  7. This is exactly why I don’t force my kids to see the Easter Bunny or Santa. My kids have no desire to sit on a strangers lap… matter how many toys or candy he promises 😉

  8. LOL My kids won’t take pictures with ANY costumed character! My nearly 8 year old STILL gets clammy when the Chick-Fil-A cow walks around!

  9. Ha ha! So funny! The first photo really makes me feel better about my kids’ photo with the bunny this year! 🙂

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