Funny Cat Photos – Have a Laugh Today!

Sometimes we need a break in our day, to have a good chuckle. The internet is full of so much serious, we also need to take some time to just laugh!

Felines do the funniest things sometimes. Anyone have a hilarious cat of their own? These Funny Cat Photos provide that humour break for when you need it most.

So, let’s not take life so seriously. At least not for the next couple of minutes at least. It’s important to take some time for the silly after all!


A cat in a toilet

A cat that is looking at the camera

Grumpy cat, you are awesome.

A cat sitting on the seat of a car


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.25.06 AM

Yep, I totally agree. 

A cat sitting on the floor

I’d blame the dog


Cat and funny


A grey cat with its mouth open


A bear that is standing in front of a building


A cat with its mouth open


A cat that is looking at the camera

A photo take at just the right time!

A cat lying on the ground

I don’t blame her


A cat sitting on a wooden surface

Typical cat


A cat with its mouth open

I think this cat and my dog could be the best of friends. 


A cat lying on a bed


A cat with its mouth open



A cat having a bath



A close up of a cat

Is this what we all look like at the mention of bacon?


funny cats

There really is. 


A cat sitting on top of each other



A cat sitting on a couch


Funniest cat pictures ever, don’t you agree? Have a good day everyone!




  1. Those are great – I like the cat’s expressions. There is a video of a kitty zooming about on a carpet in a shoe which always makes me laugh.

  2. IT is 8:40 on a Friday night & I am with a bunch of guys who are watching hockey. This “humour” post was perfect reminder not to take life seriously and give me a giggle. We have the 4 dogs so looking at humours kitten pictures was especially fun. Thanks for this.

  3. I was having kind of a blah day and that brought a smile, even a chuckle or two, out. Thank you! Loved them!

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