Quotes on Honesty

This week I was blindsided with some news which shook my entire life. I discovered that someone I very much trusted {read: stood by and supported for 17 years} was dishonest to the point where it was mentally and physically harmful to myself and others. Truth be told, there are so very many other descriptive {ok, and explicit} words I could use since this behaviour and choices are downright evil – yet shock and pain will keep me vague about the details for now.

We all have different reactions to events which happen in our lives, and along with that, different ways of coping to those events. In between the screams and cries – for myself, there’s a fog – numbness and confusion over happenings. I have found that it helps to read quotes, for emotion release. Because if you don’t have that release, you just might explode. Not literally, but it sure does feel like it.

Some of these quotes that I have been saving are brutally honest, a smack of truth to the face {or many faces}, and some are more positive on growth and coping. Really, it all depends on that mood right? Sometimes you need uplifting and other times you need that one that hits the nail on the head, and in a not so nice way.

Anyway, I decided that I’d start with sharing these quotes that I’ve been using to cope, starting with these Quotes on Honesty – because at the root of it all, your mama {at least I hope so} taught you to be an honest person with an ounce of integrity.

Reflect on these and apply them to your life, and share with those that you think need reminders. Because as my own life happenings have proved – many need that reminder to be decent human beings, and I know you’d agree.

always do what is right and not what is easy - quotes on honesty


the lies you tell in public comes out behind closed doors - quotes on honesty


a real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is, a coward hides behind lies and deceit.


Tell a Lie and all your truths become questionable


Be Careful - some people are not what they post to be - quotes on honesty


truth and quotes on honesty and truth - life lessons and morals. YES!


shes broken because she believed he's ok because he lied


The Only People Mad at you for speaking the truth are those that are living a lie. Cheaters, liars, dishonesty


Stay tuned for more. until then, be honest friends. With others and yourself.


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