Ozone Socks

Each season brings new lines of hot fashions in the latest styles and trends from Shoes to bags to accessories. Just look in your closet and see that every article of clothing tells a story of a place, a point in time, and of course – your personality. That is, every article of clothing except one. There is a drawer full of bland accessories in every one’s home right now. It’s dull and screams for some excitement and individuality. Your sock drawer. That’s right, how many of us have way too many black and/or white socks. Sure they go with everything, but do they really have to??!

Literally, put a fashion foot forward with a the help of Ozone. This brand of fashionable socks transforms your feet into art, and puts some life back into this often neglected article of clothing. The Ozone site offers socks for both men and women, in various lengths and designs. Inspired by tattoos, Ozone’s use of striking colors and clever designs take socks to a whole new level. The website itself includes funny cartoons, and comical stories which displays just how fun socks should be. And, Ozone has solved the problem of the missing sock! They sell their socks individually as well, to make your singles a happy pair again. And, I think that is just too funny and yet so fantastic as well!
You can also join the Sock of the Month Club, and a new pair will be sent to you every month. It works out to about half price for the socks, and even features free shipping.
Being a black or white sock victim myself, I was excited to try out a few pairs of socks. The bold coloring in each pair simply made me smile. There wasn’t one I didn’t like. I was able to pamper my tootsies in a variety of lengths. With the chill still in the air, the knee highs came in pretty handy. I have a problem with some of my socks bunching up and falling into my shoes when I walk. (How annoying!) I like Ozone socks for staying put! The cotton, polyamide and elastane blend of the socks that I was sent, made them so soft and comfortable as well. Best of all, I like that socks has taken on a style of their own and made a name of themselves in the fashion world! It’s about time!
**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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