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As you might have noticed on social media, my oldest daughter and I recently took a trip to Windset Farms in beautiful British Columbia. We were invited by Subway® to check out the farming practices and procedures in growing, harvesting and delivering some of the fresh produce that so many people in Western Canada consume when eating at Subway Canada Restaurants. Immediately I thought this was a fantastic experience, because I’m always curious about where the food we consume comes from.

Like so many others, I want to know what’s on my table and where it comes from!

Yet as for the location itself, I’d never heard of Windset Farms. Or so I thought.

Here’s the story …

When we arrived at Windset Farms in Delta, British Columbia, we were immediately taken aback by how large this farm is. I don’t think I’ve seen quite so many massive greenhouses before. Our tour was led by John Newell, co-founder and COO of Windset Farms who started the company with his brother over 20 years ago. The tour gave us great insight on the growing and harvesting of cucumbers {they also have a variety of other vegetables as well, but the main focus of this specific tour was cucumbers} – It was so interesting and impressive, to say the least.

Windset Farms British Columbia

There is such a science behind growing the perfect cucumber, right down to the coconut soil it’s grown in. This award-winning company practices sustainable agricultural methods including green waste composting and recirculation of rainwater – and their produce is all natural and non-GMO.

hand picked family farm canada

There is such a science behind growing the perfect cucumber, right down to the coconut soil it’s grown in. This award-winning company practices sustainable agricultural methods including green waste composting and recirculation of rainwater – and their produce is all natural and non-GMO.

Windset Farms BC Cucumber

The greenhouses collect 100% of the CO2 generated onsite to reuse, and solar technology helps lower their overall electrical footprint. Windset Farms also complies to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and pass Good Manufacturing Practices audits for produce food safety, of course.

Cucumber Farm Soil Quality

We visited Windset Farms during peak harvest season {April through October}, since it’s during this time that these BC-grown cucumbers are served at all Subway restaurants in Western Canada. Windset cucumbers are picked ripe and absolutely perfect, then shipped to all locations, arriving in between 1-3 days. In addition to the Windset cucumbers in Western Canada, Ontario restaurants serve Ontario-grown cucumbers, onions, peppers and tomatoes during peak harvest season and restaurants in Quebec serve provincially-grown cucumbers year-round in addition to bell peppers from late summer into the fall.

subway fresh vegetables from BC

Subway® restaurants across Canada offer quality, homegrown vegetables wherever possible. They partner with various Canadian farms, to not only provide the best fresh produce to Canadians, but support our Canadian farmers. Yet homegrown sourcing doesn’t end with vegetables. Subway® is proud to serve Canadian protein too. All turkey, steak, roast beef and ham comes from animals raised in Canada.

The inside look definitely showed me that lots of care and attention is constantly taken to ensure the highest quality food. Of course, we had a taste of the cucumbers and they are indeed delicious. Non-waxed with a thin delicate skin, we picked and ate and saw others picked and packaged.

After the tour, we ate an incredible lunch; a salad and red-pepper soup made with Windset Farms produce, and of course Subway sandwiches with some of the same vegetables {don’t forget the tender cookies!}. After a day touring the farm, we were very hungry and the fresh ingredients did not disappoint.

fresh farm to table

After a tour of the growing and harvesting – we were off to packaging and delivery. I learned that in addition to Subway, Windset Farms also provides produce to many grocers in Western Canada, some entirely across Canada.

When I viewed the Windset Farms packaging, it all came together.

windset farms produce

Does this look familiar to you as well?

I stood in front of these cases and was in shock for a few minutes, and then I broke out in a fit of laughter. Turns out I’ve preferred and purchased Windset Farms produce for many years. In fact, I had just purchased Windset Farms sweet mini bell peppers from Costco the week prior – and in all those years, I never truly noticed. Even my oldest daughter had the same experience, that moment of ‘Ohhhhhh, wow!‘.

Back to my original question – what’s on my table, and where does it come from?

Turns out the produce I’ve had at Subway Restaurants is the exact same as my preferred vegetables I purchase for my own home.


So from my own table, to the table at Subway, to the celebration table at my twins recent 9th birthday where their request was Subway platters for them and their friends – this tour showed me that my Subway sandwiches and the produce that comes on it, comes from a good place.

subway canada platter

The experience of touring Windset Farms proved to me that when enjoying Subway – I know what’s on my table and that is sustainable, homegrown veggies from a family farm whenever possible. I truly could not ask for more.

… And since we spent some time planting during our visit to Windset Farms, you could be biting into a cucumber that I planted myself. You’re welcome, enjoy!



We were provided with this trip to Windset Farms from Subway Canada, to share our experience.
As always, all opinions are 100% our own.



  1. Touring Windset Farms must have been amazing, the size of the greenhouses alone is awesome. Quality food shows itself in the flavour and I do love a sub from Subway. 🙂

  2. Now that there is finally a subway in town, our workplace has been nice enough to get us platters twice so far (like just yesterday as the CEO dropped by)

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