Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum

A thorough vaccumn was done just hours ago – yet there they are. Tiny bits of string, crumbs, and unknown bits visible here and there on the floor. It never fails, they seem to be everywhere and come out of nowhere. For those pieces scattered all over, what are you going to do? Haul out the big vaccumn and do it all again? Crawl on the floor and manually pick up said stragglers? Well you could, but there’s a better way.

For this reason and many others, I love cordless handheld vaccumns. For full disclosure, I do have a ‘regular’ vacuumn and use it once or twice a week to deep clean every inch of the home. Yet for that quick clean before company to the tiny messes that happen far too often – I use a cordless handheld on a daily basis. Ok, more like a couple times a day.

I’m often asked by those who don’t have one, “but do you really use it?“, so to reiterate: answer is a YES! To go further, if tomorrow I didn’t have one, I would head to the store immediately. A stick-vac has proven itself to be a handy and convenient cleaning tool which makes my chaos more manageable.

So now that we’ve determined the need, the next question is, “Which one should I get?”

Hoover recently sent me their new Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum, and I have to say – these features are pretty impressive. You see, I have both carpet and tile in my home and so many machines out there seem to be dedicated to type of floor. I, along with most people, would need something that works on all types of floors.

Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum Review Giveaway

This is where the REACT comes in my friends.

Coined the vacuum with instincts, the Hoover REACT™ range introduces a new platform focused on technology and design. Hoover’s REACT vacuums which were released this fall season, feature FloorSense™ technology, which instinctively sense a change in floor type, and automatically adjusts brush-roll and speed to optimize cleaning from hard floors to carpet, and back again. This makes getting those cereal crumbs in the kitchen, to the ones tracked onto nearby carpet by the dog – easy peasy.

Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

The Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum has a visual display to engage this FloorSense Mode, and when turned on, it automatically adjusts to floor type. Turn this mode off and the brush roll will turn off, allowing suction only. When no display is visible, the nozzle will be optimized to be used on carpet {roller brushes on}. Now, carpet is obvious, I want the roller brushes on. Yet, I having tile as well {and this is the great part}, I have the option of just suctioning my tile floor – or I could leave the brushes on, just in case some stuck on gunk needs that extra push towards the exit.

Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum FloorSense

Since I am a fan-girl of stick-vac’s, I might know a thing or two about other brands, and my biggest complaint would have to be their battery. Not only short-lasting, there was no way to know whether it was charged or not, except to grab to use – and find out it’s dead or 5 second in the clean – it stops. I can’t even count how many times this has happened. This is why I appreciate that the Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum has a PWR Lithium Battery with rapid charge. It delivers 3X longer run time and fade free power, to give a versatile whole home clean {yes – whole home. Great news for those that solely use a stick-vac}.

Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum

Plus, and this is the part I think I love most, the display has a battery indicator taking that unwanted surprise out of the equation. As well, the battery charger is an entirely separate piece, so I don’t need to store the stick-vac near an outlet which are usually out in the open. Most of us prefer to hide our cleaning machines, and you can do so with this one, even when charging.

 Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum battery charger

Of course this fine machine also features Hoover’s WindTunnel Surge™ technology for unparalleled power and thorough cleaning, which means that it was designed to capture dirt, dust and pet hair. The focus on pets is priority with me, since we have both a cat and a dog. And of course I appreciate the bagless feature with the easy-to-dump dust bin.

As I said, this is a stick-vac with instinct, and sensing type of floor isn’t the only smart thing it does. The Hoover® REACT Cordless line is compatible with the Hoover Home App, which allows you to customize your cleaning experience and maintain your cordless vacuum for optimal performance. The app allows you to register your products, customize FloorSense settings, set filter maintenance reminders and have instructions and tips right at your fingertips.

Included tools with the Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum is a crevice Tool and dusting brush – which I also use often. The crevice tool is great for running along baseboards and getting into those hard-to-reach places like between the cabinets and fridge. The dusting brush is perfect for ledges to stairs. Paired with the reach wand tool, and this stick-vac can be used up high, because unfortunately dust and unwanted bits don’t have a preference to the floors only.

Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum Features

Also included is a wall mount, so you can hang the stick-vac to the wall. This I don’t currently use, simply because I haven’t found a clever permanent home for it as yet. Perhaps some winter cleaning and reorganizing is on order, so I can find that perfect home for it.

Cleaning truly is a never-ending job, yet we tackle the chaos the best we can – and that’s with the right tools to make the tasks quick, thorough and convenient. That being said, the Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum has proven to align very nicely with that mission.


Get your Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum at at Hoover.ca, Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, and London Drugs to name a few {regularly priced at $399.99 CAD}



Disclosure: Product and compensation was supplied to facilitate this post as part of my
affiliation with the brand, yet as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. The floor sensing technology sounds fantastic! This vacuum sound perfect for my house. We have carpet and laminate flooring so I’m either pulling out my vacuum or broom to clean up. It would be great to have something that I could use on both!

  2. you can use it up high and there are no cords to worry about, so I can clean without using a heavy vacuum to carry around.

  3. I have carpet and tile in my apartment, so love that this is a multi-floor vacuum. I also like that it’s so light. My current vacuum is an unwieldy beast.

  4. FloorSense™ technology- this would allow me to vaccum without stopping, going from floor to carpet.

  5. I like the following feature the best: Hoover’s WindTunnel Surge™ technology for unparalleled power and thorough cleaning, which means that it was designed to capture dirt, dust and pet hair. Anything that makes cleaning easier is a must for me. I would love to win this.

  6. I, of course, love the cordless option, but I really like the technology that allows it to sense differewnt flooring materials without changing the attachments.

  7. I love that you can use it to reach high places and no worries about lifting a heavy vac, !

  8. I like that it is cordless and senses a change in floor type, cleaning from hard floors to carpet.
    I’d like to win so I can give it to my parents, this would be much easier for them to use.

  9. I would love to win this as our current built-in vacuum is not working very well and we decided we didn’t want a built-in anymore. I love the Floor Sense techonology the most on this.

  10. I love the floor sense technology. We have rugs and hardwood so it’s great that I don’t need to change the accessories and it’ll make cleaning so much easier and faster. I would love to win because our current vacuum doesn’t have much suction and it takes a while to get the job done.

  11. I like that it has a battery indicator and that the charger is a separate piece and that it charges quickly. I would like to win as it would be so much easier during the week to pull this out than deal with my central vac.

  12. I love that it is cordless so I won’t get tangled again! This would help me tackle the fur around the house especially during Christmas time

  13. I love that the Hoover is cordless! The crevice too sounds really awesome too! I would love to win as I could use a good vacuum

  14. I just love that it’s cordless! I hate getting tangled up in my current vacuum’s cord.

  15. I LOVEEE how it has a battery indicator! SO neat! It would be well loved and used here in my home! Thanks!

  16. I like that it’s bagless and cordless. I would love to win as my current vacuum does not clean that well.

  17. Having bad arthritis, I appreciate the weight of the machine and that I could get it up higher with little effort!

  18. I love that it is cordless and that it has a Lithium Battery with rapid charge. I like to win to make vacuuming easier.

  19. My favourite feature – it’s cordless. I have central vacuum and I hate having to drag the long hose around. I’d love this because it’s lightweight.

  20. So many things to love about this. I need a lightweight one as our current vacuum is a brickhouse! Love the crevice tool and that it switches floor surfaces.

  21. I love how light it is, this would be perfect for me to use in the basement and particularly on the stairs!

  22. As silly as it sounds – I love that it has a wall mount. I have a perfect spot in my kitchen we can keep it and then I know it’ll be used more often!

  23. I like that it can sense floor changes. I have hard floors and lots of rugs. I’d like it for cleaning my house.

  24. My favourite feature is the FloorSense technology, which instinctively sense a change in floor type, and automatically adjusts brush-roll and speed to optimize cleaning from hard floors to carpet, and back again. I would like to win the Hoover REACT Cordless because of it’s lightweight & cordless, so would make cleaning up after my grandson a breeze.

  25. I love how portable and light this vacuum is. It would be helpful around our home for sure. Thanks!

  26. I love that the Hoover is a cordless stick, I am always trying not to trip over the cord while doing the stairs.

  27. I like the Bayless feature and I’d like to win as my current vacuum is as old as dirt.

  28. I would love to win because I am constantly cleaning up after 3 pets and my daughter! My favourite feature is how the vacuum automatically adjusts to floor types!

  29. i love that this is a wall mount and it would be the perfect size for my condo…very nice

  30. So awesome that it senses the type of floor it’s on. I have half hardwoods and half carpets so this would be perfect! And with 5 kids its definitely needed! Thanks.

  31. My favourite thing is that it’s light enough to lift and vacuum above your head- so great!

  32. Floor sensing and the lithium battery plus the lightweight stick. So flexible without dragging around a heavy vac, particularly useful for my open circular staircase.

  33. I like that it is cordless and senses a change in floor type. Most of all it would be perfect with 14 stairs I sure could use a cordless vacuum! Thank you!

  34. Love the FloorSense technology, looks like a great vacuum & would love to try it out at my house! ????????????

  35. I like how it has FloorSense technology because it can adjust to any of my floor surfaces and I want to win because I don’t have a cordless vacuum so this vacuum would make it much easier to pick up small spills and get into spots that are hard for my upright.

  36. You can reach up high for those cobwebs you didn’t see forming without a cord running out of room.

  37. I love that it’s lightweight and it would enable me to reach so many things that I now have to get a stool for.

  38. I love that it’s cordless and that you can hang the stick-vac to the wall. I’d love to win this for my son, then perhaps he’ll give me my vacuum back that he ‘borrowed’ about 2 months ago!

  39. I really like the FloorSense™ technology because we have different floors around the house and it will make cleaning the house easier.

  40. I love that it automatically adjusts to floor type. I would like to win this as my vacuum is an old heavy one and I always seem to be tripping over the cord.

  41. The Floor Sense Technology sounds perfect for my house. We have mostly wood floors with some tile and carpet. It would be great to do the entire house without making having to change the settings by hand. My current stick vac is pretty lame and will barely hold a charge anymore but this one sounds incredible!

  42. I too have both carpet and hardwood floors so I love that it has the FloorSense technology feature. I could use an adaptable vacuum like this to vacuum my entire house effectively.

  43. I love that its cordless , thats super handy ! I love how easy it is to check the batterie and charge it up to !

  44. My favourite features are the battery indicator, the crevice tool, the reach tool, the floor recognition. Brilliant!! I would love to win because I have kids, and a cat, and I haul out our big vacuum several times a day to clean up messes. I vacuum at least 3 times per day, sometimes more. This would make life so much easier!!

  45. I love that it has floor sensing technology. I have mostly hardwood in the house, but my stairs are carpet and need the brush to really clean them

  46. I like two things about this vacuum, it is bagless and light. I want to win as it would speed up my chores.

  47. I would absolutely love to win because it would be perfect for our home! So many great features, I especially love the long-lasting and quick charge battery (with charge indicator) and that it works great for pet hair! Thank you very much for this chance! 🙂

  48. I have a vacuum that is an upright that is heavy, and so tiring and aukward to use that I absolutely hate it!! I have been shopping around researching different ones to compare and I believe this one sounds like the one I have needed. For one, it is lightweight, compact and as you say is good for pet hairs too. I have a cat and I have stairs to clean that don’t get done much because I am older and it is had to use the one sweeper I have to get up and down and its heavy. I have carpet, and I have tile floors in the kitchen n bath so this also is great that it adjusts to flooring type. I also like that this one has the battery indicator in it. Another plus.!!

  49. I really love the attachment to clean the curtains… I need to mine immediately . lol I really love that there is a battery indicator. I don’t like surprises.

  50. I live the cordless feature. We have 4 kids and a dog living over 3 levels with different flooring in each. This vacuum sounds perfect for cleaning up the mess!

  51. I like the floor sense technology. I am constantly changing my vacuum heads as I have carpet, hardwood and tile all on the same floor of the house – so much quicker if I can use the same head!

  52. I love the battery indicator too. Detest starting a job only to find out the battery is dead 30 seconds into the job. This looks like a fabulous cordless vacuum. No more cords to manage or trip over. love it. Thanks for the review and of course the giveaway.

  53. I love the no cord feature that is awesome! I would like to win this would be a amazing Xmas present to give to my sister.

  54. The fact that it’s cordless is huge. I hate doing stairs with a corded vacuum. I would love to win as I need a new vacuum.

  55. Quick charging! It would be perfect for keeping downstairs and handy for cleaning up everyday messes and doing the area rugs in the livingroom! Save me lugging down the BIG one!!

  56. I love that it is cordless, bagless and so lightweight, this would make cleaning so much faster and easier

  57. I love the crevice device, always the hardest spots for me being small and short. I’d love to win to make cleaning easier!

  58. My fave feature is that it is cordless, no more lugging a heavy cord around or finding free outlets.

  59. I was first impressed with the FloorSense™ technology. How does it know?! 🙂 I love that I can vacumn away without worrying about shifting anything if I move to different surface . I wish: I wish it came with a power brush for furniture/car seats. We have all the dog hair thus I would love a quick daily go over my furniture. The crevice tool just isn’t enough 🙁 I am still impress with this Hoover Stick Vacuum

  60. Love the Floorsense technology, very handy when you have different flooring type. Also have to love the cordless option – makes is very easy to use anywhere!

  61. I’d like to win this for my parents who are retired. My dad has difficulty with his knees & I think the Hoover React would be a great solution to reduce any bending down & unnecessary strain. The reach capacity would be very helpful & I like how it automatically changes the floor type.

  62. I LOVE THIS VACUUM!! first of all…it’s cordless. that is absolutely amazing!! It is lightweight so even I can use it. I always have to wait for hubby to get motivated to vacuum cause ours is way to heavy for me lugging up and down the stairs. Love that you can use it on everything too

  63. Cordless and light is what I need. It’ll make it easier for the kids to do the cleaning

  64. I love that it’s bagless, no cord and the Floor Sense tech! I have an old Hoover would like to upgrade it!

  65. The battery last 3x longer, that is what I want. My daughter needs this for her university apartment, because she has allergies, and needs a smaller size vacuum but a vacuum that has power.

  66. I love that it is lightweight and easy to handle. I would love to win this for my mom since it will be much easier for her to use this

  67. I like that it has the battery indicator as well! I had a stick vacuum of another brand that didn’t have that and the battery would die all the time and stopped working about a year after I bought it. That this Hoover React also has a lithium battery is great.

  68. I love that it disaplys the battery level! Theres nothing worse than starting to vacuum and its battery is low or drained

  69. I like the WindTunnel Surge technology the most to pick up all that pet hair. My vacuum is 10+ years old so I really need an upgrade!

  70. I like the FloorSense technology for going between the different types of flooring in the house.

  71. This vacuum looks amazing! I love that it automatically adjusts brush-roll and speed to optimize cleaning from hard floors to carpet, and back again. This would be super useful cause my current vacuum is likely to bite the dust any day!

  72. I just love the FloorSense Mode! This sounds like a great vacuum and I sure could use one of those to help me with my cleaning!

  73. I like that it has a wall mount to keep it out of the way. I would love to win this as I have three dogs and a cat and lots of their fur to clean.

  74. I like that it has a battery indicator so there are no surprises when it is time to vacuum.

  75. I like that it is cordless and works on a variety of different flooring. This would be nice to win…my vacuum is almost in vacuum heaven.

  76. I like the battery indicator and the reach wand tool. We have really high ceilings and i’m constantly standing on a chair trying to clean corners.

  77. I love that it is bagless and would love to win because our current one is very old

  78. I would love this portable bagless vacuum to reach awkward areas and to bring my home to a new level of clean!

  79. love the cordless feature and can’t wait to try it to keep up with all the guests’ coming and going over the holidays. thanks

  80. I like the bagless feature and that it is cordless. I’d like to win because my old vacuum is too heavy for me.

  81. I love that it is cordless and that I can connect to it through an App to change settings.

    I’d love to win just because I don’t have to plug it in anywhere, it would make cleaning a lot easier and less time consuming.

  82. I like the WindTunnel Surge feature – Designed to capture dirt, dust and pet hair. I especially want that dust gone.

  83. I like that is cordless and this makes it easier to use to get the tight spaces in my home cleaner.

  84. There are some areas in our house that aren’t close to a plug so this being cordless would be so helpful.

  85. Thank you for the chance and for the great review. I would love to own and win one for my busy home because cleaning truly is a never ending job. I love that it works on all floor types and has a floor sense technology. That it comes with extra tools to reach in those tough spots, and a lithium battery plus fast charging. The Hoover React would actually make cleaning fun and get the job done right the first time.

  86. I love the FloorSense Mode and would love to win to help keep my home clean ( I have hardwood and carpet in my home)

  87. I love the WindTunnel Surge that is designed to capture dirt, dust and pet hair. Fantastic right! I also love that the Hoover REACT Home Cordless vacuum uses micro sensors to detect a change in floors and will automatically adjust the roller brushes speed for the best cleaning results. …every feature is awesome.This vacuum is just perfect!

  88. I live in a 3 story town house that has carpeted stairs and I love th idea of it being cordless so I don’t have to worry about plugging it in every set of stairs

  89. Love how it automatically adjust to brush-roll mode so it makes cleaning a whole lot faster! thanks for the chance. 🙂

  90. Ok so she is shown holding it up in the air with one hand so its got to be lightweight but I was not able to see anything in the specs on the web site about that. That would be nice for me, (I’m old and have had surgery on my arms for rotary cuff repair – yes, I have a bad job lol)

  91. Just the fact that it’s cordless is amazing! The crevice tool will be perfect for getting every last piece of pet fur! Sounds like an amazing vacuum – thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  92. I do not have a lot of storage space so I like that included is a wall mount, so you can hang the stick-vac to the wall.

  93. I would love to win this because I have a kid and two cats! Lol

    I adore that it’s bagless!

  94. I love that it is bag less!! I have a toddler and dog so this would make life much easier!

  95. Along with all the other great features, I also really like that there is a crevice tool and dusting brush. I wasn’t aware a stick vacuum would come with a crevice tool! We somehow lost the one that came with one of our vacuums and I really miss it.

  96. I like that its cordless. I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped myself with the vacuum cord. I want to win because my vacuum is useless and needs to be replaced asap.

  97. I love that it is cordless, has a slim design for easy storage, and I love the WindTunnel Surge™ technology for unparalleled power and thorough cleaning, making it easy to capture dirt, dust and pet hair! 🙂

  98. I love that it senses the type of floor,,what a cool vac! I want it because I need a new vacuum cleaner and this one looks awesome!

  99. I like that it has a battery indicator. I want to win as I really need a new vacuum.

  100. The Floor Sense technology sounds amazing!! I would love to win because i really need a new vacuum
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  101. I want to win because I simply do not own one and the feature I love most is that it is cordless. No more tripping over cords.

  102. I LOVE the Hoover REACT Whole Home Cordless Vacuum because of the FloorSense Technology as we have tile and carpet in our house. The recognition feature automatically will make the brush roll speed change!

  103. I love that this Hoover vacuum is cordless and bagless and it is light enough to reach up to vacuum things like fan blades and get into some hard to reach places. I love everything about it!

  104. I like the FloorSense setting and would love for using on stairs and looks easy to lift for ceiling corners

  105. I love the fact that this is cordless and lightweight. I have 2 stories so this would make it so much easier to take up and down the stairs. I need a new vacuum because my current one is just about on its way out and barely even sucks…also there is a burning smell LOL

  106. My favorite features are the crevice Tool and dusting brush. I would like to win because this looks like a perfect vacuum to reach all those difficult places!

  107. I love the fact that this Hoover is cordless, may go on any type of floor, goes three times as long on a charge as other cordless and enables you to reach high areas and crevices. I love everything about it, especially that you do not have to worry about a plug.

  108. I love that this is light. The vacuum I have now is big and clunky and I have so much trouble maneuvering it and getting it up and down the stairs (last weekend I almost fell right from the top of the stairs trying to do it), so I don’t vacuuming nearly as much as I should. This vacuum could change that.

  109. I like the portability, It would be great for stairs and those high places that collect dust.

  110. The features that I love the most is the WindTunnel Surge™ technology for unparalleled power and thorough cleaning.

  111. I absolutely love that there is no cord. It would definitely help in my household with 6 kids 2 dogs and a kitten 🙂

  112. I love the floorsense mode for my multiple floor types! It seems really easy to use too, maybe I can get my girls into vacuuming!

  113. Love the Lithium Battery with rapid charge and the FloorSense™ technology. I would love to win because I have different flooring throughout the house the floor sensor would come in handy. I also have an extremely old and heavy vacuum so this would be lovely.

  114. Love the bagless feature. I so need a new vacuum mine won’t pick up the dirt anymore. I hate vacuuming so anything that makes it easier I say yes please.

  115. For me it is all about the cordless aspect. I have to use an extension cord to use the one I have now and it is a pain to get it around everything when cleaning.

  116. The crevice tool sounds like a great attachment to clean hard to reach places. The Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum would help to keep our family home dust free and visitor ready during the busy holidays and beyond

  117. Rapid charge is great! Also love that it will help with the pet hair! 3 cats shed a lot…

  118. Honestly, my favorite thing is that it’s cordless – I HATE cords! Never long enough and always in the way. I also think I’d use the dusting brush a lot as the dust really accumulates in our house due to a dusty vacant hillside behind our house

  119. Cordless would be great — I have a messy pet bird, and this would allow me to clean under the bookcases and in other hard-to-reach spots on the floor.

  120. I love how portable it is! And the fact it connects to an app is very interesting too! Thank you so much for the chance, our present vacuum is really bad

  121. I like the FloorSense™ technology so I can use it on carpet and hardwood floor without having to adjust it.

  122. I’m most excited about the fact that it is cordless. This could replace my current vacuum which no longer works very well.

  123. Bagless, cordless and lightweight have me SOLD!! oh how i would love the convenience!

  124. It’s hard to name just one feature! I love that it is cordless, longer battery life, light weight and bagless. I would love a stick vacuum as I only have a heavy corded one now that is hard to manoeuvre.

  125. I think I would really love the dusting tool, how handy would that be? My vacuum is on it’s last legs so this would be so awesome to win! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! ♥

  126. The floor sensing technology sounds great! I have hardwood floors, tiles and carpet. This would be great at home!

  127. I love that it is cordless and light weight because it makes it easier to move around and carry up/downstairs.

  128. I love the fact that it is lightweight and looks so easy to maneuver! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  129. I love that this vacuum is cordless so to not trip over a cord as I do with my present vacuum along with not worrying about trying to find a plug in.

  130. Love the features of it being bagless and cordless. Also that its perfect for laminate floors and carpet. Great dor the quick cleanups.

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