Vileda EasyWring for an Easy Effective Clean

One day while picking up a small toy from my tile kitchen floor, I had to take a pause and have a good look around. When at this level that one is hardly ever in, it’s easy to notice what is usually overlooked. I was staring like a deer in headlights at what I can only call ‘all the gross’.

Crouched down in ninja form, I studied my lacklustre tile floors. Is that how they always looked? Or rather, were they supposed to look that dull? If not, was that grime covering the entire area? I had cleaned the floors just a couple days prior, after accidentally dropping mashed potatoes everywhere. Surely my floor couldn’t have gotten this dirty so quickly, could they?

Not only did I spot small marks of unknown origin on my floor, but I noticed wax crayon colouring the tile grout as well. This part made me really wonder, because it must have been years since my twins coloured with wax crayons while sitting on the floor.

My thoughts led to pondering my cleaning methods. Looking at my floors from this angle, I realized that I was cleaning effortlessly, but certainly not effectively. So if the mop I was using wasn’t doing the job intended, I’m pretty much wasting my time altogether. Sigh.

I decided it was time to deep clean my floors. Yet first I had to find the right mop, one that didn’t slosh water around or create more of a headache. A mop that would clean effectively and conveniently.

Around the same time as my discovery and decision, I had seen some advertisements for the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System. Surely it wasn’t a coincidence, and the features sounded like the perfect compromise for my problems and mopping concerns.

A short time later an email arrived in my inbox, asking if I’d like to try the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System. Did I really get that happy over a mop sample? Yes I did, and happier still when it arrived at my door.

A person standing on the floor with spin mop

If you aren’t familiar with the features of the Vileda EasyWring, the main draw is that the bucket design has a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing. You simply step on the pedal and it spins, allowing you to control how much and how fast to spin – so you decide how wet the mop is. It spins fast, yet again the bucket design and anti-splash guard means that there’s no spillage.

spin mop

Plus, the telescopic handle is adjustable {85 cm to 130 cm} As a bonus, the kids think it’s the coolest thing since colouring on my tile floor – so there’s the added feature that kids will want to clean for you! Once while the kids took over mopping, I used the time to tackle the dishes using the Multi-Use Scrunge Sponge which is so great for cleaning without scratching.

I also love the size of the included microfibre pad – you can feel it lifting the dirt and grime and cleaning as it goes. I’ve always been a fan of microfibre for attracting dust and dirt, and it pops off so easily. To throw in the wash – simply step on the white strands and pull on the handle, and it comes off  – no need to even touch the thing {which was another thing I hated about other mops, I don’t want to wrestle to remove the heads. That’s gross}.

Vileda EasyWring for an Easy Effective Clean

The triangular head design of the mop means I can get into corners so easily. It’s also able to swivel and turn, which I found out is perfect for running along and into the ridges of my tall baseboards. This my friends, upped the game because I feel like a multi-tasking boss when I clean my floors now.

Vileda EasyWring for an Easy Effective Clean

Let me tell you, I like it and I like it a lot. The Vileda EasyWring gives that easy but effective clean, and takes a lot of the grunt work out of usual mopping. No ninja crouching stance was ever the same again. Mopping my floors felt just as effortless as I had always wanted, yet so effective at the same time. I’m impressed at how this mop can get into the grout and fines of my tile, and easily get right into corners too.

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Vileda EasyWring for an Easy Effective Clean


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  1. I have this mop and it’s not awesome. When you are washing the floor the mop head get tangled and doesn’t wash good.

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