Kids Get Driving Experience with kartSTART

As we all know, learning something firsthand is always the best way to teach. When it comes to driving though, there isn’t much precursor experience out there before it’s time to legally get behind the wheel. That’s where kartSTART comes in and fills that educational gap for kids, in a very thrilling way.

The kartSTART program is making its way across Canada for the summer of 2019 and we had the opportunity to get the full experience during their time in Red Deer, Alberta. Learn about this program, check the tour schedule for a city near you, and save when booking!

Ready? Get set, and GO!


What is kartSTART?

kartSTART was created by retired professional racing driver Russ Bond. Partnered with Toyota, this program gives kids the appreciation and foundation in getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

In their half-day programs, children aged 10-16 receive instruction on motorized vehicles, and get this hands-on driving education via go-carts.

Upon arrival, participants first check in and meet the team behind kartSTART, whom are just as energized as the kids themselves. Right away kids build that trust and start having fun.

A group of people standing in front of a crowd

No detail is missed, right down to the racing suits and an introduction to the kart function and how to properly use. The program is very well coordinated. While the divided driving groups have delayed starts, kids are engaged the entire time.

kartstart red deer

Before driving, each participant is given individual instruction, and this continues while on the course, as the single file drivers have instructors that monitor with them.

Instruction and encouragement is constantly given to the participants. While the first couple of laps started slow, with each lap you could literally see confidence grow.

A small child sitting in a parking lot

By the end, kids were cruising like pros, everything they were taught fell into place. Each participant that passed by had smiles so huge, you could tell they were having a blast and so proud.

kartstart driving experience kids

When not on the course, anyone can partake in the virtual reality driving experience in a stationary Toyota, which demonstrates Toyota’s Safety Sense features.

kartstart toyota virtual reality

As well, once the tiny drivers are off the track, those with a licence can test drive new Toyota vehicles and get acquainted with their many ABS safety features.

As someone that has previously driven on a wet track in San Antonio, and got the Ricky Bobby award for speed and technique – you know I was all over this opportunity. Let’s just say I still hold this title.

Each half-day registration also comes with snacks and beverages, as well as a catered meal which was fantastic. Not only is it valuable eduction for kids, for such a fun, organized and complete half-day spent – you really do get the bang for the buck.

A person riding a motorcycle in a parking lot

kartSTART has most definitely mastered a very fun {driving} activity with education and safety. I brought a group of kids with me, and by the end not one didn’t ask to go again the next day. Given that it was my oldest was the only one that crashed into the hay-bail barriers, perhaps that isn’t a bad idea. Eye opening education indeed!

Needless to say, our expectations were very much surpassed. Great job to everyone involved, you have a real gem with this program!

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kartSTART Discount Code

Check out the 2019 kartSTART schedule to see when it comes to your area next. They just started their 2019 tour and are moving East, so there’s plenty of chances to kartSTART your summer.

** Use the promo code ‘Tammi’ {that’s me!} at checkout, and save 25% off registration!


Disclosure: kartSTART provided complimentary attendance. Yet as always, our thoughts are our own



  1. I am currently helping my teen with learning to drive (thankfully he has taken the full lesssons) as he needs some more practice on a few specific skills before trying his road test to get his N again. I think this program is amazing to help kids get comfortable with driving before getting behind wheel of an actual vehicle.

  2. This program is awesome! Had I known earlier I would’ve registered my daughter. She is trying to get her learner’s & she needs to build confidence behind the wheel.

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