The Benefits of Gravid Weighted Blankets

I’m going to get right to the point when it comes to weighted blankets because I feel like I personally have debated over them, for far too long to drag out even more. Perhaps you have been toying with the same decision as well?

After all, they are a hot product. I’ve talked with many friends, and I’ve stopped to consider a purchase many times while shopping.

Yet before I get down to the Benefits of Gravid Weighted Blankets {as this post is titled}, here’s a refresher on what this product is:

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are exactly what you’d assume, very heavy blankets when compared to any standard one. The weight comes from a filling material which could be weighted discs, poly pellets or glass beads.

What is the benefit of a weighted blanket?

The premise stems from many years back when weighted blankets were used clinically for sensory therapy. Now they are a popular product to use at home.

By way of deep pressure touch, weighted blankets are used to reduce stress, anxiety and ease symptoms of depression. They help ease restless leg syndrome, and promote calm for those with spectrum disorders such as OCD, ADHD and PSTD.

They are also ideal for those who have insomnia and/or chronic pain conditions.

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Is a weighted blanket right for you?

For some of the reasons listed above, I have had interest in owning a weighted blanket for myself, and my daughter. In addition, my daughter has always slept with 5 {yes, I said 5} comforters on her bed. Not to battle being cold at all, she needed the weight of multiple comforters to sleep better. You can imagine the annoyance this caused every time her bedding needed washing. Nightmare indeed.

So it only made sense that we needed weighted blankets. What always stopped me is actually a common issue with weighted blankets. Washing instructions!

When I’d pause to check out weighted blankets in stores, I went right for the tag and was disappointed every time. I always read either ‘Dry clean only’ or ‘Hand wash only’.

Call me picky, but I don’t willingly bring anything into this house that is dry clean only. Nor am I going to hand wash a very heavy blanket by hand. I can just imagine how much heavier it would be when wet. Plus, where do you hang a soaked heavy blanket to dry when it’s minus 30 outside?

Bottom line, owning one was never practical nor a fit for us, despite knowing the huge benefits in having one.

You knew there’d be a solution: I love when brands see a consumer need and step up to the plate offering exactly what they need and want.

Gravid Weighted Blanket

I was recently asked if we wanted to check out Gravid weighted blankets, and I hesitated like I always had in the past. That is, until I seen that they are MACHINE WASHABLE!

While this feature was what drew and kept my attention when others had failed, there’s actually plenty of reasons why this Canadian brand, Gravid, stands out.

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Why Choose a Gravid weighted blanket?

Gravid uses 1mm non-toxic glass beads in their weighted blankets because this material is typically safer {as polly pellets can contain BPA}. Plus, glass beads retain less heat, and that is important when it comes to a weighted blanket. You want one that stays cooler and is less bulky.

Actually, glass beads are the best material for people with any type of auditory, sensory or physical sensitivities. They are quiet, making them ideal in a bedroom setting.

As well, they are made using 100% Tencel Lyocell; an eco-friendly, renewable, high-tenacity fibre which gives it high strength properties. It is softer than cotton, has a luxurious sheen and is extremely breathable. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and gentle on the skin.

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Keeping all this together is their own design, ZipperTech, which is a zipper mechanism that goes around the full perimeter of the blanket to keep it perfectly attached to its cover. No sagging, and no bunching. Anyone that has had a duvet knows the struggle, so it’s a great benefit that Gravid blankets are held to the cover with zippers, and not ties.

Gravid weighted blankets also feature a double-stitched grid design along with 7-layer construction to ensure the weight stays evenly distributed. Despite the weight and size, I can grab anywhere on the blanket and the inner material doesn’t move and bunch.

Wait. Did I touch on how to wash Gravid yet? Not only are the covers and the blankets themselves  machine washable, yet you can also dry them on cool setting until slightly damp. Then I just air dry mine on the deep freeze or across the ironing board. Pretty simple compared to others! You’ll appreciate this even more if your child has a weighted blanket, because children and messes go hand in hand.

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Gravid Weighted Blankets Options

Gravid 3.0 comes in full and queen sizes, along with 15lb and 20lb options. Once you have your size and weight chosen, you can then choose a cover. There’s an EcoBreeze Cooling Cover, which provides ideal temperature control for hot sleepers {that’s what I chose}, or a MicroPlush Cover that is warm and cozy. 

There’s also the option to save if you want both covers, and there’s a November special where you get a free weighted sleep mask with purchase. Yes, Gravid offers more than weighted blankets. There’s pillows and more – so you can get your own ideal sleep solution package!

Yet there’s also Gravid Junior too! Smaller sized weighted blankets for kids, providing the same benefits in a smaller size. The junior cover has one cotton side providing optimal temperature regulation, and the other side is SuperSoft Plush for a complete sensory experience. Covers for the juniors come in pink, blue and grey colour options.

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Our Gravid Experience

To say we love our Gravid is an understatement. My oldest daughter and I have worked out a custody schedule with the full sized Gravid, while my twin girls take turns with Gravid Junior. Discussions on who has which blanket that night is now apart of our nightly routine.

My oldest doesn’t have multiple comforters on her bed anymore, as Gravid alone supplies all the weight and comfort she needs. Stress, anxiety and my own PTSD has a way of sneaking in at bedtime, delaying falling asleep and staying asleep. Combine that with everyday stress and difficulty in just ‘winding down’, rest and proper sleep wasn’t something that came easy for me.

Yes, we all do sleep better with Gravid.

Whether I have laid down for the night, or taking a bit of ‘me time’ on the couch in the day with the Junior size – when a Gravid is on me, worries seem to be pushed right out. It’s remarkable really, and it does help with getting a nights rest or just getting a few minutes help in finding that balance.

Experience proved to me that there is great benefit to having a weighted therapeutic blanket. Thanks to being introduced to Gravid, we have finally found a practical, well-designed, and useful weighted blanket.

That’s machine washable {I had to one more time}.

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Shop Gravid and Save!

Everyday life is stressful, yet more so at Christmas. Perhaps you need to gift yourself or someone you know, the benefits of Gravid. Weighted blankets are like a big comforting hug, and I think we all know someone that needs more calming hugs.

Gravid also has a 101 night satisfaction guarantee with a 100% return policy. It also ships from Ontario and there’s free shipping in Canada.

If by any chance you don’t want to shop online, enjoy the fast free shipping nor want to save 10% with this coupon code {?}, Gravid is sold in over 50 retail locations across Canada, and there’s a store finder on the website.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and product was received to facilitate. As always, all opinions are my own.


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