Once Upon a Brunswick Mattress

I have a daughter that is very much like Goldilocks. From time to time she is known to bed-hop in the night, testing the comfort of all before staying in a bed she deems worthy.

As a picky growing child and an athlete, I get it – we all absolutely need that good nights sleep.

Her nighttime rituals increased during the course of time, after some changing of rooms, others’ new beds and thus new mattresses. Hers was the last chamber to go through a refreshing, and it was at this point when my Goldilocks became Princess and the Pea.

My bed is uncomfortable“, and “hers {read: anyone else} is better” were common phrases to explain her nighttime shenanigans.

So when I got an email announcing the launch of Brunswick Mattress by Novosbed and the offer to try one for ourselves, I knew she was the perfect candidate.

Disclosure: Product was supplied to facilitate this post as part of my affiliation with the brand, yet as always, all opinions are my own.

In fact, she was simply elated at the idea. Also happy were those in our household who often cry “she’s been sleeping in my bed“.

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About Brunswick Mattress:


Made in Canada

Brunswick Mattresses are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada. The head offices are in Edmonton, Alberta; and factories are in Mississauga, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta. Mattresses ship from Mississauga and Calgary.

Shipping is free for 99% of Canadians, with a delivery fee only to remote areas. You don’t even need to be at home to accept your shipment if you select that option at checkout.

Shipped in a box

To add to the fun {because mattress shopping in-store is not my idea of fun}, it arrived right to our door. In actuality, Brunswick is exclusively sold online, is made to order, and arrives compressed in a box at customers’ doors about a week after ordering.

Brunswick Mattress Unboxing

For anyone, this is supreme convenience. For kids, well, that’s just simply cool. It comes in a large box, compressed down to size. When opened, it expands in seconds and the result is a plush mattress that you won’t believe ever fit into the box to begin with.

Make sure to watch our Brunswick Mattress unboxing video!


Material Details

While my personal top concern with any mattress is comfort, I know there are some out there that like to know what mattresses are specifically made of. Brunswick mattresses are Euro-top made with hemp material. With three times the strength of cotton, hemp allows the fabric to be more resilient and durable. It has natural antimicrobial properties, is hypoallergenic and it adds an eco-friendly element.

A large part of Brunswick’s “Classic Comfort” feel comes from its 8-inch layer of steel innersprings which give the bed its bouncy feel, greater overall level of support with less motion transfer.

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Under the cover and above the springs, Brunswick’s Euro-top is made up of 3 layers of foam, 2 being gel memory foam. This not only gives that immediately comfortable feeling the moment you lie down, yet the gel allows air to flow making it the perfect sleep initiator.


Brunswick mattress comes with a 120 night sleep trial so you can really make sure it’s right for you. Not only do you have the option of a full return, there is also no return or restocking fees.

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If you decide to return your order, Brunswick arranges pick up yet doesn’t resell or restock returned mattresses in any capacity. They donate returns to a charity or community organization in your area. If this option is unavailable due to area restrictions, they will have the mattress picked up by a local recycling partner because every part of the Brunswick mattress can be recycled.


Tested and Approved


So, I guess the only thing to share now is how Goldilocks-turned-Princess-and-the-Pea likes her new Brunsick mattress.

My daughter states it’s soft and comfortable, and has no complaints at all. And for kids, no complaining speaks volumes, because we all know they would say otherwise! … Or simply switch beds in the night as she was known to do.

The ending to our fairy tale is that our Sleeping Beauty has finally found her slumber.

And I mean, finally.

A small child is sleeping in a bed





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