My Baby Can Talk

At 7 Months old, my babies are starting to use their hands as gestures to communicate. All babies do this before they can talk, it’s only natural. Waving ‘Hi’, shaking the head for ‘No’, reaching out for more and putting their hands to their month when they are hungry. In fact, sign language seems to be the first language they learn.

There are many benefits to signing, “babies that communicated with sign language before they could speak actually learned to talk sooner and scored higher on intelligence tests when compared to their non-signing peers. These babies developed larger vocabularies, displayed more self-confidence and engaged in more sophisticated play than their non-signing peers” (researchers, Acredolo & Goodwyn). Now, I definitely am not a parent that buys “It’ll make them smarter” products, but I have previously taken American Sign Language courses both in school and in the workplace (This is because I had used it myself, to communicate with those who couldn’t talk or hear) I feel it is important to communicate to all people, and signing is one such language to do so. And with all languages, it is most effectively taught at a young age, as they are impressionable and eager to communicate in some form. Plus, if they are able to tell me what they want, before they can speak, they won’t be as frustrated. (me either!)

Created by Baby Hands Productions, My Baby Can Talk is a series of books and DVD’s which teach babies (and parents) how to communicate non-verbally (using American Sign Language). Recommended for babies between 10-36 months, these educational products are proven to bridge the gap, until babies can speak.

I was sent the complete educational series which included both books and DVD’s. The 3 books contain basic words which teach by colored picture of the item, wording, and a picture and description of the sign that corresponds to the word. I am really excited about these book because my daughter (who is unable to read yet) can easily translate the how-to picture and produce the correct sign for that word. Sometimes the sign for a word is a movement of the hands. Yet, my daughter is still able to, without reading, understand what the description is. The My Baby Can Talk board books are the first educational books which she has taken an interest. She enjoys learning through the book, with or without my assistance. In fact, she sits down with the twins and the books and plays teacher and shows them sign language. When the twins are older, since the books are hardcover cardboard, they will be able to look through them at an early age without ripping them, as well.

The set of 3 DVD’s correspond with the board books. It uses a variety of pictures, animals, puppets and toys to reiterate the sign for the word. It also includes both an adult and child signing as well. It is showcased in a fun way that keeps babies’ attention and assists them to learn by using repetition for common and familiar items. Again, even Isabelle loves signing along to the video and showing the twins. I find the video to be colorful, the music lively and very easy to follow. As we watch the DVD’s, I would sign along with the video. The twins watch from the video to me (back and forth), expecting me to make a gesture when the video did. See, already learning!

My Baby Can Talk provides easy to follow, and well organized instructions on learning basic signs in a way that children can relate. I would love to see this line of products expand into more words and phrases, for children, as they get older. Simply because, if my 4 year old is so fascinated by My Baby Can Talk – there is a whole world of words that she could learn using this method.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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