Little Chickie Wear

Too often, babies are seen with onesies that are plain, or pastel and too often -boring. I tend to search for colorful clothing, something that stands out among the others. That’s when I found Little Chickie Wear by Gwen designs. The clothing label came as a result of years of passion in art and history, and the influence of Gwen’s own daughter.

The clothing Gwen chose for Little Chickie Wear is 100% organic cotton. She uses clothing that has been certified as organic cotton, meaning the fields have not used synthetic pesticides or fertilizers for at least 3 years. Her design is a art piece made by Gwen, using Japanese paper and paint. It is then graphically arranged on a computer, and transferred to an organic onesie, shirt, or hat. “This process is entirely done piece-by-piece- which results in a truly handmade product”. And, the result? Over 25 unique designs for onesies and shirts and hats for both boy and girl ‘chicks’.

I was send a very adorable onesie, with a colorful train and “I Toot Toot” underneath the picture (this design is across the behind as well). Too cute! The graphic is remarkably colorful, ideal for little eyes to see and explore. The color would be classified as off-white, only because no dyes were used on the fabric to bleach out the color. Purely natural. The onesie is remarkably soft yet holds its shape so much better then ordinary cotton. I am now a devoted fan of Organic clothing. There is really no comparison between cotton and organic cotton. Amazing what chemical and pesticides can do to a person, or plant! Little Chickie Wear impresses this Mom, both for choice in fabric and the great designs Gwen offers!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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