Dove Music Video, My Singing In The Rain Experience


As you know, I was one of 14 Canadian women invited to Toronto to take part in a new Dove music video earlier this week. It’s been a couple of days now since filming Singing In The Rain, and I still have a hard time soaking it all in. Often times throughout the day I pause and think, ‘Did that just happen?’. I have received so many comments and emails asking all about my experience, I thought it was time to put some of these ‘wow’ thoughts into words.

On Tuesday I started the day with breakfast with a few of the invited women that were also staying in the hotel. After, we were all chauffeured to the Showline Studios – where all the action took place. Usually being classified in the ‘media’ grouping when you are a blogger – being ushered into the ‘guest dancers’ section of the building was the first surreal moment that took my breath away.

Dove Music Video, My Singing In The Rain Experience

Us guest dancers {I really want to say bloggers, but if it weren’t for the constant tweeting and updating Facebook, you really wouldn’t have known we were bloggers} were lead by LA choreographer extraordinaire, AJ {Aakomon Jones}, and his assistant Drea Edmead. AJ was a really nice man with a wonderful sense of humor – and it was *almost* easy to forget that his past celeb portfolio included clients such as Madonna {Sticky & Sweet Tour}, Dreamgirls, the Academy Awards and most recently, the OMG video by Usher *swoon*. Despite the fact that we were all excited beyond belief and so full of giggles – both AJ and Drea were so patient and kind. Their encouragement made us feel so relaxed and full of pride when it came to our dance moves.

A group of people in a roomAfter rehearsals and a quick catered lunch, it was time for hair and makeup. My hair was washed with the new Dove anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner, and styled so fabulously using Dove products. Celeb stylist also hailing from LA and currently working with the cast of Glee, Mark Townsend, partnered with Dove for the new line {more on that to come in a later blog post!}.

Next was wardrobe – and after we were all decked out in our stylish rain-gear – it was time to start filming…. music videoMost of my ‘wow’ factor for this event comes at this time, since it was my first time ‘in’ a film set. Not watching – but being one of the players. From watching the producer right down to the film crew – it was an incredible experience.

In between filming of the video there was always wardrobe, hair and makeup rushing over to me – to ensure that I was set for the next shoot. I had a few wardrobe malfunctions, just due to wearing the wrong costume. Yet once they found the ones which suited the measurements I provided before leaving for Toronto – all was great.

Dove Music Video, My Singing In The Rain ExperienceDuring the filming, I tasted the true celeb lifestyle, since when not in front of the camera – I constantly had someone powdering my face, reapplying lip gloss, adjusting my socks, retying my belt, combing my hair… just surreal….but, so totally fun! And, just like the title of the video, we actually danced in the rain. Slightly too big of rain boots and the slippery surface made me slip once {just stumble and catch myself, not fall}, yet I wasn’t the only one! {And, if there’s a behind the scenes or bloopers video – be prepared to see it, possibly in slow motion}. After the final shoot and all was a wrap, we were jumping and splashing on that floor like kids, finally letting out all the emotions from the day.

A group of people posing for the camera

You can see a little tidbit of the making of Singing In The Rain with Dove, yet the final cut will be released on March 15th on all social media outlets. You know I’ll be sharing as soon as I can! {update: see the video here}

I truly had one of the best experiences of my life, from the invite to the wrap-up party held after filming {thanks Mark for re-doing my hair for the party – I got drenched out there!}. Just as special was being able to connect with such an amazing group of people, and sharing the experience with a fabulous gTammi Roy looking at the cameraroup of fellow actors/dancers {again, those words just astound me}.

As an average Mom of 3, I feel really honored to have been included, and it’s an experience I will hold forever dear to me. Going into the filming I was nervous and full of self-doubt and apprehension. I wasn’t an actor. I wasn’t a dancer. Honestly, I questioned why someone like myself would ever be able to live such a remarkable day.

Now I realize, and this is the mission and purpose of Dove products – We are all beautiful, we are all special. We all deserve to smile, laugh, dance in the rain and feel great about ourselves when doing it.


Travel, accommodations and meals were provided by the PR firm and Dove Canada. As well, I will be compensated for my time and *ahem* dancing abilities. Of course, the opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.



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    1. I really liked that pic too, in most you can hardly tell it was raining.
      It was great to meet you too Heather, hopefully we can get together soon – BlissDomCanada?

  2. Sounds awesome and how great that blogging brought you to such an opportunity! 🙂 Looking forward to watching it!

  3. I love what you said and truely believe that …….
    “We are all beautiful, we are all special. We all deserve to smile, laugh, dance in the rain and feel great about ourselves when doing it.”

  4. sounds like a really amazing experience! WOW! And you are anything but ‘average’ – you’re awesome and beautiful and fun! Glad you had such a good time!!

  5. How totally awesome is that! Wow! You are amazing! You deserve a standing Dovation. LOL When you’re in town filming your next video, give me a shout!

    I’d also like your autograph.

  6. What a wonderful, fun experience! I am envious.. .I think that would be such a blast! You look great in the photos, and like a natural. I can’t see the video yet.. .as I’m sneaking on at work. LOL But, I’ll check it out later tonight. I totally believe that we’re all beautiful and special in our own way. 🙂

  7. That is such an amazing event. You really are beautiful! I’m glad that companies are trying to help others feel good about themselves. Our children need to see that we have confidence in ourselves so they too can grow up to be strong confident women!

  8. what a wonderful day it was, and am so happy that we got to spend it together!

    can’t wait to see the final cut – and the bloopers… ekkk…

    1. I know!!!! March 15th – I’m sure we’ll all be glued to the computer that day. Biting our nails, no less!

  9. i’ll be on vacation,,, I hope there will be internet there. I wonder how many calories there are in nails? Thankfully, I only have 10, so it could count as an evening snack…..

  10. AWESOME!! What a cool experience…thanks for sharing it with us! (I’m particularly happy it happened to my favorite blogger!) 🙂

    Now I’m off to see the finished product (yeah, I’m a bit behind these days…)

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