{not} Wordless Wednesday | Singing In The Rain with Dove


Today was a remarkable day, to say the least. It will actually go down to be one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. As you know I am currently in Toronto, and today I had the great opportunity to participate in the filming of a commercial with Dove entitled, ‘Singing In The Rain’. To keep this Wordless Wednesday kinda short {you know I am anything but wordless!}, I will simply post one photo – us fabulous Canadian bloggers as a group, dancing in the studio.

Where’s Tammi? Can you spot me?

I have many photos to go through and great stories to tell. But for now, bed is calling. Nite everyone, Zzzzz




    1. Nope, lol

      Oh, It was beyond fun.
      I could do this everyday, I really could.
      You know – wardrobe, hair, makeup…ya, a girl could get used to that! 🙂

    1. Ha! Wish I could Nolie, but I seriously did not sleep for 5 minutes last night.
      I know, I know – unplug already, right??

  1. Oh my goodness I would NOT have been able to sleep either!
    I can’t wait to hear E-V-E-R-Y detail 🙂

    Thanks for the not so wordless Wednesday!

  2. Tammi, you are looking good!!! Looks like it was a blast and many good memories. 1st on the left!

  3. That is so crazy fun!! So excited to see the commercial! I can’t even imagine that opportunity.

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      1. My guess was RIGHT! WOOT! (it’s probably not cool to cheer on my guess since I was too chicken to post it as a comment to begin with…… lol)

  5. AWESOME! What fun! I was thinking the 2nd on the left or the 3rd on the right.. but now I’m thinking that’s you hiding in the back! LOL Can’t wait to see the commercial!

    1. ordinarily, I would have loved to hide and just blend in – but not this time! I actually opened up from my shell and am 1st on the left! I’m proud of me!

  6. First time here from 5MFM and WW. I’ve been gone a while. Glad I stopped over here cuz I have twins + 1 too! Great shot, my kids and I love to play in the rain.

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