Twin Toddler Revenge


Have you ever witnessed the ninja-like tactics of Fighting Twin Toddlers?

I picked up my Twins from the day care at my gym after a workout, to see that they did a craft for me. When I looked at each girls’ artwork with a puzzled look, the day care staff came over and explained how the crafts came to be…

kidAt the suggestion of making Mom a craft, my Twins immediately started to bicker about who was going to create first {no surprise there}. Evidently Katie won the toss up to go before her sister, and happily gave the pouting Sophia a very smug look. Katie made me a beautiful family tree, she even placed the apples representing each of us, on the tree. Awe….

Sophia was up next, and started placing her apples on the tree to represent her family. The last apple was the ‘Katie apple’. When the staff pointed to the tree and asked Sophia to place it with the rest of the apples – Sophia refused. She took one look at the still-smug Katie, now happy playing with the dollhouse across the room…

…and stuck Katie’s apple on the ground, at the bottom of the tree.

Twin and Art

Twin toddler revenge at 2.5 years old? I think so!! Yikes!
This craft is most certainly going in Sophia’s baby book, I chuckle every time I look at it …*ahem* when I finish start their baby books, that is.
Ya, ya – I should get on that.




  1. Thanks for the laugh at the cuteness. Hold onto your hat for when they are teens and start liking the same guy!

    1. Oh dear – you just made my eyes pop there, Dianne!
      Laugh while I can, while it’s innocent, right?
      ….It’s all fun and games until they start punching with full body weight! >;{

  2. I love that you blogged this quirky little event! I have found emails / FB posts etc that I’d written about similar things in my family and I’m so glad I wrote them down, bc they give me such a giggle even years later. 🙂

  3. That is so cute. Laughing is such good medicine. This will be awesome for them to look back at, too. 🙂

  4. I just LOVE this story Tammi!! I’ll think of it everytime I work on my genealogy and will never look at a family tree in the same way again!!
    thanks so much for sharing this story with us all!!

  5. Awww…Well, sisters WILL be sisters, whether twins or otherwise. Lol
    I’m sure they will look back on it one day and laugh 🙂

  6. That is so funny! When I was younger I wrote a whole story about my family and ended with, “My little sister is a brat.” My parents brought it up all the time, so I never forgot it.

    I love your girl’s pictures. Such a funny story that you should remember and tell them later in life.

  7. That is too funny!

    I love that the worker just let it be and didn’t try and change the outcome. it’s perfect and totally a must for her baby book…we’ll have lots of years later on to start those things 🙂

  8. LOVE this story – we have 2.5 year old boys right now, and it’s every day in our house! 🙂
    So cute…and innocent for sure.

  9. Haha, wow, that is too funny, when I saw each of their pictures I giggled. Kids are great.
    I cant wait for my son to make crafts for me!

  10. Haha what a laugh!!! So funny, kids will be kids I guess. I remember when I was young and I fought with my little brother, and we are 4 years apart! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any twins or siblings any age difference not fight, it’s inevitable! Happy Canada Day!!!

  11. Hard feelings between siblings is not limited to twins. When our youngest granddaughter was born, the next to last gdaughter was ten. When my son and his wife visited with the youngest, the older one, if she was visiting, would go into another room so she would not witness anyone making a fuss over this ‘new comer. ‘- This went on for years. Could still be happening for all I know!! Such is life!

  12. Hahaha omg that’s so cute. That’s the best
    Part of having twins. You will be entertained
    No matter what.

  13. My twin boys are 6. One has a severe speech delay so he has been behind on a lot of sibling rivalry that many twins go through at a younger age. He’s starting to make up for it now!

  14. You have twice the work now, some day you’ll get to sit back and enjoy twice the rewards.

  15. I so love reading you blog and have went back to when you started can see the girls growing.they are so beautiful

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