Me? In a Dove Hair Care music video?

In a few short hours I leave on a jet plane and head across Canada, to Toronto. On Tuesday, myself and 14 other Canadian women have been invited to partake in Dove’s newest promotional campaign, a music video entitled ‘Singing in the Rain’. After breakfast we will head to the studios for dance rehearsals, hair styling, makeup and filming. I don’t know a lot of details on the video as yet, but they we will have one fabulous LA choreographer and hair stylist on board. Oh, and there’s custom made attire too.

My life consists the ordinary daily grind of full-time mommyhood {living in small city Canada}, so the thoughts of me being in a professional music video are almost absurd. But, that is key behind Dove – REAL women, Real lives. We 15 women will be of different backgrounds, sizes, ages and skills – yet I can tell already that we will represent real women and the reality behind individual beauty.

The whole experience will be one which I will cherish forever, I’m sure. I’m very curious about the filming of a video and all that jazz. Me? Music Video? I remarked to friends that I hope to not break a leg or fall on my head. Thanks to everyone, I won’t have to sing, but will be dancing. I am not a professional dancer. I have no experience in this at all. How’s that for the real everyday woman?

You can follow our conversations about this event on Twitter using the #singingintherain hashtag. As well, @DoveCanada is brand new to Twitter – so make sure to follow and welcome them.


  1. How cool is that. Have a great time and don’t forget to come back and tell us all about it.

    1. Ha!
      She already does Alyssa! 😉
      Well, that’s what I keep telling her, but she gives me the ‘I’m crazy’ look!

  2. SO looking forward to seeing it! It’s going to be great. Hope you have LOTS of fun and laugh lots too!

  3. I can’t wait to see it!!! I’m so excited for you. And now I can say I know someone famous.

  4. How did you get that lucky?! What a great time. I hope you’ll post the music video when it comes out!

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