You Can Be Anything – Barbie

With over 155 careers and counting, there isn’t a plastic ceiling Barbie hasn’t broken. From Mermaid to Movie Star, Pet Vet to Police Officer, Fashionista to Fairy Princess, there are countless choices for your little ones to let their imagination soar.

It’s a fact that there’s no such thing as too wild a dream, too big a hope or too fantastic a wish when it comes to Barbie and the tradition continues with the “You Can be Anything” campaign!

In celebration of this new exciting movement for Barbie, here’s a small selection of Barbie’s top career choices to show your little ones that there are no limits to their potential!


Barbie and BusinessCEO Barbie®

Barbie is ready to make bold business moves and strike out on her own to achieve her career dreams. Your little ones might not yet know what a CEO is, but with Barbie they’re learning that it’s an obtainable goal.

By encouraging your little ones to make believe with lots of different career options, you’re showing them that the world really is their oyster. From public relations to investment management, there’s no limit to their options!


A close up of a womans faceBarbie® Careers Eye Doctor Playset

From a their pediatrician to their opthaologist, your little one probably knows some of the different kinds of doctors. But, have your ever chatted with them about all the different medical specializations that there are? From podiatrists to pediatritians, try discussing some of the different kinds of doctors and health care profressionals with your little ones. You’ll open their eyes to an entire world they might not know about.



A person posing for the cameraDirector Barbie®

Lights, camera, action! There is so much that happens behind the scenes of your little ones favourite movies. From costume and set designers, to camera and sound technicians, and even the director, there’s a whole world for your little one to explore!

If they’re particularly interested in how their favourite movies or TV shows are made, explore all the different roles and people that are required behind the scenes. Explain how they all come together to form a team and create an amazing end product!



  1. I constantly tell my daughter and nieces that they are beautiful, smart, talented and all around amazing. I tell them of the hopes and dreams. My daughter currently wants to be a vet and I am always finding new books that will keep her interest and let her play doctor to the cats.

  2. We try to get them toys and games from different areas of interest. I also make a point of describing what is it people do when there is a new profession mentioned.

  3. I keep telling my niece that she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up! Right now she wants to be a mommy and a Queen

  4. By telling them they can do whatever that they want and being there for them when they want to try new things.

  5. We encourage our daughter to be anything she wants to be through play! when we play with her barbies it allows her to dream and get familiar with different things she wants to do when she gets older

  6. We tell them they can be anything they want to if they put their minds to it and try their best!

  7. I always tell my kids that they can achieve anything as long as they work hard and don’t give up!

  8. I always told my children that as long as they worked hard to achieve their aim they could be anything that they put their minds to – it seemed to work, all 7 are responsible adults with good jobs and doing what they love. I’m proud of every single one 🙂

  9. Our daughters would love to have these. They love to watch the “You can be anything” video on YouTube.

  10. i encourage them to use their imaginations and we talk about different things they can do and possible paths they could choose and encourage them to make decisions based on their age

  11. I like to fill their heads with lots of different ideas of what they can be, and let them know that everyone’s job is special..

  12. We always encourage our kids to experiment to find out what they like to do. Have fun is the key. We never tell them there’s something they can’t do.

  13. I always said they could be anything they wanted but they had to work hard in school to get there.

  14. I tell our girls all the time that with a little hard work they can be anything they want. 🙂

  15. I tell them they can be anything they want to be, but to do it, they would have to work for it.

  16. They have always been taught that they can achieve anything that they want as long as they work hard to achieve it! There are no limits to what they can achieve and we praise them for all their accomplishments!

  17. Talk to them, encourage them to try new things and tell them they can be whatever they want to be.

  18. they made a list of what they want to be when they grow up. Did lots of pretend play too.

  19. By telling them they can be anything they want to be. Don’t be afraid to try anything

  20. My nieces have the usual pink girlie toys, but they also have trucks and cars and a gas station. They’re also highly into their tech (they’re better on their iPad than I am), so are confident and sure they can do whatever they choose.

  21. I remind my kids that the skies the limit. There is no boundaries in any field. If they are interested in a particular subject I encourage them to learn more.

  22. I told her that it’s good to have dream(s) and it’s worth to pursue those dream(s). Never say never or you can’t do it since without trying, you never really know whether you are able to do it or not

  23. I try to stay away from gender prejudices when encouraging my daughter in her choice of career, so she knows that she can be anything.

  24. I encourage them to be themselves and not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

  25. Give lots of encouragement and praise and to let them know they can be anything they like, to follow their heart and that you will stand behind them all the way!!

  26. I tell my girls to dream big and encourage them to pursue their interests whatever they may be!

  27. I love to remind my son often that he can be anything he wants. If he can dream it, he can achieve it.

  28. I told my son he could be anything that he wanted to be, he just has to work for it.. And it all starts with an education. Today, he is a professional doing what he loves and making a great living.

  29. We encourage them to try everything at least once. The more they try the more they learn and the more their confidence in themselves will grow!

  30. I encourage my little one to be anything by encouraging anything she shows an interest or talent in. I let her know that learning includes failing and keep trying and practising.

  31. I encourage imaginative play. We talk about jobs, what they are, and why they are fun or important to do 🙂

  32. I show her she can be anything by being a role model myself and showing her what I can do.

  33. They have to work hard but they cacn do what they want/ It took me way to long to figure out what I wanted to do!

  34. Build their confidence and enforce it by assuring them that they can be anything they want to be, as long as they work hard to achieve their goals.

  35. That they can be anything they want ! I also like to play roll play with my granddaughter when we play barbie’s , lego block ect..she as quite the imagination!

  36. I always tell my kids that they can do whatever they want when they get older, whatever job they want, as long as they stay in school and work hard!!

  37. I always tell her that hard work pays off! She can be anything is she works hard at it!

  38. I encourage my kids to that they can be anything by helping them find out more about different careers when they show an interest.

  39. i tell my daughter dreams and goals can come true with enough faith, prayer and working towards them

  40. I support my daughter in all her interests and encourage her to try new things as well. I cheer her on!

  41. We give her choices so that she can be confident in her own choices as she grows.

  42. I try to encourage my girl to try new things….when she says she “can’t” do something, I convince to give it a go, or to try again!

  43. I always told our children that they could be whatever they wanted if they wanted to work hard for it.
    I led by exzmple by going back to Community college and changing careers in my fifties. My girls are doing the same.

  44. I tell the kids all the time they can be whatever they want, and i take them to different events to expose them to various cultures,people, places and things.

  45. bu suporting what they want to be i have one that want to be a train enginer so loads of books toys ets on the subject

  46. We encourage our children to try out various things to see what they are interested in and to explore different options and also tell them it’s about trying hard not winning.

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