Enjoying the Chaos

This past week we have really taken advantage of the beautiful weather here in Central Alberta. I have been really enjoy being outside and doing so many outdoor activities with the kids {usual parenting chaos included}. Swimming, the Zoo, nature walks, bike rides – this is why I love summer so much! So, if I’m scarce in posting as much as I usually do – you know where I am … playing with my kids, of course. I am a Mommy!

Oh – and if this is your first time visiting my WW posts, know that I am anything but Wordless. Ha!





  1. it’s been so hot here, it’s hard to stay out for very long! you guys look like you’re having a blast so far!! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow cool Jumbo slide! we are coming to your house!! Ha looks like the kids are having a wonderful summer!

  3. Glad you guys are enjoying the weather, looks like a great time. It has been SO hot here I can’t stand the thought of going outside

  4. Wow, it looks like you all have done so many cool things this summer already!!! So much fun. I love the summer time as well. πŸ™‚

  5. You did an excellent job on that collage! And that photo of your two girls walking down the lane is precious. Just speaks volumes of how close they are to each other. So sweet!

    1. Thanks Annie!
      They fight like grown men, but they do have their precious tender moments that melt my heart!!

  6. You are becoming one of my favorite WW stops. what a fun collage. And bravo on getting out with the kiddos and enjoying these summer days. Wishing ours wasn’t quite so stifling right now. lol.

    1. Busy? us?
      nah…. lol, how about insanely busy??!
      Oh well, we only get about 3 months of this nice weather – the rest is snow.
      Take advantage!!

  7. It looks like you and your girls are having a great summer! Hopefully it isn’t as hot there as it is here in MN!

    1. It looks like fun, doesn’t it?
      Unfortunately adults make it collapse…what? of course we had to try!!

  8. Looks like you guys have been having TONS of fun!! It’s hot here in Kentucky too!

  9. Yay for great weather! It’s been disgustingly hot and humid here so we’re inside or in the water a lot. But that’s to be expected of the south! Happy Wednesday!

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