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Toothbrush and PhilipsGuess What? I’m making the switch… back to Philips Sonicare! Yep, I used to be an exclusive user of a Philips Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush, and loved it. Why the stray? Due to much traveling, I opened a couple fresh manual brushes and the frugal {?} me decided to just use them until it was time to toss them. Really, is my dental health worth $3-$4? What was I thinking?!

After all, even my dentist complimented me on my tooth and gums after switching to a Philips electric toothbrush. My own dentist saw the results and was so impressed! Not only that, I loved that clean feel that I got from using an electric toothbrush, there’s just nothing like it. So, these manuals just aren’t cutting it, it’s not the same and my dental health has suffered. Thanks to Mom Central Canada, I am so excited {my teeth are too!} to be switching BACK to a Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ toothbrush, and will report back in a few weeks with my final thoughts.

About the Philips Sonicare FlexCare:

  • There are FIVE power modes: Gum Care, Clean, Refresh, Sensitive and Massage
  • UV Brush Head Sanitizer – kills up to 99% of bacteria found on brush heads
  • Patented Sonic Technology – reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline
  • A cool, and sleek design plus easy-to-read illuminated display panel, reliable battery life of three weeks.
  • Angled brush head – makes it easier to reach back teeth
  • Dynamic Cleaning Action and broader contact which is proven to keep teeth naturally whiter
  • For more information, feel free to visit


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. i want to make the switch becuase i have never gone electric plus i want clean and healthier teeth

  2. I would like to make the switch because UV Brush Head Sanitizer – kills up to 99% of bacteria found on brush heads. My tooth brush dosen’t do this

  3. I would like to make the switch because I have cavity-prone teeth. This sounds like it would really help me keep my mouth in tiptop shape.

  4. I need to make the switch as an ex smoker coming up on my 4th year, my gums and teeth really need the professional cleaning of the phillips flex care brush!!
    Great contest!

  5. I would like to switch because I believe this toothbrush would be more effective than a regular one.

  6. We don’t have dental coverage so I really try to take care of my teeth to avoid cavities and I think this brush would be great.

  7. i want to make the switch because a toothbrush that will help my teeth healthier and whiter and my current one is battery opperated and always kills the batterys

  8. I would like to make the switch because I have bad teeth from genetics that make it a top priority to take care of properly .

  9. I would love to make the switch to have cleaner teeth and healthier gums. This toothbrush would do a much better job than my battery powered one!

  10. I want to make the switch because this product looks like it would keep your teeth much cleaner and get rid of more germs.

  11. I would love to switch, this would help me out so dentist would be so happy for me 🙂

  12. I would Love to make the switch to benefit my overall oral health! Plus,anything is better then my current manual toothbrush!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  13. Even though I see the dentist every six months I still worry about getting gum disease and would love to switch to ensure a healthy smile for a long time.

  14. I have a bit of a gum problem and the dentist tells me that this would be better for my gums, i really should just suck it up and buy one but….

  15. I have a bit of a gum problem and the dentist tells me that this would be better for my gums, i really should just suck it up and buy one but….

    sorry it made me do it again

  16. I’d love to make the switch because my teeth are “nicely” stained from having to take liquid Iron supplements…I’d love to whiten them naturally!

  17. i have very sensitive teeth and gums and hate going to the dentist so anything that keeps my teeth healthy and less visits is great for me
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  18. I had to do the entries over wouldn’t let me tweet? Said due main entries first?

  19. Getting old and I want to keep my real teeth, so this would be great and I am prone to gum infections since I was a kid so I’m fanatic about my teeth!

  20. I’d like to make the switch because my dentist actually recommends this tooth brush, I just haven’t dropped the cash yet.

  21. I love the idea of a UV Brush Head Sanitizer that kills up to 99% of bacteria found on brush heads. I am constantly buying new toothbrushes before the old one wears out, because I am grossed out at the idea of what is living on it.

  22. i would love to make the switch for overall improvements in dental health compared to a standard toothbrush – plus, i love that it has a UV sanitizer and whitening benefits too!
    tumyiix at gmail dot com

  23. I have never had a cavity, at 37, and would love to keep it that way for the rest of my life. This would help allot!

  24. My husband has used one for a few years and I’ve always meant to get myself one but just never taken the plunge 🙂

  25. We have always wanted to make the switch but the cost stopped us- but this might be our chance

  26. this would be great for my teeth. they are so close together, i’m sure the high speed of the toothbrush would get them very clean.

  27. I’m passionate about oral hygiene and my dentist has been recommending Sonicare to me. I’m a bit of an aggressive brusher…so the sonicare can give me the clean teeth feeling I like while still being gentle on my gums. I need this! I’m ready to make the switch!

  28. I want to make the switch because this sounds like it would give me a powerful clean a nd it kill bacteria. 🙂

  29. I need to switch because I’m an avid coffee drinker and I would like to have cleaner, whiter teeth

  30. I want to make the switch because I am currently pregnant and my dentist told me that it’s very important to keep my teeth health. I would like to have cleaner teeth and healthier gum

  31. I would like to make the switch becasue i have such dental problems and maybe this would be good for me.
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  32. I just was at the Dentist for a cleaning on Monday. My teeth were so bad especially my gums. I found out I have gingivitis ! My gums were bleeding like crazy she only cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaner and couldn’t finish with the pik. I have to go back in August for another cleaning and one small cavity. I bet if I had this toothbrush my gums would be much tougher and I wouldn’t have tartar (which starts off as plaque). Oh yea My Hygienist ended up lecturing me on my gums. I feel so guilty about my mouth. I was in serious pain when she did my cleaning too.

  33. I would love to have a cleaner and brighter smile. I think this would be the perfect switch.

  34. I want to make the switch so that my teeth stay healthy as I age but also to be a role model for my kids

  35. As I’m getting older, my oral care needs are changing and making the switch would help me hang onto my pearly whites.

  36. I would love to switch to get that just cleaned at the dentist feel and healthier gums.

  37. I want to make the switch cause I don’t think my Oral B is doing anything for me anymore, would like to know the difference.

  38. I have to take a lot of medication and have occasional Radiation treatments.

    I have to watch my teeth very closely for decay as the medications and radiation can cause quick decay.

    This system would be perfect! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! ~Pauline

  39. I would like to make the switch so that I am taking better care of my teeth and gums


  40. I would love to make the switch, dental health is important and often overlooked. Need to set a good example for the little ones.

  41. I would love an electric toothbrush, haven’t wanted one for years actually, so it would be perfect!!

  42. I’m trying to get hubby to make the switch – his dentist keeps bugging him, too! He wouldn’t have an excuse if I won it.

  43. I would like to make the switch because my dentist told me I needed to and he is right it is time to give up the old one

  44. I’d like to make the switch for better tooth care! I don’t get to the dentist nearly as often as I should so a good toothbrush would help I think 😉

  45. Rafflecopter not coming up, this form is great now if they could get it to work!

  46. I use the manual toothbrush all the time and I really would like to make the switch to be able to take better care of my teeth.

  47. i would LOVE to make the switch! My teeth need all the help they can get(bad genes)..and i LOVE power brushes but my cheap one just died 🙁

  48. I only have a manual brush and would love an electric…thanks for the great giveaway!!

  49. I would actually like my husband to make the switch, he hates the dentist so I figure this could help keep his teeth healthy.

  50. I would love to make the switch because I have heard so many great things about the improvement of cleaning my teeth with electric instead of manual toothbrushes and I’m ready to make the switch!

  51. i want to make a switch because i want to feel the same clean and fresh feeling as you did…that gives professional results

  52. I want to make the switch not only to have that clean feel but if you saw the state my teeth are in….you’d understand 😉

  53. I would like to make the switch so I can have healthier teeth and gums. I love that the toothbrush also helps whiten teeth, and comes with a uv cleaner.

  54. i’d love and need to switch because as i get older i realize how important dental hygiene is and well… my $4 toothbrush from the drugstore just isn’t cutting it compared to this, once I used a battery operated one, but once the battery wore out it wasn’t as powerful anymore, even when I was able to switch batteries. that was $12 down the drain. 🙁 I’d love cleaner teeth, healthy gums and a fresh breath please 🙂

  55. I would love to win this Tammy! I left my job a WEEK before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter so don’t have my dental benefits anymore 🙁 My daughter is going through her own teething….however I wont be sprouting any new teeth, and going to the dentist has become priority zero right now…please help let me feel less guilty about avoiding the dentist.
    p.s The other day my husband commented that he would prefer that I don’t become toothless..LOL

  56. I’d like to switch because my medications are havoc to my gums and I think this would clean better than a regular toothbrush.

  57. I’d love to switch because I think its about time I lose my manual toothbrush and get with the program. From what I’ve heard, using Philips Sonicare will give me cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

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