It Started with a Container….


Today I opened one of my kitchen cupboards and a plastic container fell on me. You know, the reuasble containers that like to get messed up so much?! As I recalled, this same plastic container fell on me yesterday. So, I decided to re-stack and re-arrange the plastic bowls and containers. And that’s how it started.

The plastic bowls led to all of that cupboards’ contents – Which led to the cupboard next to it. I then decided that I could store some of my large appliances that I used mainly for Winter. That led me to another cupboard – which resulted in the pantry being next.

Before I knew it, my entire kitchen was disheveled, anything and everything on kitchen counters and on the floor. It didn’t stop there though. After all, if I was to store some appliances in my basement laundry room, I needed to make room in that space. But that meant moving the board games to another area. Which led to off-season shoes and jackets.

PlasticAnd so on. And so forth.

2 garbage bags of trash and another 2 for donations.

Who would have thought that one little plastic container would perpetuate an entire day’s worth of cleaning and organizing of a good portion of my house? An entire day! When all was said and done I went back to the original cupboard and threw that cursed plastic container in the garbage. Take That!





  1. Thanks for the laugh — that’s totally me too:) Except the kids would interrupt me somewhere right in the middle so everything would still be everywhere…at least kids are cute, right?? lol

  2. It must be so nice to have everything neat and organized; I will watch girlies if you want to do mine. Ha Ha Just kidding Tam

  3. This has happened to me on so many occasions. Don’t you just love your colander? I have one like it and it is a semicircle and fits awkward in every space.

    1. Yes! They really need collapsible colanders.
      Oh wow – trademark that – let’s make a million!!!!

  4. So funny! I actually love days like that..and the feeling when it’s all finished is perfect! So happy you got your cupboards reorganized AND that you got rid of that pesky container! How dare it fall on you, not once…but twice!

  5. You go! That’s amazing what you accomplished just by some small little plastic bowl falling on you 🙂

    Be proud of what you did!

  6. Oh my goodness… I have the same crazy gene! One small thing turns into a huge project that takes up the whole day! At least for the next little while you’ll be able to get enormous satisfaction from opening your kitchen cupboards and seeing how nice they look… and you’re safe from attacking containers!

  7. A little off topic, but I hope some of your trash was able to make its way into the recycling bin instead? =)

      1. hmm, I can’t find the “like” button to show you I like your comment… hehehe =))

  8. LOL! That is too funny. I love when that happens to me. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much. And then I remember I have children and go looking for them….

  9. I have tried tackling the container/tupperware cupboard. It only works and lasts if every single container and lid and bowl is in there. When some are in the lunch boxes, dishwasher and fridge, chaos resumes. It is a full 5 minutes of accomplishment though 😉

    1. I think part of the trick is to try and get ones of the same size. Too many sizes and they seem to run amok!

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