Parenting Twin Toddlers and a Mess of Diapers


The Twins are at that age of constant curiosity, and these days that includes closets. I had run downstairs to put in a load of laundry and just a mere few minutes later, came up to find that they had investigated their bedroom closet. They found the bags of diapers I have stored in there, and since I have Twins – there is a lot of them too. They managed to open the bags and create a mountain of about 250 diapers, with a small trail of them down the hallway as well. Quick little troublemakers, aren’t they?

A pile of clothes on a bed

They were no longer in their neat little folded selves, these diapers we unfolded preventing me from tucking them into the compact bags they came in. Sighing, I put them all into a couple of backpacks and shoved them back into a much higher place in the closet.

Alas, the chaos did not stop there.
As I sighed and left the room, I found them standing together in the next room, giggling at the fun they just had.

Naked….Thats right, naked.

Included with all the clean and new diapers I had just stored away into their closets, were two slightly soiled ones as well. Ahhh, yes – now I had to go through each and every one of those 252 diapers to find the two dirty ones. Great.

And how is your day going?



  1. Ooooh man, I’m sorry to laugh, but that’s funny!!!!!

    Did you find the 2 missing diapers!??!

  2. well….I think I’m having a boring day compared to you! I took overtime from work so I could do the grocery shopping today before the snow they are predicting arrives tonight.
    Keep Smiling Tammi!!! We’re all laughing WITH you not AT you!!

  3. That really sounds like a mess!

    I think the messiest thing I experienced was when my oldest Mica pooped while in his Execauser. I heard a squishing noise and realized it was his feet jumping in his own poop! I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I chose to laugh. There was poop all in between his toes – YUCK!

  4. Awww…you have twins! You’re so lucky. I can imagine how cute they were when they were giggling. Hehe. Someday, I want to have twins too. 🙂

    1. They are the best! Having Twins is such a great experience – always an adventure! 🙂

  5. When my eldest was a toddler (1 1/2-2) I awoke to find that he had decided to “paint” his crib in feces. WHAT a mess… and he was proud of his “painting.” UGH!

  6. Oh bless your heart. I just keep telling myself – the harder and busier they are as toddlers the easier they’ll be as teens. I know I’m totally setting myself up, but it’s how I get through the day some times.

    My boy went/is going through a naked phase, and once he took his diaper off (and I didn’t notice) and he was bouncing bare bottomed on the couch, getting poop everywhere. Ahhh. The joys of mommyhood. 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh! They certainly keep you busy. These are moments you will look back on with huge smiles, lots of laughter and a warm heart. Enjoy!

  8. Oh. Dear. Lord.
    What little STINKERS (no pun intended)!! I bet mummy was thrilled when she found their little shenanigans >.<

  9. I Hear yea, but thank the lord I only have 1, I can’t imagine 2!

    A couple weeks ago I ran upstairs to answer the phone, 2 minutes later I come downstairs to discover my little angel had learned to open the fridge and had emptied an entire bottle on ketchup on her bed!

  10. Thanks for making my coffee come out my nose!! It’s good to get the giggles first thing in the morning. I bet that happens to you alot with those two little munchkins.

  11. Oh no!. I have a closet full of diapers too and now I know to keep that door closed. One of the boys has learned to take his diaper off. Luckily it was not a poopy one but that day will come I am sure where I will test the Mr Clean eraser to get poop off walls.

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