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Graphical user interface, websiteOrganizing my own personal chaos is about managing life as a mother and also trying to tackle the household duties as well. There are plenty of rooms, closets, and drawers in your home, that need attention and tidying on a routine basis, which might require Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers.

And whether you are a Mom, Dad, Grandparent or College Student, we all seem to have one common area that is always in total chaos – The Junk Drawer! Mine is right in the hub of my house, where there is the most action. And that is exactly where most people dump those stray items. As you can see from my below ‘before’ picture, I took the first steps in organizing my Junk Drawer by getting little baskets for the pens. Yet everything else is a total mess. Rubbermaid has a six-piece drawer organizer set, which comes with different sized compartments meant to tidy and organize your junk belongings.

A cluttered desk with a book shelfJust released into stores in February, these interlocking drawers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, to suit any sized drawer {and many sizes of items too}. The beauty of these is that they stay together, both with the interlocking feature and also their foot grips which prevent drawer slidage. Yes, I just named it ‘drawer slidage’ and that just annoys me because it adds to the mess! I like the black color of these, as they will match any décor. The insides of the compartments have a tan colored gripper too, allowing items inside to slide about. Again, preventing that annoying slidage! As you can see from my picture, I do have wooden separators already in my drawer. I was pretty excited to see that our drawer had that. Yet I soon realized that those separators wasn’t enough, it just made aA close up of a device ‘Mess A’, ‘Mess B’ and so forth. I needed to group the items contained in the drawer more efficiently and the Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers did the trick. Neat and tidy! Why just the small ‘after’ picture of my drawer? Surprisingly, I was able to fit everything but 2 stacks of papers and notepads, into what you see here. My drawer is pretty much bare! {for now anyway}…


Rubbermaid has
3 key tips to having a functional Junk Drawer.

1) Don’t just toss any item in there, in any place. Have a designated spot for keys, batteries, lists, change etc. This is a great habit to form, then it stays neater for longer and makes finding things easier
2) Don’t toss items in there that do belong somewhere else. Take a little extra time to rightfully put things in their place. If it belongs in the junk drawer, go ahead.
3) Clean out the junk drawer every once in a while. You’ll be surprised at what you find {or think you have lost}!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. If you’ve see the recent Wordless Wednesday post on my blog then you know my chaos is the toy room! What from Rubbermaid, besides everything, would help me? The Clever Store Clear totes! I would love to have my Dad build a custom 2×5 cubby (meaning 2 tote high and 5 wide) and store all the toys that way sadly my house is much to small for such a thing! But a few totes to toss the toys in would be great. I use a few smaller clear Rubbermaid’s right now for playfood and cars but the bigger ones would be great for the bigger toys! It would get them OFF the floor!

  2. My spare room…there is xmas stuff piled on the bed, clothes that no longer fit my daughter on the dresser. It’s a disaster in there. I would love to have the nestable bins so we could at least minimize the closet clutter in that room so we can have more space to put the xmas decorations and some bins.

  3. The room that is most chaotic in my house is the kitchen. I think the best Rubbermaid item that would work in my room would be Modular Canisters to fix my problems with my walnuts, chocolate chips, and spices

  4. We sure could use the Full Double Door Cabinet in our garage! It’s getting more & more messy each time I pull into it. This would help me better organize the garage.

  5. My pantry in the kitchen is the worst! I could use the Modular Canisters to help with all of the cereal, snacks, pasta, and cookies that are everywhere in there!

  6. the drawer organizer would be wonderful. My drawers become so full of disorganized stuff that every couple of years, I dump everything out and start anew. I dump in to a plastic bag and I put the bag in the closet and check the bags after a year. It’s surprising how much stuff in that bag is not missed.

  7. our kitchen Island is chaos. It collects everything. It is not functional at all. We used to put everything that we didn’t want our child to reach, but now he is able to reach, so we are in trouble!
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  8. My most chaotic room is the dining room because that is where all the books, papers and whatever we may be working on, piles up. I think some of the storage boxes might keep things out of sight between projects.

  9. Please delete above comment, I forgot to add something

    All the room are chaotic, but I would pick the kitchen. What would definitely help is the Expanding Helper Shelves. I had no idea these existed

  10. Its not a specific room that is chaotic in my house its everyones closet in their rooms. That is why I would choose the Classic Configurations Closet Kits to help me orgainize each one.

  11. Our garage needs an overhaul and the Rubbermaid Quick Select: Fast Track® Garage Organization System would do the trick. We need rails, hooks, a golf bag rack, some shelves – the whole thing!

  12. My kitchen is the most chaotic – I started out with ONE junk drawer, and now they’ve multiplied, and I have THREE, so I could really use the drawer organizer!

  13. The modular canisters would help me greatly. My kitchen pantry is a mess! All the snack foods are crammed in with chip clips holding them closed!

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  16. I have the Queen of all Junk Drawers in my kitchen (I actually have 3 of them) This would save me from searching through wads of paper, staples, push pins, pens etc.


  17. I’m an organzier by heart! I love anything and all things that can help me get and stay organized!! My most chaotic room would be our guestbedroom….
    I like their closet organizer kits!!

  18. I’m going with our bedroom closet. Clothes aren’t stored in it, just stuff. LOTS of stuff. It could explode at any minute.

  19. It would have to be the garage however I think the Clever Store Non-Latching – Clear Lids would be helpful in helping to organize it!

  20. My most chaotic room is the kitchen/dining room/computer room… total chaos!!

  21. Oh and this goes with my first comment… I’d love the 6pce drawer organizer for my “junk” drawer!!!

  22. Oh, my bedroom is the most cluttered! I could figure out uses for all of Rubbermaid’s products, but the 6 compartment drawer one would work great in my daughter’s bureau to separate her hair items like little clips, bands, ribbons, etc.

  23. Well I could certainly use the drawer organizers in my kitchen junk drawer but besides that, I would love to revamp my pantry with rubbermaid modular canisters, stackable canisters and any other canister, haha.

  24. My garage is a mess. The fast track garage organization system would be awesome.

  25. You know everyone needs a junk drawer in the kitchen. Mine just needs more organization.


  27. It would have to be the kitchen. The Modular Canisters would be great for storing and stacking all those baking supplies, as right now I have them in round containers, so I lose a lot of storage room.

  28. My Laundry room is def. tohe most chaotic in the house because I’m the only one who ever uses it (Besides throwing clothes on the floor of course!) and it’s tucked upstairs in the back where I can get away with a little mess! I think the Classic Configurations Closet Organizer could really help me out on this one!

  29. A Full Double Door Cabinet would work wonders for the mess on the back porch. Balls (sports type), volley ball net, dog food, mud encrusted football cleats in sizes spanning the last 6 years, etc…

  30. My garage is a disaster. I don’t think one more item could even fit in it. I could really use the Corner Tool Tower from Rubbermaid.

  31. My kitchen is the most disorganized and I need HELP! I like the Interlocking Mesh Drawer Organizers and they would work wonders for my kitchen drawers.

  32. My kitchen is one of the most chaotic places in my house. I’d love the Modular Canisters to organize one cupboard in particularly (the one that houses the nuts, raisins etc). Currently we have containers of various sizes, jars etc all mishmashed in the cupboard. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. My kitchen cupboards are so unorganized and it drives me batty!! I could definately use the ‘lid and pan organizer’ .. for starters!
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  35. My kitchen storage is a mess. I could use the Stick & Store suspension basket

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  36. Clever Store Non-Latching – Clear Lid would help to store my craft items that are in my closet.

  37. I just organized my scrapbooking room/office and it is beautiful now. Next, I am hoping to tackle my pantry and other food cupboards. I like the celver store basic latch would be perfect!

  38. Our garage is the worse place. It needs a good cleaning and straightening up.

  39. The most chaotic room in my house is my bedroom. I think the Classic Configurations Closet Kits would help me organize.

  40. I really could use a junk drawer organizer system! I was just looking at my junk drawer yesterday thinking – time to clean this out again!

  41. Hello!

    Most chaotic room= mudroom (since we don’t have one- EVERYTHING spills into the garage, hallway, and laundry room). I would most use the tool rack.


  42. My kitchen is the most chaotic room in my house because its too small. Adjustable Gadget Caddy would be helpful.

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  44. The living room, probably. Everybody spends some certain amount of time there, so chaos it is

  45. Forgot to add that the Clever Store Basic Latch – Opaque Lid would certainly be helpful

  46. The kitchen is DEFINITELY the most chaotic and unorganized room in my house. The rubbermaid Adjustable Silverware Caddy would be a sweet addition to help get stuff in it’s place!

  47. Our garage is definately something that needs work! Something that would help would be the vertical ball rack (or two of them 😉

  48. My Dh’s tool area is the most chaotic by far. I can see the bulk storage bins beiing useful to get it all sorted.

  49. One particular closet in the kitchen is the worst so I think the Adjustable Over the Door Organizer would help!

  50. I have all My main floor organized but MY CRAFT ROOM of over 300 rubber stamps, paper paper paper,scrapbook supplies tons of stickers, envelopes , punches, scissors…..Help please

  51. My basement is the most unorganized and needs help. I need storage shelves . They would help alot!

  52. My garage and the corner tool tower would help me to organize it

  53. I have 2 chaotic rooms . . .. my kitchen and the kids play room . . .help!

  54. Oh, my kitchen is in need of help and those little storage bins you featured would do my medicine cabinet a WORLD of good. Thanks.

  55. I’m a bit of an organizing junkie. I’ve never seen the slide out spice rack and think that would be awesome to have!!

  56. My closet always needs some help. The shoe cubbies would be a wonderful start.

  57. I do recycle, but I usually just leave the cans and bottle on the counter until I take them out to the bins, so I could really use the Rubbermaid’s new 14-Gallon Stacking Recycle Bin. Thanks!

  58. My sewing room seems to be the messiest, and probably some shelves with the Nestable Canvas Storage Bins would help organize it.

  59. the room i need to organise the most is my all-purpose room which is the office,sewing room, crafts room, gift wrapping,scrapbooking,etc. I think the closet organiser shelving would be perfect for me.

  60. The most chaotic room is the kitchen. I could use the slide out Lid and Pan Organizer.

  61. The most chaotic rooms in my house are probably the kids rooms. The clever store boxes would be great for their toys and the Deluxe Configurations Closet Kit would be a great help too !

  62. I have a very small bedroom closet with everything just stuffed in there. It could use the Deluxe Configurations Closet Kit.

  63. One side of the garage is UNUSABLE and we just keep adding to all the stuff. We are in desperate need of the Rubbermaid Quick Select: Fast Track® Garage Organization System . We live in hope.

  64. The kitchen is the most unorganized space in our house. The slide out pan and lid organizer would be a great help.

  65. My kitchen is always a mess, especially in the cabinets. I would love to get Adjustable Silverware Caddy to organize my cutlery.

  66. My kitchen is the most chaotic with my cupboard doors not shutting all the way because of to much stuff. I think the Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer would help my cupboards be neat and not as cluttered.

  67. My garage is the most chaotic room and I would love to have the Fast Track® Garage Organization System

  68. We have a cooking utensils drawer that is craziness. A couple of their Adjustable Gadget Caddies would be PERFECT for us. Thanks.

  69. No doubt! The kitchen is the most dis-organized room in the house – mainly because so many people spend so much time in their kitchen as opposed to any other room in the house. I recently bought new Rubbermaid storage containers that really helped keep my cabinets in order.

  70. My closet is complete chaos. The Rubbermaid Jumbo 20 Pocket Closet Shoe Organizer would help me tidy my closet by getting the shoes off the floor. Thanks!

  71. So sorry-please delete my entries for numbers 309 and 310. I did the first entry and one other before I realized I already entered this giveaway. Sorry!

  72. My closets, are those considered rooms? I really need help…three Deluxe Configurations Closet Kits should resolve the problems!

    Thank you. 🙂

  73. My home office! This would help keep my daughter’s art supplies apart from my office supplies.

  74. I have a big pantry that is completely out of control and used as a dumping spot for everything. I would love to have the Over the Door Pantry Organizer to help me get it all together!

  75. The kitchen is the most disorganized area when it comes to the drawers and cabinets. The modular canisters could really help.

  76. Either our computer room or the kitchen. Both have their spots of, “Uh, that’s not our mess but yes, we live here..” When really.. it’s our mess but there’s just no good way to keep it clean or so we think. 😉

    The Rubbermaid Premier containers would be so nice to have. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile now actually. 🙂


  77. I like the clever store product, it would help organize laundry. there just isnt enough room in the laundry and anything to help would be great

  78. our garage is such a mess, we could really use the Full Double Door Cabinet

    chromiumman (at) mail (dot) com

  79. My husband would say the garage-all my yard sale stuff is in 30 gal totes

  80. My kitchen cupboards need major help. I have too much stuff and not enough storage space for it. I would start off by getting the Stick & Store Suspension Basket for under my sink


  81. I follow rubbermaid on twitter as Prairiebelle


  82. The Expanding Helper Shelves would help us get our kitchen under control.

  83. Our playroom/office area is most chaotic. We could totally use the Sports Station to help contain the numerous balls and sports equipment that’s stored there since we don’t have a garage or carport.

  84. my kitchen is the worst things hanging out of drawers its just awful 🙁
    i would love the Starter Configurations Closet Kit because my closets are a mess also 🙁

  85. Oh I definitely need these! My junk drawers in my kitchen are in total chaos! These would help make things much easier to find.

  86. My kitchen has very few cupboards so it can be chaotic trying to fit everything in them without things falling out. The Modular Canisters would help me get organized.

  87. I would love to get some new rubbermaid containers to help organize my scrapbooking/sewing and craft room…I would love some of those wheelable carts with drawers on wheels and some desk drawer organizers.


  88. The closet in my Master Bedroom is the most chaotic. The Deluxe Configurations Closet Kit could help me organize it.

  89. The most chaotic room would probably be the bedrooms. I would love a closet organizer in each of them. I bought one once that was supposed to fit on an existing rod but it didn’t fit. Someday I will get around to getting one that works.

  90. I need more of Rubbermaid’s Photo & Media Storage boxes to help control the clutter of all my photos in my computer/scrapbook room. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  91. My kitchen is the most chaotic room in my home. The Adjustable Over the Door Organizer could help me organize it.

  92. Thanks for the giveaway…Our garage (which looks like a cyclone has passed through) could use a few Roughneck Jumbo with Wheels storage containers.

  93. My bedroom and the Jumbo 20 Pocket Closet Shoe Organizer would really help!

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