Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat

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When it comes to buying essential baby and toddler gear like a convertible car seats – you appreciate knowing all about the product, before you make that big purchase. Thanks to Britax, I was able to review their Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat. At $399.99 CAD, you may think this is a steep price to pay for a car seat, until you take a closer look at the design, product features and most importantly the safety features of this seat. Only then do you realize that the cost is relative to quality.

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As you can see, this seat is suitable from infancy to school-aged child. This is truly an all-in-one seat that can you’ll be able to use for years.

A close up of a bagOne of the first things I noticed about the Advocate CS car seat form Britax, is the side protectors on each side of the seat. Please note that they are not inflatable air bags, and pose no risk for the child.
They are actually air-filled rubber cushions which are side impact protectors, which can be crucial in the event of a side impact collision. It distributes crash forces and keeps the head, neck and spine aligned to limit injury. These side impact protectors reduce the energy produced by side impact crashes by up to 50%! Now, being a protective parent, I like knowing that extra steps are taken by companies in their product designs – to ensure child safety.

Seat and CarInstallation was so very simple for this seat, I was almost shocked when it compares to the instillation of other brands of convertible seats which I own. Brilliant in design are 2 lower latch connectors that are located on each side of the seat. My other seats’ latch connectors thread through the back of the seat, and it was always a struggle to ensure that the straps weren’t twisted and crooked inside. With the Advocate CS, you can very easily see when they are in perfect position. And, this design also allowed me to tighten the seat so well, that I have absolutely no give at all when I try to move the seat. With my others, no matter how hard I pulled on the tighteners, I always had a little movement in the car seat. So, I am very pleased with how fast and little effort it took to secure the seat into position. And, if you ever need to refer to the manual, the instructions for the Advocate CS are detailed and leave little room to question.

kidLet’s talk twisted chest straps, yes – I despise twisted car seat straps! Since I have used the Britax Advocate CS, I have not once had a twisted chest strap thanks to a smart design there too {when a parent is trying to get Twins in and out of the car in the cold weather – it may be a simple pleasure, yet it is a pleasure nonetheless}. The design of the 5 point harness is called the Harness Ultra Guard System {HUGS}, and keeping the straps straight is just a bonus – it’s real purpose is for safety as well.

The Advocate CS comes in many fabric options, and I chose the Opal Grey. It is very soft, with extra features to make this seat even more comfortable that just the fabric you see. For one, it has High Density Comfort Foam on the seat and an extra belly pad which provides cushioning to the lower back. This is another extra feature that I hadn’t really thought about until I compared shape of the seat and padding with my other 2 brands. The Advocate CS has them beat when it comes to luxury seating!

A close up of a piece of paperAnother smart feature of the Britax Advcoate CS is the one handed turn knob that adjusts the harness height. One of my others had to be lifted with 2 hands and the other required re-threading of the harness straps – both of which wasn’t a pleasure to do at all. I really take a liking to this feature just because it’s so simple and effortless, which would really be an asset especially when you have more than one child that may use that seat. Also note the handy and secure bag to hold the anchor straps at the back of the seat. My other car seats don’t have these and when the straps aren’t being used I had to duct tape them to the seat {so they didn’t fly loose everywhere, which is a huge safety hazard}. This also may be a simple pleasure, but indeed – a very smart one.

Detailed features of the Advocate CS are:

• Patented, Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether with staged-release tether webbing, anchors the top of the child seat at two points to minimize forward movement in a crash
• Infant Body Pillow for infant positioning and a custom fit
• HUGS™ (Harness Ultra Guard System) reduces forward head movement and cushions the chest in the event of impact
• Built-in Lock-Off(s) secure the vehicle seat belt so that the child seat does not move more than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back at the belt path
• Convenient Harness Holders keep harness straps out of the way while placing child in the car seat
• Small Contoured Base ensures a tight installation in all types of vehicles
• Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) absorbs and distributes crash forces
• High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion the child
• Front Harness Adjuster provides effortless front adjustment when loosening the harness system
• Premium, Push-Button Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick, simple, and tight installation
• Plush, Premium Cover Set with matching belly pad provides extra comfort
• No Re-thread Harness Adjustment allows you to adjust the harness height without having to re-thread the harness straps
• Flexible Mount System allows the side impact cushions to move multi-directionally for easy access to the installation and height adjustment features
• Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body
• Quick-Adjust Head Restraint & No-Rethread Harness easily adjust the harness shoulder height and head restraint without disassembling the harness
• Energy-Absorbing Base deforms in the event of a crash to absorb impact forces
• 65-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort through the toddler years

I am so very impressed with the instillation, features, comfort and design of the Advocate CS. The Twins have taken a preference to it, over the other that is installed in my Grand Caravan. I have actually had to enforce a ‘take turns in the car seats’ rule, just to prevent some fighting over the Britax seat! As a parent, I do have a sudden peace of mind knowing that my child is in this car seat. It just feels safe, and that is worth it to me. And although I have 2 other convertible car seats, I highly prefer the Britax Advocate CS in comparison.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 



  1. I would also like the DIPLOMAT compact convertable seat because it has a smaller base and might actually fit in the back of DH’s truck

  2. i also love the CHAPERONE stroller, my sister would love this , the One-Hand Fold with Automatic Chassis Lock positions is GREAT !!!
    roswello athotmail dot com

  3. i am a My Organized Chaos Fan on Facebook stacey dempsey
    roswello athotmail dot com

  4. I would also like to have the Compact Fold Stroller, because my neice just had a baby girl and this would be something really nice to give her

  5. I also like the Chaperone Stroller because it has adjustable height handle that is comfortable and ergonomic for all care givers. The stroller I have right now kills my back because the handle isn’t high enough.

  6. Would love to win the Compact-Fold Stroller. This would be great for the grandparents to keep in their vehicle for their special times with the grandkids. Not too big and bulky but sturdy and safe. I follow on fb.

  7. I just added the feature to follow you on google friend

  8. I follow you on twitter @stephmd425 and tweeted about the giveaway

  9. Digging the ‘Chaperone’ stroller. Why? because you can also buy the matching babyseat and it’ll lock into the stroller double duties until the baby it older to go in the stroller alone β™₯

  10. I like all the strollers that they have. They look small, but yet large enough to do the job well.

  11. i like the diplomat because i used thier fit my child and that was one of the fits, and it looks sooooooo comfy for long car trips

  12. The boulevard car seat, because It has a higher weight limit than our current 40 pounder!

  13. Great giveaway! I’d like the blink stroller, I need a good compact stroller for travelling.

  14. I’d love the Frontier 85 for my son! He is tall for his age (6) but not big enough for a regular belt. I like that this one goes up to 120 lbs!
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  15. I’d also love to have the Chaperone Stroller, it has all the bells and whistles my stroller doesn’t have. Such as, a cup holder, adjustable height handle and a large canopy with visor. Plus it just looks cool.

    Thanks for the chance!

  16. I would love to have another Marathon like my sons has but for our second baby!

  17. We’d like a Frontier. The baby in the picture, the top of the chest clip should be level with her armpits. She’s not safe the way she’s buckled in!

    1. Hi Deann.
      Yes, I had just put her in for the picture.
      Believe me, it’s usually up higher than that!

  18. I would love to have a Britax Blink Stroller for its lightweight handling. thanks Britax for this awesome giveaway!
    t_freckleton at yahoo dot com

  19. I also love the Chaperone stroller in Red Mill!

    Thank you Britax. πŸ™‚

  20. I would like the DIPLOMAT compact convertable seat because I have a tiny mustang (I am hoping to upgrade before a baby arrives) and I need a smaller seat!

  21. I follow your blog via google friend connect

  22. I’d absolutely love to have their roundabout compact Convertable Carseat! It saves so much work switching car seats as they grow and it keeps them comfy the whole way through!

  23. I would get the belt positioning booster seat for when my daughter grows out of her carseat. Britax has amazing safety ratings!

  24. Wow, what a giveaway! I checked out the site and I like the idea of the foot muff that comes with the Chaperone stroller to keep baby warm. And of course the Chaperone infant car seat that’s compatible with that stroller is super cute in cow print πŸ™‚

  25. I would love to have the Blink stroller- our current small stroller is falling apart and I need a new one!

  26. Follow this blog publicly via google friend connect, CindyWindy2003

  27. I’d choose the frontier 85 for use after the Britax Chaperone, because its top of the line and would protect my son almost till he didn’t need a seat anymore πŸ™‚ silettributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  29. I like the BLINK stoller as we need a portable stroller for traveling

  30. Great giveaway! Thanks Tammi!

    I really like the Chaperone infant car seat. I don’t believe they had this when we were purchasing infant car seats back in 2006 and we’re reusing my son’s infant seat for my infant daughter now. It looks really safe and I like the features of the base.

  31. I would love the Fronteir 85 Booster/harness seat. Thanks for the great giveaway Britax!!

  32. I also like the Charperone stroller because it has all-Wheel Suspension which provides for a smooth ride and this is very important to me as I always bring my daughter to the park.

  33. I’d love to have the Chaperone stroller. We’re planning for baby and I can’t believe all the STUFF it takes. The Chaperone looks great!

  34. The Britax Chaperone full size stroller!! It holds the babies until they are 55 lbs.. It’s not so bad carrying them when they are little but when they get bigger and you have to carry them. That’s when you need a great stroller!!

  35. I love the BLINK compact fold stroller in the Modern Flowers print. It is so cute!

  36. Sorry forgot the WHY part above – because it looks like a sturdy and reliable stroller that can take the wear and tear!!!! πŸ˜‰

    I follow via Google Friend Connect (tanandjosh)

  37. I like the chaperone infant carrier. It’s the best head restraint I’ve seen. That is a HUGE problem with infant carriers to me.

  38. I would love the Blink stroller as well…it is nice and compact for those quick trips to school in the morning and has a big enough storage basket to get groceries with!
    I follow on facebook

  39. I would love to have the Britax Frontier because it has the highest weight and height limit for a front facing harnessed fit, and I want to keep my kids harnessed in a car seat for as long as possible because that is the safest way to travel for children.

  40. I would love the boulevard in the cowmooflage because who doesn’t like cow print. (I do have the boulevard seats and love them but would like another 2 for the other car).

  41. I really want the Roundabout 50, because my daughter is very light, so we don’t really need a seat that holds really heavy kids. The RA 50 will allow me to keep her rear facing for about another yr (she’s 28 mos now), and then will keep her safe in a forward facing position for quite a while after that…
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  42. I like the Chaperone stroller – it looks like a nice, sturdy stroller, and it has great storage!

  43. I would love to win the Chaperone! We’d prefer to use a Britax infant seat until our baby can fit into the mid-size Britax we have waiting for him.

  44. I would also like the compact fold stroller because we need a good easy stroller to travel with. πŸ™‚

  45. I would like a Britax Blink as a lightweight stroller option when I’m out and about doing quick errands.I

  46. I would love to have the BLINK Compact-Fold Stroller because the stroller I have now is very bulky and hard to travel with. This looks like a nice, safe stroller (five-point harness, one-foot brake, etc…) and seems like it would be easy to use and store (storage space is also an issue for us).

  47. I would want to get the Blink stroller…I need everything to be as light & compact as possible!

    I subscribed to the feed too!

  48. I’d love to have this Chaperone stroller.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

    1. …and I forgot to say why. Because it looks really comfy and room and just looks nice in general. I like the cow pattern. I hope it doesn’t invalidate my entry that I’m amending this so late – I really didn’t notice the second part till now!

  49. I love the britax carseat and the Chaperone red mill stroller.

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  52. I would love to have a full size stroller because I just found out my great niece doesn’t have a thing and she is due in 6 weeks.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  53. I really like the Parkway SG.


  54. I like the CHAPERONE because it just looks so comfy for the little one.

  55. i think the chaperone stroller looks great and i love the cowmoflauge fabric…so fun

    Thank you Britax!!

  56. I visited Britax, and another product of theirs I’d like to have is the Blink stroller because it’s light weight and folds compactly!

  57. I would love the blink stroller! It looks so compact and I am currently looking for one with a easy quick fold, this will do the trick for sure!!

  58. I would love to have their CHAPERONE stroller because it would be a great gift for my pregnent cousin. Although, I like the giveaway better =)

  59. I’d love the Tiffany cover for the decatholon. After having 3 boys, I’d like a “girly” seat for my girl!

  60. I would love to also have the blink stroller because my little princess needs a bigger stroller to help her fit better in a stroller

  61. I’d like the Marathon car seat because it can be used up to 65lbs and also it has more fabric options.

    mommietj at yahoo dot com

  62. I want the Parkway SG because we are almost ready fro a booster and I think Britax is best!
    cposen at gmail

  63. I would also like to have the compact fold stroller. My daughter is having her first child and needs everything !

  64. I would like 2 Diplomat car seats as I have twins who will soon be outgrowing there infant seats!

  65. I would also love the Britax Blink stroller because it would be a lot easier to store and take places than the larger stroller we have now.

  66. I have the roundabout 50 in the Cow print! I love it! I feel in love with it before I got pregnant. When I first found out I was going to have a baby, i started saving because money cant compare to the safety standards given by britax. My son looks like a cowboy in his Moo Moo print carseat. He needs a upgrade soon since he’s hitting the max weight capacity! πŸ™‚

    1. Oops – I forgot the “why” portion. We are going to Disney World in May and this would be so awesome to have. It looks like the perfect traveling stroller.

  67. I would like a Blink stroller because I need a light weight stroller option. Our Chaperone is too heavy.

  68. I also like the Chaperone stroller because it has a large canopy which would be really useful as i go out walking quite alot and i like that it has a visor that blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from child’s sensitive skin
    great product

  69. I would also like to have the Parkway SG because it would be great for one of my older two children.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    crystal_reagan at hotmail dot com

  70. I follow on Google Friend Connect.

    crystal_reagan at hotmail dot com

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  74. In my previous post, I forgot to add the why – Because we need a good compact fold stroller since the Wal-mart cheapie stroller we have is on it’s last wings. And I definitely trust the Britax brand!

    I follow you on google friend connect.

  75. I also like their BLINK stroller. It looks nice and light weight, and easy to maneuver. It’s always so frustrating when you can hardly turn a heavy stroller. Thanks.

  76. I would love to have the Regent. We have had THREE new babies born, and I have my 4 year old great nephew 4-6 days a week.
    Meaning ….. Have car seat, can and will travel!

  77. I’d love the Blink stroller . . .love the look of it, and love the name!

  78. Britax Chaperone, lots of room to carry extra accessories when out at the park and the ability to fold it with just one hand when you have your hands full.

    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  79. I would like to have the Britax Blink stroller, as it is lightweight and looks like it would be great for vacations.

  80. I would really enjoy the Frontier booster for my 3 year old. He needs a more secure carseat as his is wearing down. I love that it has the harness feature. So much safer than using the seatbelt.

  81. I would LOVE the Chaperon infant car seat because of ALL the awesome safety features! Until recently I had not heard about features like the side impact protection and the anti-rebound bar. WOWSA!

  82. I would love to have any of the seats CS Seats because my husband is always a little scared to tighten our daughter in. A Click and Safe seat would allow him get her in the seat worry-free

  83. I’d love to have the Britax Blink Stroller because it looks like it would be a great traveling stroller (our current stroller is so bulky it’s a chore to take out of the trunk.

  84. I love our Britax cow-moo-flage car seat, but have been wanting to get/try out the Vigour, which is one of their retired strollers. It looks just like the Bugaboo, only more affordable and I think bigger!

    Great contest!

  85. I would like the Boulevard CS. I like the look of it and it fits up to 65 pounds. It has extra head padding, with the HUGS system. I also like that Britax uses energy absorbing foam liner. I sure wish i could afford 2 of these.

    member (dot) thao (at)

  86. I would like to have the PARKWAY SG Belt-Positioning-Booster seat for my granddaughter because of all the wonderful features and the fact that it has a 120-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort through the toddler years so it can be used for many years.

  87. I’m a My Organized Chaos Fan on Facebook

    username is cheryl hodgkins

  88. I would love the Chaperone buggy for my niece as she is expecting in June and in need of all the fixins’.

  89. Thank you Britax, this is a wondeerful giveaway. I would love to own the Chaperone Stroller one day. It’s 3 position recline is the reason I like it.

  90. I would love a strollerbecause it would be great to use when taking walks with my daughter outside this speing!

  91. I would love to have another Decathlon; we have a marathon and a Decathalon, and I’d like to keep my 4 year old in his Marathon and get the baby a new PINK Decathalon, which looks so comfy I’d like to have one for myself! πŸ™‚

  92. I would love to have the Frontier 85 for my oldest – True Side Impact technology, just like the Advocate, but for children 2 years and up and converts into a booster seat later!

  93. i would like the parkway sg that would be great for my oldest child shes at the inbetweeen stages of cars seat to booster seat i like the ones with the backs still gives that extra protection for my piece of mind.

  94. I would also like the Marathon seat because it would be perfect for our family car.

  95. i love the blink, it looks compact and light and easy to use
    cposen at gmail

  96. Britax Blink Stroller because it looks like it would fit easily into car and store away easily.

  97. I like the Chaperone Stroller, it is ergonmoic which makes it easy on my bad back.

  98. I love Britax but can’t ever seem to afford one! We need a convertible seat now.

    Ironically when I went did the Fit My Child thing on the site, it recommended this seat.

  99. I’d like the Blink stroller, it would be so easy & convenient to keep in the car for shopping trips & trips to the park. Easy to set up & take down

  100. I wouldn’t actually mind getting a Frontier 85 for my son who is 6. I like that Britax thinks of the bigger kids too:) Would definately make me feel better to know he is just as safe as the baby!

  101. I would like the Chaperone Full Sized Stroller because now that the warm weather is coming, I will be taking our granddaughter out for long walks when she stays here.

  102. I’d love the Marathon CS. I put my kiddo’s age, height and weight in and this came up as one of the options for best fit. And it looks like him.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  103. I would like to have the Blink stroller because it is smaller and lightweight.

  104. I would like the CHAPERONE stroller. My son and his girlfriend are expecting my first grandchild and they don’t have anything yet!

  105. i’d love to get the rain cover for the stroller because i love to take walks in the rain!

    autumn398 @

  106. I subscribe

    I don’t think I’ve entered yet… and I haven’t gotten any “duplicate comment detected” so I’m hoping I haven’t!
    If I have I’m SORRY for double entering

  107. I would like the Britax Frontier 85 Booster Seat so I could leave it installed in my car for when I pick up my grandkids. It looks a lot safer than the ones I borrow now.

  108. I would also like to have the Chaperone stroller because my current stroller is a hand-me-down!

  109. I’d love to try the Marathon carseat (if I didn’t win this one, of course!)

  110. I wouldn’t mind trying the canopy netting for the stroller from thier Accessories;I have 4 grandkids here and we take a lot of walks in the summer….and with 4 grandkids I would LOVE the carseat………thanks

  111. Ohhhhhhh, I’d love love love to win this for my second surrogate son who is due in June!!

    I like a lot of their other products, but if I had to choose (besides the above awesome seat!), I’d pick the Boulevard CS!


  112. I like the CHAPERONE because it has an Adjustable Height Handle. I am tall and need that.

  113. I would like to have their Chaperone stroller because of all the nice features like the cool canopy and it looks nice overall

  114. I really like their blink stroller because it folds down easily and to a small (well as small as strollers get) size and its lightweight!

  115. It would have to be the Blink Stroller. The fabric design is so cute and it’s compact. Two features that are great.

  116. I have a britax car seat right now and I LOVE it! I am a fan of the brand and more importantly, I trust it. I would love to win because I really need a second car seat! My next britax purchase will be the ‘Compact-Fold Stroller’ because I already have a full size stroller but I really need a light, quick one for those quick trips to the store.Thanks!

  117. I like the Compact-Fold Stroller because it’s lightweight and easy to travel with!

  118. I messed up the initial entry:

    I like the Combination Harness-2-Booster in Frontier because I would like to get a booster in a couple of years for my daughter. It looks like it could fit with my 2 other car seats in my small suv

  119. My fav is the Blink (even though they did recall it) Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  120. I’m a fan on facebook. Simone T. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  121. I would like the Chaperone stroller that is compatible with the car seat, not for me but for my brother and his wife who are expecting their first baby! What a gift that would be…

  122. I like the Chaperone stroller and how it’s compatible with the car seat.

  123. I also like the Companion Infant carseat. It’s the only infant seat I’ve seen with an anti-rebound bar.


  125. I visited their site (and thank you britax!!) .

    Another product I would like to have is the chaperone stroller. My brother is haveing a new baby and they could use it. I love that it has so much storage and a 3 position recline available on it.

  126. If I were having another baby now, I would definitely like the Chaperone infant carseat.

    1. forgot to add that I like the bar in the front that keeps the seat from rebounding in a crash.

  127. I would love to have a Frontier booster seat or a Diplomat car seat. I have three kids that are all in some form of a car seat. We love Britax and highly recommend them. With our third baby now seven months we are looking at investing in or winning (hint, hint) another one.

  128. I would also like to have the PARKWAY SG Belt-Positioning-Booster seat for my older son who has almost outgrown his car seat, this would suit him much more now.

  129. CHAPERONE Stroller because it compatible with the infant car seat
    twitter Missviper2

  130. I like the Blink Stroller. I actually in the market for a new stroller and this might be the one for me. I like that it’s lightweight and has a 55 lb weight limit.

  131. I have always been a fan of the marathon car seat but after looking over and comparing the 2 I could very well be convinced! I would love to give it a shot and see. I also like the safety features of the infant car seat on the website too!

    1. Not sure if I made it clear after I went back up and read the directions again, but it is the because the safety features on both the infant seat and the seat you tested that makes me want them!

  132. If i had to pick another Britax product, it would probably have to be the Chaperone stroller.

    1. forgot to add why before hitting the submit button (blame the late hour). I love my full size stroller, but it is just so bulky when folded and heavier than the Chaperone. Ours only fits in the trunk of my car one way (and not the way the manufacturer recommends)… we have to slide it in with the wheels up (when they should be down), and it’s wearing down the backing and canopy. I would love to have a full size stroller that is more convenient

  133. I would love to have their Compact-Fold Stroller because it folds up small for storage and can hold a newborn to larger toddler in size!

  134. Thanks Britax, for the awesome opportunity to win the Britax Advocate CS Carseat! You are an obvious leader in car seat innovation!
    As far as the baby transport options on your website, I love the Compact-Fold Blink Stroller. With it’s carry strap convenience, compactability, adjustable leg rest and large canopy, this is a must- have for my family.

  135. I love the Marathons, we have 2 of them. I really love the Britax seats and would love to upgrade!

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  137. I really like the chaperone car seat as well because of the side impact cushions for the childs head and the anti rebound bar. My daughter had torticollis because she was a preemie and didn’t have proper head support. I’m sure the side cushions in her car seat could have helped it and it’s more comfortable for the baby to lean on when sleeping. We have the wizard carseat that has great side impact and I love the wheels to adjust the straps but it will be 6 years old when my newborn will need it so I can really use the advocate cs.

  138. I love the Blink Compact Fold Stroller because the print is so cute and I can easily take it with me on the bus.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  139. I love the Britax marathon because it goes up to 65 lbs so my little guy can use it for a while! And I love the cow print πŸ™‚

  140. I’d also like the Blink stroller cause I’ve still yet to get a lightweight stroller.

  141. I would love the Britax Blink Stroller for quick trips in and out of stores and such, but I REALLY would love this Advocate car seat – what a treasure!

  142. Britax is known for quality, and I need a stroller. Thank you for the giveaway.

  143. The Boulevard also looks like a great seat. I like that the harness can be adjusted from the front – how easy is that!?!

  144. I’d like a Britax Blink stroller because I need a good compact alternative to our baby jogger, something small enough to keep in the car but sturdy enough to handle a good walk! Plus I love the blue color πŸ™‚

  145. The Blink stroller would be perfect for those times when a light (but well-constructed) stroller is needed.

  146. id say the chaperone stroller..looks easy to use when your hands are full!

  147. The Chaperone looks like a really great car seat. I absolutely love the head rest has support. My daughter could really use this Britax car seat!! She is about to out grow her infant car seat and I have been looking for awhile now.

  148. I want the Britax Chaperone full size stroller. We are trying for a baby this summer and I want a solid/safe stroller for his/her arrival.

  149. One other product I’d like to have from Britax is the Parkway SG Belt-Positioning-Booster seat because my older son will be needing another car seat after he outgrows his current Britax seat!

  150. I’d like the Blink compact stroller because we have a small trunk and this would fit better than the stroller we already have!

  151. The Frontier model would also be great to have.


  152. I’d love a Frontier, as we have a baby coming and we could move our daughter up to the Frontier.

  153. I also like the roundabout carseat because it’s a great convertible carseat. We had that one with my first two but it’s past expiration date now that this next child won’t get to use it and we’ve been looking for something to replace it.