My Chaos is Traveling Across Canada

If you are following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I am starting a new adventure! I am one of 10 Canadian Moms who are the official 2011 bloggers for Fisher-Price Canada, thanks to Mom Central Canada. This is pretty exciting for me, since the brand is one that I have used and admired for many years. I think it all started with my own Fisher-Price Little People Barn, actually. Our first meeting went so well, my girls are now friends with the Little People community as well. And, then there’s some swings, highchairs and a whole lotta toys {and more} in there too over the years. Yep, it’s a brand that parents knows well. So, you will most certainly be hearing about Fisher-Price more often on My Organized Chaos – I am very glad to have the opportunity to do this!

A drawing of a personThe first order of business?
Myself and My Chaos {aka, my kids} are traveling to Toronto tomorrow to get together with the other Fisher-Price Moms and their children. It’s a great way for us to be inducted into the panel, and to get acquainted with the whole team. Plus, there’s an official photo shoot planned for us – fun, right? I am so excited about this photo shoot.

But, before that happens, I need to pack a lot of gear and fly with my kids across Canada. Me. 3 kids. Across Canada. Alone. Let’s hope I come back and say it was a breeze and there was never a cause to be a tad freaked out. It’s an adventure, and I get to have this wonderful opportunity with my lovies – I’m way more excited than I am apprehensive. And the kids? Oh, they have been counting down ‘sleeps’ for a while. One more!

Make sure to follow the #playpanel hashtag on Twitter. You’ll meet some of the other Moms on the Fisher-Price Play Panel, but you can also keep track of where in Canada, is My Chaos. I’m ready for Toronto – but is Toronto ready for my kids?!! 🙂

May the {patient} Mommy force be with me!



  1. Hope you have a blast in Toronto! You’ll do fine with the kids on the plane. Just remember to have little toys etc to play with and something to release the pressure build up on their little ears. We let Joey have a sucker to suck on and the some water in a bottle that he’d have to suck on.


  2. Have an amazing time! It’s a beautiful sunny day in Toronto today, so your flight will be great 🙂

  3. You are a brave, brave woman! But I’m sure you and the kids will have a blast and you’re so lucky to get to connect with some other amazing blogger moms!

  4. Have fun! Wow big things going on for you this year that’s AMAZING! I can’t wait to read all about it, I also can’t wait to see your commercial.

  5. I know that you’ll have a blast! It’ll be a great opportunity for you (and the kids) to make some new friends, see new products, exchange stories and enjoy the sights. Have fun and take lots of pictures to share with us! 🙂

  6. I love Fisher Price but their quality has certainly deteriorated over the last, well, 30+ years. I was a little disappointed when I had to put together a garage for my son with tiny screws and pieces that did not ‘snap together’ very easily. My father bought it for my son and when I took it out of the box and spent over half an hour trying to get the ramp pieces to stay together I actually picked up the phone to ask my dad for $40,000+ for the start to an engineering degree so I could assemble the toy he sent. The toy didn’t even compare in quality to the ‘same’ garage my siblings and I had as children.

    I still love most of their products but things have certainly changed! What do we want – quality or quantity? There are so many more toys these days but the quality is just not there anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Fisher Price is at the top of the toy-maker heirarchy, but as a fairly new Mommy I was a little disappointed in my first experience with the newest generation of FP toys.

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