The Sweet Life

It’s not even midway into January and I’ve learned a lot already about the sweet life.

File this one under ‘Good to Know’ – I’m allergic to 2 pain medications given to me at the hospital. The reactions I endured since my {mocking} gallbladder removal taught me so. Surgery, coupled with the inability to venture too far, had me laying still for the bulk of most days.

Yet the good thing is; I got to lay back, reflect and passively take in the life around me.

Instead of buzzing about my day wildly {like I always do}, I instead spent hours at a time watching the girls interact and grow before my eyes. It’s sad that it took something as drastic as this to make me really soak in every piece of them.

All the same, 2012 so far has taught me to take pride in the little things. In that reflection, I tried to ‘capture’ of it all. So, being me {duh!, you know me by now}, you know I have hundreds upon hundreds of photos to share.

Little tidbits of my sweet life, MyChaos that surrounds me.

Though I have been in a daze and in tremendous amounts of pain for over a week, I can still call my life, ‘The Sweet Life’. Maybe this year is bringing me a new sense of awareness, a better attitude and a more relaxed way of looking at things. Hey, I’m allergic to the drugs, so you know it’s not them to thank for the more optimistic and ‘loving’ attitude!

Here’s a peek at a piece of my beauty and you’ll see ….
How could you not LOVE all over that?

A close up of text on a whiteboard



  1. Hey!! a more relaxed way to look at things is really good. Don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂 You wouldn’t have guessed that a gallbladder would have teach you all that. It is the gost of the gallbladder….

    1. Recall my previous post, the ultrasound pic of my gallbladder?
      Yep, it was definitely mocking me….

    1. Thanks Angela. With Christmas as now this, I may never get back to my usual ‘routine’, lol

  2. Sorry to hear recovery is taking longer then expected, but that sure is a sweet splice of life you captured in the images. What gorgeous happy little girls.

  3. Aw, so sorry and trust you will be fully recovered before long. Your little girls are so beautiful! Thank God for the little people in our lives who love us unconditionally.

  4. Hope you recover SUPER DUPER fast and looking at the pictures you captured I see you do have amazing, beautiful sweet life moments that you can at least focus on to help you heal faster! Hugs!

  5. Omg! The one with the dark hair (since they are nameless, sorry) is a clone of you for sure!!!! They are adorable!:) It’s the small thing in life that count, not what you own or money, when you become ill or are really sick you realize all that matters is love, family & friends, all the free things. The best person you can be is not how you look, what you have for possessions or money, it’s the person you are and how you treat other people by just listening to them and helping them out, I myself learned this the hard way:) I always helped out but didn’t listen:) Any way know one probably knows what I am babbiling about because to actually put it into words is hard for me! Oh well hope you get better soon!

    1. Doris, such words of wisdom, thank you for taking the time to write them. It is a hard lesson and it’s sad that you learn them under the toughest of circumstances.
      And, that is my little Sophia, you think she looks like me? Always nice to hear someone else’s perspective!!!

  6. Your girls are lovely. I have twin nieces that I adore…my brother’s girls. They were such a whirlwind when they were little but now that they are 9 it feels less so.

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