Symptoms of Cold or Flu – and What you can do to Combat them

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Recently I shared with our not-so-glamourous New Years Eve/my birthday, in which I spent the day days in bed with the flu. For myself 2015 started with a literal fresh start as January 1st was the first day I left the quarantine of my room. Out with the old and in the with new!

I wish that I could say that so far our year has been full of health, yet for my kids, this isn’t the case. For weeks now, they’ve passed the flu back and forth, back and forth. Short duration but a repeat offender. Enough already! 

In conversations with friends, I found out that many are just plain exhausted this time of year. Tired from the excitement of Christmas, feeling blah over winter and difficult to get back into the swing of routine after the holiday break. It’s exactly this time that we tend to be most prone to getting sick – when you’re feeling a little worn down.

To help start you off on the right foot this year and keep you going through the coldest months I wanted to highlight the symptoms of cold or flu – and what you can do to combat them.

–  Common signs of the flu and cold include the obvious cough, scratchy throat, congestion, runny nose, and even the subtle signs like fatigue, aches, pains and fever. It’s important to listen to your body and know when it’s telling you to slow down.

As soon as you start to feel something coming on, use an all-in-one pain, fever and nausea reliever, such as Gravol™ Multi-symptom™. With naturally-sourced ginger and willowbark, it will help fight off that nasty Canadian cold, without leaving you feeling drowsy. Me and the Gravol? Well, we’ve been BFFS lately, it’s been working well to ward of the queasiness. 


 – Even though it’s cold out, try to keep warm! Curl up into a nice cozy blanket with a hot cup of herbal tea, such as one made from chamomile. This can have a relaxing and calming effect as well as help with congestion and a sore throat. 

– Sleep is underrated – plain and simple, but it’s about more than a simple beauty regime. It’s one of the most important rituals that your body needs to restore energy. So when you’re starting to feel a little under the weather, sit back and relax – your body is telling you that it needs rest!


What are some of your ways of fighting the cold and flu?


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  1. This looks like a great product – I always wash my hands to try to keep the cold and flu at bat.

  2. I got the flu shot this year, but it’s only like 30% effective since the strain mutated. Luckily we’ve had our bought with it and hopefully no more sickness this winter!

  3. I’m definitely going to look for this when I go to the store. I always make sure we get our flu shots, but this year it seems like someone is always getting sick and we’re just passing it back to each other.

  4. Thanks for the useful tips! My son is in Junior Kindergarten and is currently on his 5th flu since school started. He’s shared it with either myself, hubby or both on several occasions, too! Any information for prevention is helpful!

  5. I take my vitamins, wash my hands and exercise to stay fit. When I get a cold I take extra vitamin C, drink tons of fluids (OJ, water, Tea) and get lots of rest!

  6. We have never tried Graval Multi System but will give it a thought next time. We have been lucky & not had the flu/cold enter our house. Unusual for us as someone always has a Xmas Cold (we call it). This was the first year I got a flu shot & the first year I didn’t have the flu for Xmas! Coincidence? My favor old time remedy it to lather the bottom of your feet in Vick Vabo Rub & wear socks. It definitely relaxes you if nothing else. Hope your house find some healthy peace 🙂

  7. I use disinfectant wipes as soon as anyone in the house gets a runny nose, or starts to feel ill! If they start to complain about a sore throat they head straight to the bathroom to gargle with warm salt water! I swear by this technique, do it a few times a day, and it will help. My boys just do it now when they get a sore throat…trained ’em well! lol

  8. I have been getting my flu shot for 7 years now and knock on wood I’ve been pretty good of not catching anything, but then I do not go out when it’s really cold and drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep, next time I’m out I’m going to check out the Gravol Multi-symptom!!

  9. I keep the Gravol Mutli-symptom on hand. I have used it a couple of times and love how they work so quickly. I am continuously washing my hands and I take vitamins daily.

  10. I’m going to buy some to be prepared. I usually get it really bad about once a year and the only thing I find that works is plenty of rest and lots of fluids.

  11. I got the flu shot as well as I take vitamins, drink plenty of water and make sure i am washing my hands

  12. I didn’t know Gravol made a product as this. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve trusted Gravol for years, and this looks like a great new Gravol product. Some of the ways I fight cold and flu season is starting with a flu shot, then the habit of frequent hand washing. Eating a balanced diet and getting daily exercise helps I believe to stay healthy. So far touch wood, the flu hasn’t knocked on households door.Great article, happy January!

  13. Looks like a great option for fighting flu. So important to take care of yourself at this time of the year and to wash hands often.

  14. I have always used Gravol when illness strikes, but I will be looking for Gravol Multi-symptom next time I am in need. Great tips.

  15. I usually get products in before we are sick so we are prepared. The Gravel Multi-Symptom sounds like a good idea.

  16. My ways of fighting the cold is preventing them by washing my hands a lot!
    I often fight my cold by drinking and making my own ginger green tea!

  17. I wash my hands constantly and use hand sanitizer when I can’t wash. I’m a bit paranoid about germs!

  18. I take vitamins, drink lots of liquids so I don’t get dehydrated and I get lots of rest. Thanks for the information about Gravol Multi-symptom.

  19. I am a vitamin junkie lol I have taken regular Gravol before but haven’t heard of their all in one Multi-Symptom. I’m going to have to pick some up. It’s always a good idea to be prepared, no one wants to go out shopping when they’re sick!

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