Dyson has Expanded the Cinetic Science Upwards

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Last year I helped in the unveiling of new Dyson release, and it became a home cleaning game changer. The product in the spotlight was the Dyson Cinetic DC78 – the first canister vacuum with the amazing Cinetic Science.

While Dyson vacuums are world-renowned for freeing people from the expense of purchasing filters and bags, their new Cinetic Science takes it a step further in that the filters never have to be washed or replaced, as it’s so efficient at dust separation.

As I explained in my previous posts that took an in-depth look at the Dyson Cinetic Science, the benefits of having a vacuum that is literally hassle-free and no-fuss – is something worthy of raving about. A vacuum that won’t lose suction, even after 10 years’ worth of dust? Definitely!

Thanks to release of Cinetc Science, not only will you appreciate not having to spend extra money, you’ll also benefit from time-saved as well.

Yet, the Dyson Cinetic DC78 is a canister vacuum and while there are so many benefits to this particular model, the fact is that some people {for whatever reason} do have a strong preference for an upright Dyson. 

This, I understand. In fact, this was one of the first questions I asked Dyson, “So … where’s the upright Cinetic option?‘. At the time, the canister was the only product that included Cinetic Science.

dyson ciinetic science dc78 canister

Well, for those people that love to have choices, the latest news from Dyson is for you!

Dyson has expanded the Cinetic Science upwards, to include their new science in the just-released Dyson Cinetic DC77 upright vacuum {Yay!}.

So now, those who like to push versus pull their vacuum – are able to experience the fantastic Cinetic Science first-hand.

dyson cinetic science dc77 upright

The DC77 has 35 Dyson Cinetic™ tips arranged tightly into the cyclone pack. Smaller cyclones are more efficient, separating more fine dust; however, when you make cyclones smaller, you increase the chance of them blocking. Dyson engineers have engineered every one of the cyclones with an oscillating tip to combat this risk. As a result, these tips are always moving, ensuring the dust is moved through the system and into the bin. They are so efficient that there is no need to wash or replace a filter.

We know about and want this Cinetic Science in our homes, since our time and money are important to us. Plus for most, the ‘I just don’t wanna upkeep‘ is a strong and mighty force … Hey, this is myself as well, you just can’t argue with that.

Dyson Cinetic vacuums are available for purchase in Canada, either online or in-store at Dyson retailers across the country.

Here are your current options when choosing a vacuum with Dyson Cinetic Science:

Dyson Cinetic Family


So, now that we as consumers know that we have choices on which member of the Dyson Cinetic family to bring home, the only question to ask yourself is: push or pull?




  1. I love Dyson vacuums and would definitely go with the push, I really need the Dyson Cinetic science to help clean up after my cat, she sheds something terrible!

  2. I want the push Dyson. I need the Dyson Cinetic it’ll help me maneuver those tight spaces where our dog’s tumble furball seem to collect and also help with my allergies so much (as our current vacuum is ancient and spreads dust everywhere)

  3. Definitely a “push” kind of girl – I love borrowing my sister’s Dyson. Always cleans up so much more than my current vacuum!

  4. i mush prefer a vacuum i need to push rather than pull..i need Dyson cinetic science because i want a vauume that will last and will never lose suction

  5. I’d love to win this for my Mother in law, and think the push Dyson would be better for her to maneuver around her house. She has pretty bad allergies, so I think a Dyson is just what she needs to control the dust and pet hair in her house.

  6. With a 3 year old and a 4 year old black lab I would love to have PULL {with the Dyson Cinetic DC78}. 3 full floors carpeted and hardwood! It would be a dream not to have to lose suction so often.

  7. I would love to PULL on the Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Aimal. Dyson products always seem to amaze! People I know have confirmed the suction is ALWAYS there!

  8. I LOVE to push!!! I could use these in my carpet filled house with 4 boys and 2 pets! Thanks!

  9. I love pull ! I love it because it doesn’t loose suction and it’s great for those with allergies like me

  10. I’m definitely a Pusher! Oh wait,..I think that came out wrong! I mean I like to Push a Dyson as opposed to Pull because I prefer uprights! Dyson are simply the BEST Vacuums out there and I didn’t think it was possible to improve on them, but with Cinetic Science, Dyson have really done it, again! Would love to test one out and thanks for the chance to own one!

  11. i would like the pull dyson. My other dyson is ready to retire. I have had him for almost ten years. Now we have more hard surfaces, and a new puppy. So it would be great to get the pet hair out of the corners! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I am more into the Push one! tThe Dyson Cinetic science to will help clean up all the fur I have in my house … I have 2 dogs and a bunny!

  13. I would choose the *push* model because it is easier on my back. I need a Dyson because it is by far the most superior vacuum out there with the best suction.

  14. I’m definitely a push-type vacuum girl. I’ve always had my eye on a Dyson, and when we moved from Europe, I recall Canada not having a service department yet in place. Seems like things have changed now and I’d love to try the latest technology! Also a fan of the beautiful design.

  15. I want to pull so the head fits better under my couch and beds! I need the cinetic because I have a dog, a cat, two kids and husband!!! Enough said.

  16. I prefer the PUSH variety. We are hoping to get our first furry friend soon and with that, I will be vacuuming more than ever. I love that these don’t have to be “maintained” as much as previous Dysons.

  17. Now that the firm acme is running more the dust is everywhere. This dyson is the answer

  18. Push it, push all the way till your done…I would love the push Dyson. I just love a stand up vacuum to get the job done right and I hate fighting with the hose when it get caught on something or just doesn’t want to go my way.

  19. Push – I am impressed with “They are so efficient that there is no need to wash or replace a filter.” My Animal Dyson is about 7 years old & have noticed the fine dust build up within the cyclones. Leave it up to Dyson to resolve this issue! I am so excited for this contest because I have a chance to upgrade my current version to the very Best!

  20. I think I would go with the pull dyson. I think the Dyson cinetic science would make vacuuming faster because I don’t have to run over the same spot over and over again to pick up my wife’s hair and all the food crumbs my kids leave behind.

  21. I never had a Dyson vacuum but would definitely go with the push, I really need the Dyson Cinetic science to help clean up after the kids

  22. A definite “PUSH”. I’ve been using the same old pull vacumm for about 10 years. If I won and was able to push a vacumm, I would vacumm to the song “Push It” by Salt and Pepper with an enormous smile on my face.

  23. I would rather PULL {with the Dyson Cinetic DC78}.
    After reading your review “Reasons to Choose the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Vacuum” I’ve decided it’s the one that I would choose. Plus it’s the only vacuum with Dyson Cinetic cyclone technology, which is pretty cool.

  24. I would love either, both are incredible and I so need a vacuum! I do have to choose, so PUSH it is! : )

  25. Push for me……I need a Dyson to clean up the path of crumbs and dirt my children leave in their wake

  26. I want the pull the one that is upright, I actually have the pull already and I fin it awkward to use.

  27. I have heard so many great things about Dyson and their technology. With 1 dog, 3 sons, 1 grandson, and a husband I need a tough, reliable vacuum! 😉 I would love to try the DC78, pulling may be easier to do the dreaded staircases! lol

  28. ld like to pull the Dyson Cinetic DC78 as you can get under furniture better it will move around easily and it is a Dyson which would be great to own as they are a great vacuum that we all wish we could own. It would be great for allergies and the suction will last and it will keep the cleaning easy and strong.

  29. I would love to push 🙂 I need one of these because one of my daughters has airborne allergies and the other has 10 food allergies I vacuum every day. I also have allergies ,but they are honestly not something I spend a minute of my day thinking about -bigger fish to fry! We have a Dyson now, but it is going on 10 years old, and are in dire need of a new one, we also use a air purifier to help tame the allergies!

  30. I would love a push Dyson vacuum. I find the upright is easier for me to store and go up and Dow the stairs. And my kids like to push the vacuum too!

  31. I like to Pull because the skinnier head can reach hard to reach places. It also expels cleaner air and reduces allergens which is perfect for my home with lots of little ones with allergies!

  32. I would choose the DC77, multi floor as iI have many floor vac needs. As it is Iuse a broom to sweep all floors incl carpets as iI am lacking on owning a vaccum. Love the ability to trap the allergens which I need and the broom isn’t very fun.

  33. I prefer to pull, boy could I use this vacuum, 2 sometimes up to 5 dogs depending on who’s visiting

  34. Push!! We have two of the hairiest cats in the world and a new grandbaby coming in a month who will be living with us; we need this.

  35. I would rather push my vacuum. I need the science of this vacuum because I want a vacuum that will have excellent suction and thoroughly clean my floors.

  36. I’d like to push the DC77 Animal around, BECAUSE we have 4 very active rescue cats that leave rolling furball tumbleweeds around the house that are VERY hard to catch with the broom! 😉 Not to mention the dust floating around the house from our constantly open windows. I’ve heard so much about the Dyson technology and must experience it for myself!

  37. I think id prefer push as it just seems more natural to me. and id love one as i do have carpet and alergies and the dyson just seems to be the machine for pet hair and such.

  38. I have an older model (6 years old) pull and I have to say after having used it I would not go back to a push model. I like how easy it it to do stairs and nooks and crannies. I would love to see how much the technology has changed since my vacuum.

  39. I prefer to pull as I need to get under couches and into small spaces. I would really appreciate this model as I have 2 dogs and a cat who shed like crazy so I need to vacuum daily!

  40. I would say the pull. I have always wanted one of those, it looks easier to handle and with 2 kids and a day care and a house full of carpet it would be amazing to win and put to great use.

  41. I need the Dyson pull because I have two cats that shed alot and dust bunnies gather under the bed.

  42. I want to push because uprights are easier to store and I need Dyson cinetic technology because I can’t seem to fin a vacuum that can stand up to my kids and pets without losing suction

  43. I’m going to say I’m a pull along type of girl, I’ve been pushing for so many years it’s time for a change, and I feel pulling would be easier on me as well!!

  44. I would opt for the pull if only because I’ve found the pulling towards oneself seems to pick up more than the pushing forward

  45. I would like to PULL my vacuum and I need Dyson Cinetic science because we have 2 cats and 2 dogs which equal a lot of hair, litter and dirt tracked around. And in the summer when we are at our trailer you can add sand, leaves etc to that mix!

  46. I would love a Dyson, it’s the best vacuum cleaner on the market. I’d rather push than pull, way easier to clean.

  47. I would love to win this. I hear Dyson’s are the best there are and I know my carpets could use some TLC 🙂

  48. I would like the pull vacuum, I think I would like this more. I would love to own a Dyson Cinetic because for one I need a new vacuum, the one I have is not working so good. I have two boys who love to make messes and a cat who sheds. We also have allergies and I think that this Dyson would help with that. Love all of the features!

  49. Push, I need to stand straight & push, tend to bend when pulling, which hurts my back

  50. I prefer the PULL (Dyson Cinetic DC78) because the wand part will go nicely under low furniture and beds. I currently have an upright and would like to go back to pull.

    I need Dyson Cinetic science too keep life simple no filters to clean ever, clean air, and nothing gets stuck. What more can one ask for.

  51. I would like the push Dyson. I would like the Dyson cinetic science to not have to wash or replace the filters.

  52. Hands down I would choose the DC78 Turbinehead model. It’s a win, win due to maintenance free filters, easy navigation and I simply love the retracting cord feature.

  53. I would love a push vacuum. I need Dyson Cinetic science for the great suction and the no filter maintenance.

  54. I vote pull. I have two cats and like that the vacuum would easily get under and around furniture

  55. I would love to win the Dyson pull so I could do the stairs easier and because Dyson is the best ever!!!

  56. I want to “push” for sure. I really need a Dyson, as my vacuum just doesn’t make the cut.

  57. I would prefer to Push. I need a Dyson Cinetic science because I have 2 dogs and I seem to always be vacuuming. I need a really good vacuum.

  58. I’d like to win the DC77
    They need the Dyson Cinetic to combat plugging. As a result, these tips are always moving, ensuring the dust is moved through the system and into the bin. They are so efficient that there is no need to wash or replace a filter.

  59. Push dyson would be easier for me to maneuver i would love this with three jack russell terriers!

  60. I would prefer the pull because I find them much easier to use. The uprights I find heavier and bulkier than the other models. Although I’ve never owned a Dyson I’ve always dreamed of someday owning one.

  61. I’d definitely go with pushing.. .I need Dyson science because with two grown ups, two toddlers, a dog, and two cats, my house is constantly a mess!

  62. I want to push my Dyson. I love this cinetic science that makes chores so much easier with not having to clean filters and the suction is sweet!!

  63. I would love to win for my sis and BIL as they have two large dogs – the DC77 Animal (pushing) would be perfect for them as it doesn’t require filters that need changing (with pet hair its speedy!) and I think the pushing style is more their style as it’s easier to control

  64. Id like the push, ah push it real good.. LOL We have a cat and she sheds quite a bit, as well as family members with asthma and allergies

  65. i would love the upright Dyson that you push so i can see where it’s going ahead of me! my mother and I both have alllergies and wall to wall carpeting so it would be great for us both!

  66. I would want to “PULL” the DC78. I need this Dyson as I have only read great views on Dyson vacuums and I love the idea of no bags or filters to change.

  67. I don’t mind a push Dyson, just easier…what a great contest…love to win @SWEET

  68. Id rather push the vacuum cleaner… but there is a long shag rug in my kids room and I think the pull would be much better for that!! hard choice lol. I would have to go with pull I think!!!

  69. I prefer the pull option! I need Dyson Cinetic science because the filters never have to be washed or replaced. That is a great benefit.

  70. I would prefer to PUSH I dont know why it just seems the right thing to do when vacuuming lol I have teenagers tromping in and out constantly and they seem to leave a trail of crumbs, dirt and who knows what else behind them lol My family also has real allergy problems and I and my son both have asthma so a good vacuum is especailly important

  71. I like the “push” model of a canister vacuum because I think it would be more easy to manoeuvre. Also, I like that it has a no-fuss filter system.


  72. This is really a tough decision although either would be amazing. I think I a more a pull girl. The Dyson Cinetic science would make short work of the dust and dirt that the animals and maybe a few of us humans seem to track thru the house 😉 Fantastic giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  73. I’d like to “Push” – I’d love a Dyson for “upstairs” – if I didn’t have to drag a vacuum up and down my stairs, I’d be tempted to use it more often!

  74. i would like the pull. I think it would be easier to use on stairs and would be easier to use because I have scoliosis.

  75. I would love a vacuum I can push. I need something that can pick up fine dust particles since my husband has allergies to dust. My present vacuum is doing a very poor job. He could get a lot of relief if our vacuum was better.

  76. I would choose to “push” simply because I like the upright design and find it easy to use. I need the Cinetic technology because I clean houses part time and could use a new vaccuum.

  77. Definitely pull for me. I like that they have no dirty filters to wash or replace, and look like they would be the most useful for me with my 5 kids and 2 fat kitty cats 🙂

  78. I think the ”push” motion would be easier on an older person, as my mom really needs a vacuum. Never used a Dyson but would absolutely love to try it out and find out what the hype is about.

  79. It’s hard to break with tradition. Generations have pushed not pulled their vacuums. The Dyson D77 Cinetic Upright would be a great addition to our family of pets. The dog and cats need a big brother to keep their hair in check.

  80. Definitely push on hardwood floors, won’t drag things around. Looking for a great vacuum that doesn’t lose suction and can control all the pet hair.

  81. I would like to push my Dyson Cinetic Vacuum. I would love to efficiently clean up after my cat, and know that my rugs and floors are truly clean!

  82. I would prefer to pull as I find it easier to get around and into smaller areas. I have 4 cats, a dog, and 2 messy boys. I could use the cinetic science.

  83. I would go for a Dyson Cinetic Science, with 3 cats an lots of hair, This would be great for cleaning, and getting the dust bunnies under the furniture.

  84. I LOVE pushing 🙂 I would love this for our house. LOTS OF PEts and small kids..hahah

  85. I’d love to pull. We have allergies, and the canister vacs just seem better for that. I’ve had an upright for years, and I’m ready to switch back.

  86. We have two large very furry dogs, three cats and two chinchillas… I vacuum every day! I need this soo bad…haven’t been able to afford one although I keep putting money aside to buy one..things pop up..like vet bills, more vet bills and vehicle bills. I will own a Dyson one day. I pick “push.”

  87. I would love the Dyson Cinetic pull vacuum! Small space! Definitely could clean under my couch & desk with ease! (I’ve never owned a vacuum before)

  88. I’d rather push than pull, love to own this machine, with a couple boys and two cats and dog this would be very helpful machine

  89. PULL I prefer this style of vacuum, I find they allow you to get in spots the uprights don’t.

  90. Push – and I have a toddler and another one on the way, so we’d love a new vacuum to counteract the mess!

  91. I’d really like to push a Dyson around my house. I need Dyson Cinetic science to help me keep up with cleaning up after my messy family and 3 shedding cats.

  92. I prefer to push. I need Dyson Cinetic science to help me keep my place clean. I like the no-fuss filter system.

  93. I want to push with the DC77. I need the Dyson Cinetic science to keep up with the mess from my 2 cats, big dog and 5 year old son.

  94. I would Love a PULL {with the Dyson Cinetic DC78} because I have year round allergies, and I have pets because I love them, and I love their company. Amazing products Dyson makes! Thanks so much for the chance!

  95. Push. I would give this to my parents if I won. And push would be easier. And not having to wash or replace the filter is a must feature to have. If I can’t do it for them I try and find products that will make the chores around the house as easy as possible.

  96. I am more of a push person! I have a bunny in here and boy there is lots of bunny stuff all around, I need that vacuum power.

  97. I prefer Push. The Dyson Cinetic will surely help me clean up any mess in a fast efficient way!

  98. I prefer to Pull and I need Dyson Cinetic science as I am looking for a vacuum that will never lose suction and has a long life as well as no filter to clean.


  100. I love the Dyson Push! We need a new vacuum because ours recently died on us. I’m actually surprised it lasted as long as it did. We have a cat who sheds EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME

  101. I would love to try the PUSH DC37 Dyson. I love that it is very manoeuvrable so that we can get the very tricky places!

  102. Push please – I’d LOVE the Dyson Cinetic DC77. I’ve had a “pull” for my whole adult life and boy is it time for a change! I think we’ve gone through 3 vacuums (losing suction) in the past 10 years. It would be AMAZING to see what it’s like to have a vacuum FOR 10 years!

  103. Pull! I need Dyson Cinetic science because the filters never need replacing or washing and the vacuum never loses power or suction. That’s good for us pet owners.

  104. I would prefer pull, I think it would be easier to use on the stairs. We need a Dyson because we have six, yes six cats! lol
    Two xmases ago we took in a stray who was pregnant. Of course everyone wanted a kitten when they were tiny but as soon as they were ready to leave their mama everyone had changed their minds. We were too terrified to send them to the humane society so we kept them all…except for the one my mom adopted. Bless her sweet soul, she already had a cat & a giant golden retriever but she wanted to help us out! So we got them & mama fixed & they stayed with us!

  105. I like to push it, push it real good. My apartment is cramped and the ball technology would help me maneuver around the furniture easier.

  106. Love the dc77 ive never owner a Dyson these ive heard and seen incredible things about!!!

  107. I would rather push than pull. I need Dyson Cinetic Science but I need a hassle-free vacuum. I always forget about cleaning the filter in our current vacuum which results in it losing suction and not doing a good job. Never having to worry about a filter would make my life easier ….. and house cleaner!

  108. I would go for the Dc77 Multifloor. Although I’m on the fence. I think I prefer to push the vacuum.

  109. Every other day I do the vacuum aerobic work out with my barely functioning old vacuum. My amazing dog sheds and sheds and then sheds some more! I would love to win and PULL the Dyson Cinetic DC78. What a great blessing this would be to own and also save my back!

  110. I want to push! I love the hygienic opening, with kids & cats that would make my life easy!

  111. I would rather pull! Much easier to get the smaller vacuum head into tight spaces and under furniture! Cinetic science is great because it eliminates he need to clean filters, anything that saves time is good.

  112. I want the push Dyson. I need the Dyson to clean up all the dog hair from my large dog who sheds like crazy.

  113. I would want to push. The fact that cinematic science picks up the smaller dust particles will be incredible as my wife and I both have dust allergies.

  114. I’d like to try the push vacuum. I need this because if means I don’t have to wash filters again. And my carpets would love to be cleaned by a Dyson.

  115. I would love the push vacuum, I need this because simply put, my current vacuum sucks, and not in the good way! II really want to finally have an amazing vacuum that I will have confidence in to do the job right the first time!

  116. I prefer to pull…it’s easier for me maneuver around the house and living in a townhouse we have tons of stairs, it’s easier on my arms since I can lift with the left and vacuum with the right…having decreased circulation in my right arm due to a blood clot, I have limited use of it. Having a Dyson would mean never to worry about buying extra filters. And making sure all the cat hair is all sucked up. Thanks for the opportunity.

  117. Love love love the pull. No filter to change or wash! A product that has been proven. I so wish I’m the lucky one!!

  118. I would want the push Dyson. I really need the Dyson Cinetic to help keep all the dust and allergens in check. My son has asthma so I’m constantly cleaning to keep dust and other allergens to a minimum. A Dyson vacuum would make that task so much easier!

  119. I’ve only ever had vacuums where I pull them (ie. Central vac or canister) but I think I would really enjoy pushing! Thank you for having this contest! Very excited about Dysons newest addition!

  120. i would push that bad boy around with ease. I need the Dyson cinetic science to help rid me of cat hair without losing suction.

  121. I would love a pull one. I need the Cinetic because I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats and could use a great vacuum.

  122. I would love to pull as I already have a push but I would donate this one… I need Dyson cintetic technology because they have no filters that need to be changed 🙂

  123. I would love a push! The multi floor. I have 2 busy little boys, lots of crumbs and no time to worry about cleaning a filter!

  124. I prefer the push. Although I love both designs, it comes down to space for me. I think that the upright would maneuver easier around my small apartment

  125. I think I would love the ease of the Dyson Cinetic DC78 canister vacuum . I have no major attachment to uprights and I think this tecnhology would suit our family so well. Maybe I would actually like vacuuming lol

  126. I’d like a push 🙂 I have pets and an unlimited supply of hairballs..lol .. I love that the Dyson will never lose suction

  127. I’m thinking the Pull would be best for our multi type floors & stairs! I would love to win the Dyson Cinetic DC77 Multi-Floor vacuum. Thanks for the chance!

  128. If love to try the pull. It would be something to entertain my girls. And maybe get them to start vacuuming too. It looks easier the maneuver

  129. I love to pull , but pushing it is just fine to ! 😀 I would love a good vacuum ! Kids and dog always making messes !

  130. I want to push because that is what I am use too and it is easy to pack away. I need Dyson Cinetic science because my current and previous vacuums lose suction and I have lots of carpet in my house.

  131. i have three kids and 2 dogs , so this vaccum would go a long way for me in this house , i would chose to push ,and the silence would come in good handy while the baby is sleeping !

  132. The Dyson Cinetic DC78! This girl wants to pull.
    I read your article on the DC78 and was sold on this model when you highlighted that that your six year olds could use it easily – I also have 6 year old twins and would love to harness their energy to clean the house! This is the decision maker for me! The filter sounds amazing and if it can take the pet hair, play ground dirt and prairie dust I will be delighted.

  133. I would like the push because we have two dogs and a toddler and a new baby on the way so this would help out so much!

  134. This one is easy! Either/or! Just the opportunity to HAVE a Dyson would be awesome, and I’m willing to use it however it has to be used! Not partial to either method, just partial to Dyson’s! 😉 Fingers crossed! Having allergies, children with allergies, and a pet (not to mention a house that gets dusty really fast) a Dyson would help take care of all of my issues! Please, please, please……lol

  135. I want to PUSH. My husband is a carpenter for his job and no matter what he does, he is always dusty. His hobby is wood turning and that turns him into a weekend dust bunny. The Dyson Cinetic sounds like it would be perfect for cleaning up after him easily and with not ongoing costs.

  136. would like to push I need this as my old canister vacuum doesn’t work that well and I see things not getting sucked up

  137. I love the pull it looks lighter and easier to do the stairs with. The quality of Dyson makes me drool for one 🙂 Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  138. I would definitely go with the push…I have never owned a Dyson and would love to! The vacuum I have now is so old, at least 15 years old or more.

  139. Oh how I WISH this was also for the U.S.!!!
    Thanks for the giveaways, even though I can’t enter this one. You still made me WANT one!

  140. I prefer to PUSH rather than pull, the ability to have superior suction and being able to get into those awkward spaces works for me

  141. I want to “pull” and I need a Dyson because my kids leave messes everywhere and my central vac died.

  142. I would love the PUSH vacuum so I could push and suck all the dirt up off the rug and floor,,cat hairs bye byeee!

  143. OMG so funny that you have this giveaway up right now because I was actually researching vacuums! I need a new one! I prefer a vacuumO have to push rather than pull. I need Dyson cinetic science because I want a vauume that will last and will not lose suction. I live in an old farm house. Always lots of vacuuming to do!

  144. Pull! Need this model cause I have a lot of smaller areas that can’t be reached with the other model!

  145. I would like to PULL mine around. I would love the DC 78. Why? Because my floors would love it. 🙂

  146. I would like one that I can pull , the power is just amazing I would like to try and see if it would get all the pet hair off my floors

  147. I prefer the ‘Pull’ and this would be amazingly helpful in getting rid of all the dust that piles up (from who knows where…) and managing allergies. Plus, never having to change or clean a filter is such a bonus as it saves on the time, expense and general hassle of dealing with dirty filters.

    1. Ack! I meant “Push”! The pull is nice, but I much prefer the upright push! sorry 🙂

  148. I am a puller for sure. This would be a huge improvement on what I use now as it can get into tight spaces and has a lot better dust control.

  149. I’d go for the “pull” Dyson…It would be great for corners where the cat sleeps!

  150. I am a puller! I think it would be easier for me to use since it would get in all the nooks and crannies and be lighter for me to use than the canister version. I have two cats with hair everywhere and it would be very easy to use on the furniture too!

  151. I would definitely prefer a vacuum I can push, pulling I think would cause more options for back pain/problems

  152. I prefer “push” since I always think that push is easier. I need it because it has no filters to wash and has a self-adjusting cleaner head

  153. I need to PUSH the AMAZING Dyson Cinetic science around my house and get it cleaned once and for all! I have followed all your Dyson Reviews and this one has to be the best. Maybe Dyson invented it just for you, after all, it was you that asked the question “Where’s the Upright?” and bam… here it is! As always, many thanks for an amazing giveaway! You’re going to make one family very happy 🙂

  154. I would prefer the “push” design as well. We just had renovations in our basement and the amount of dust in our house is crazy. We have vacuumed so many times but it seems like there is still more. I am sure the Dyson Cinetic Turbinehead vacuum would do a much better job of getting the smaller particles of dust out of my carpets and out of the house!

  155. I would definitely choose PUSH. I NEED a Dyson because of my dogs. Never lose suction …AWESOME. 2 thumbs UP.

  156. I would be more inclined to ..push..I find it easier to manuever . The pull always seems to get caught up on something as I maneuver through the rooms!

  157. I prefer pushing! I would seriously be able to use this technology because I have two cats, a son, and a husband….enough said! LOL! No, really, life is dirty and this would help tremendously clean up what is left behind!

  158. I’d choose Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead, so, pull, I guess. I’ve only tried upright vacuum in Canada for the first time and still can’t get used to it. Any Dyson sounds too good to be true to me, so I would love to win it to finally see if there is anything that is as good as it sounds.

  159. I would prefer the ‘push’ Dyson (Cinetic DC77). I need Dyson Cinetic science because it would help me elimate the dust that contributes to my allergies and it would help me keep up with cleaning up my cat’s fur around the house 🙂

  160. I have a very cheap and inexpensive pull upright…I would love to pull. an upright that actually will pick up the hair from the cat…another great Dyson review, Tammi!

  161. I want the push. I have tried the pull and it’s amazing (“glides” nicely) but is a bit heavier. Plus my place is small and I’m a klutz so it’s hard for me to manage two pieces (eg. not hit walls). And, I have whiplash so like I said, push is/ seems lighter.

  162. I’d love to PUSH with the Dyson Cinetic DC77! My time and money are VERY important to me, besides with two mess making, shedding furbabies, I NEED this! My floors & carpets would definitely thank me.

  163. I need the new Dyson Cinetic science to help with allergies! I’d love to push my way to a healthier me!

  164. I would LOVE to have a PULL vacuum again… Since I am getting older, the taller one doesn’t work so well for me…. 🙂

  165. I need the pull dyson science because we have two cats and a 4 year old who loves art and using glitter!

  166. The Pull vacuum would work better for me. I could really use a new vacuum, and the best one on the planet is definitely the DYSON!

  167. It depends on what kind of cleaning mood I’m in, if I’m cleaning just because it needs to be done and I’m feeling lazy I like a push one. But when I’m really into it or Spring/Fall Cleaning then I want a pull one so I can under things or detach beater bar and vacuum the ceiling and corners. Since I am a bit of clean freak I am choosing a pull one. I love that there are no filters or bags to change.

  168. I think I’d like to push my vacuum. I really need a Dyson because we have 6 cats and so much cat hair!

  169. “PULL” would be great for us with our wood floors.
    Thanks for the chance My Organized Chaos!

  170. I would love the ‘Pull’ model as the arthritis in my hands and wrists makes it extremely tough to repetively do the same back andmforth motion with an upright. :). I am disabled and can’t vacuum as much as needed as I have two big fur-babies who seem to shed 12 months of the year!

  171. I’d like push Dyson. It would be great for all the fur in my house with our many adorable rescues. This is their forever home.

  172. *resubmitting this since my comment doesn’t seem to be showing up from yesterday* I would love to pull with the Dyson Cinetic DC78 because it’s everything I wished my current vacuum was but isn’t: light on its feet, easy to pull around, compact, great in the suction and cleaning department, and convenient to store. And with that Dyson Cinetic science, not having to clean filters makes having a bagless vacuum even more convenient (no additional bags AND filters). Makes me love and want it even more because those are two more things my current vacuum has issues with!

  173. I’m for push! And I need the Cinetic technology for all those tiny little goldfish crumbs. It’s like orange dust…way deep down in the carpet.

  174. I think I would “push”. I so need a new vacuum. Especially with asthma in my house!

  175. Push!! I need a Dyson badly! I have 2 cats and constantly vacumning their cat hair! It’s everywhere!!

  176. Pull …….. I also believe a Dyson is just what my wife needs to control the dust and pet hair in our house. I would, but with torn tendons in both arms I can not do much for extended times or weight.

  177. i prefer to push. The DC77 would suit me best as I clean up after my pup. His short white hair gets everywhere & the extra tools help me vacuum up his hair from the inside of his coats.

  178. I would like a pull Dyson. I need the Dyson Cinetic science because having a vacuum that doesn’t require regular maintenance is the vacuum for me!

  179. I would rather Push! I’ve tried similar Dyson Vacuums and I really liked them.

    I need a vacuum for my new home!

  180. I would love the ‘push’ Dyson because for me it’s just a space issue. It seems like the ‘pull’ Dyson would take up more space in my tiny house. But I may also be wrong! This would be such a blessing to win!

  181. I love the pull as we have a central vac which is super awkward to pull out for every little spill.

  182. I like the push model. I need dyson cinetic to pick up all the fur my dog sheds especially when he’s losing his winter fur

  183. I would go with the push because I prefer to see the dirt disappear and watch the clean carpet revealed as I move forward

  184. I LOVE my Dyson Cinetic DC78, it’s amazing. I would love to win the push version for my mom, she needs this as she vacuums daily with her dog and not having to change filters or bags all the time would be too darn convenient for her.

  185. I prefer a Push vacuum and really really want a Dyson Cinetic! My ancient substandard vacuum is the worst!

  186. I would choose the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead . I have back problems and pushing a bigger vacuum would add more stress on my back. Having to only push the the scope and cleaner head, instead of the entire vacuum would do wonders. I would actually enjoy vacuuming a little bit more because I won’t be in so much pain afterwards

  187. I would love to win this, I would choose PUSH! as I just love uprights! plus its for pets and we have 3 cats to tidy up after!

  188. I prefer a pull one!!! I have been dreaming of a Dyson for a few years now. With 3 little kiddie who like to eat on the fly I usually have a trail of crumbs around the house!!

  189. I would like to “Pull”. I love the science behind Dyson, and would love to win this.

  190. I would have to say push, maybe thats just me but would almost think that would be easy

  191. I would much rather PUSH – maybe because that’s what I’m used to? Both options looks fabulous though! Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. I’d much rather push than pull so the up right vacuum is the one for me!! I’m happy that they’ve expanded the line! I need this technology because almost our entire apartment is carpeted and there’s a lot of stuff our current vacuum just doesn’t pick up.

  193. I prefer push.The DC78 Turbinehead Animal looks like its my favorite because I like the way it cleans the most and a big plus it captures allergines.

  194. I prefer to push, and would love a dyson because I live on a main street and theres dirt etc blown into our home regularly, I would love to try this vacuum to see how much cleaner I can get the house!

  195. I want push because allergies are an issue in our home and Dyson cinetic will help alot

  196. I am a PULL kind of person – with the DC78 Turbinehead, I can do stairs & shelving & other non-floor surfaces. Dyson’s engineering is AMAZING!

  197. I prefer to push a vacuum rather than pull one. But to be honest, I would be happy with either as long as it is a Dyson. I’m hoping to win because I have a dog #nuffsaid

  198. The pull one and they need the Dyson Cinetic Science to help clean up after my kitties.

  199. Pull it. Pull it real good. Wait, is that how the Salt-n-Pepa song goes? Yeah, must be. Anyway, that Dyson Science looks like magic, so reason enough, right?

  200. I like the push one so I can attack all that dust and pet hair – and no bag to fill up and throw away!

  201. I’d rather push and I really need a powerful dyson to get my house cleaned up!

  202. My mother’s birthday is coming up and I would love to be able to give her a Dyson! She has wanted one for awhile now! What better way is there than winning one! She would love the push kind. I made up a little poem about Dysons!

    D is for Dazzling
    Y is for Youthful
    S is for Sacred
    O is for Outstanding
    N is for Nice

  203. I would like the push cine tic action Dyson to get the hard to reach cat hair that’s all over my house.r

  204. I’m stuck on a PULL – have had both types of vacuums and definitely prefer the canister (Pull) type. The one I have now is an upright and I usually end up feeling like I’m fighting it more than half the time. I don’t think any actually loves vacuuming, but when it feels like a battle it certainly becomes a chore.

  205. I think push is more our speed, honestly would love something to help out with the allergies around here

  206. I’d say push for me…seems intuitive. I need the science to make that carpet we got with the house to last as long as possible.

  207. I’d love to win this as I have a small dog and I have heard they make fantastic vacuums, I’m interested in learning more and perhaps even trying out Dyson,s cinetic science, on the dog hair I never seem to be able to keep up with> Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  208. Pull. I’m a single mom of 4 boys with a dog and a hedgehog to clean up after. Tiny spaces need the 78!

  209. I had rather push. We need them to keep making great products. I have asthma and it helps to get the dirt all up at once.

  210. I am either! I have 2 dogs and I can not begin to tell you about the fur balls everywhere!!! I need a vacuum that can stand up to my little furry monsters and all their hair!! I go through 2 or 3 vacuums a year!!

  211. I like the push rather than the pull I think. but only because I have never had a pull vacuum. Having a Dyson would be a dream come true as they are pretty much out of my money range right now and having a hassle free vacuum with no filter replacements is a huge plus in my books. One day I will own a Dyson 🙂

  212. i prefer the pull dyson, and the cinetic science is necessary to make the vacuum very low maintenance but reliably effective. the dust keeps moving so that it doesnt get stuck.

  213. I would love to push! I’d love a Dyson to clean up after my two little dirt trackers. I am amazed everyday how 2 little boys can make such a huge mess on the floor!

  214. I am a pusher. I need this Dyson so I can get into those tight corners with the swivel head.

  215. It has to be pull with the Dyson Cinetic DC78……I have to say that with a Dyson, either push or pull works incredibly! 🙂

  216. I want to PULL! I need Dyson Cinetic science because I have dust allergies so a Dyson will make it fast & easy for me to keep my house free of dust.

  217. I would have to say pull..I even pull shopping carts when I shop..I can only dream of winning a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.
    Good Luck 🙂

  218. I would like the push option since it would be much easier for stairs and lifting.
    I need a Dyson desperately to keep up with all the dog fur!

  219. I prefer Push, feel i have more control and it drives me crazy dragging a vacuum around

  220. I need to push, with two cats in the house. One of these cats sheds a carpets worth of fur everyday.

  221. I prefer the pull, so that I can move furniture around with my left hand as I vacuum with the right. Thanks!

  222. I would love to have a Dyson vacuum and would go with the pull, I really need the Dyson Cinetic science to help clean up after my 3 cats and 2 boys.

  223. I would like the pull one as I don’t like walking over where I have just vacuumed. I need the Dyson Cinetic science because it is hassle-free and no-fuss.

  224. over the years we have owned many vacuums and really none have warranted a positive comment
    we presently need a new vacuum and we have been eyeing the Dyson everywhere we shop but
    cannot afford at this time BUT it is on our WISH list…someday hopefully

  225. I would like a push, I need it because of my four sons and the dog that leave a huge trail of mess constantly

  226. I’d love the push! I’m a tiny person with very little strength and having 2 girls & myself with long hair, 3 birds, a dog, we sure could use this!! ATM we use a broom to vacuum our floors.

  227. THe push Dyson would be the best for cleaning up after my cat. She get’s litter everywhere.

  228. I would choose the upright, for some reason my house is very dusty and the wood floors show this up so I believe this would be the best for me.

  229. I would prefer the push. My vacuum spits dirt at my feet. It is definitely time for a new kind of clean.

  230. i would go for the PUSH vacuum.
    That’s amazing that the filters don’t have to be washed! With the amount of vacuuming that I do, not having to wash the filters would be a blessing!

  231. I would pick “PUSH” and would be delighted to win. This Dyson would be so helpful with my allergies. Thank you Dyson and Tammi!

  232. I like the pushing better then pull and could use a new one because mine really needs replaced.

  233. I had a canister vacuum that worked for years and years until it finally gave up on me. I miss my ‘pull’ type vacuum and think the Dyson Cinetic DC78 would be perfect for me! My parents have a Dyson and it works great and is so much quieter than the one I have!

  234. Wow this is a hard choice considering how good Dyson vacuums are! But I think I will have to go with Push Dyson! I’ve never owned a vacuum like that one before but I think it would help reach every little nook and cranny of our cluttered apartment!

  235. push multifloor – our hardwood floor transitions to carpet and ceramic. Need a versatile vacuum that can fit tight spaces.

  236. I am a push. I need a Dyson Cinetic because it will help me get into those tight nooks where the cat hair seems to pile up

  237. I’m in the push camp! The Dyson Cinetic DC77 sounds like an awesome machine to keep my various floors dust free. Those dust bunnies better watch out!

  238. i would love the ‘pull’ i have alot of stairs and a canister vac is easier for me to relocate. i also have 3 cats and dyson techonology would be wonderful to control all the cat hair.

  239. I have a Dyson and Love it! I would dearly like to win another to give my to my daughter so she can love it too 🙂

  240. Sorry posted by mistake too soon. Push seems easier as stated before but I need it not only because of my disabilities but also because I have 3 cats.(Lots of fur)

  241. I have trouble pushing my present vacuum, so I would say the PUSH. With a house that has a lot of traffic, a good vacuum would be nice. The dust bunnies form very quickly around here.

  242. I would choose pull – I have three littles plus pets and a husband who is allergic to animals I would love a dyson (maybe then I could finally get a cat)

  243. I’d want the push dyson…I love upright vacuums 🙂 The Dyson Cinetic science would save so much time since I wouldn’t have to wash & clean the filters time I use it…which is A LOT with pet hair,cat litter, and allergies…lol

  244. I choose PULL – the DC 78 🙂 The fact that it has no filters that need cleaning is a huge bonus for me.

  245. As I am still using my mom’s vaccum, and bless her heart for the vaccum, which she paid way to much for! My mom passed away in 1995, so it would be the greatest pleasure to in this Dyson Push. In fact it would be a dream come true as far as housecleaning goes. And you know how much I love a “clean German house.” 🙂

  246. Definitely “pull” … better for small spaces in an apartment, and no bags to change!

  247. I would love to win the pull Dyson. I really appreciate the Dyson Cinetic science — love that you do not have to wash or replace the filter! I am allergic to dust — yes, I tested positive for this in my recent allergy testing — and always dread having to clean any type of filters!

  248. I’d prefer ‘pull’. This is easiler for me. Dyson Cinetic science does make sense. Never like those replacing filter vacuums. I had one years ago & have to throw it ou when I couldn’t find the filter anymore.

  249. I prefer to push with the Dyson Cinetic DC77. It is good for multi floor types which is what would work best for me.

  250. I definitely want to PUSH the Dyson. Our vaccuum cleaner smells like a rotting … well, something gross lol. Is that reason enough?! Also Dysons are fantastic and I would love to own one!

  251. The DC78 Turbinehead Animal would be my pick — I like the ‘pull’, I do a better job on my curtains and mattresses, etc. It’s easier to control that the ‘push’ and better for manoeuverability.

  252. I would like to push since I have trouble with the strength in my hands due to fibromyalgia. I could definitely use some Dyson Cinetic science because my hubby has allergies but we are in love with our cat who happens to have longer hair than what I had expected when we picked him out years ago. Therefore it is a constant battle to stay on top of the cat hair and dander that my precious kitty leaves for us all around the house! Thanks!

  253. I love to pull because it can get under more of the furniture and I love cyclone action to collect all the furballs and tumbleweeds from the pets

  254. I would like the push version. I need the to pick up the fine particles that hinder healthy breathing and living,

  255. Definitely PUSH. I find it easier to move around with it. Both my hubby and myself have large dust allergies, and it makes it hard to breath.. the fact that the Dyson Cinetic cyclone technology captures allergins and expels cleaner air is really appealing to us.

  256. I would love a Pull Dyson! Simply the best vacuum on the market you should be happy with either one! I own the animal stick and its the BEST!!!

  257. I prefer the PULL because it is easier to maneuver for a shorter person, and my shoulder doesn’t get as sore. And yay for not having to wash or replace filters. My allergies are so bad when I have to empty the vacuum … gloves, mask … I think I need a hazmat suit too.

  258. Definitely push! Once you’ve used a Dyson vacuum, you can never go back….so I totally NEED this lol

  259. I am a pull girl, easier for stairs. I need the dyson cinetic science as I have both hard wood and carpet in my house, with child who have allergies to dust and such. It would allow me to have great suction on both sufaces and not worry about it blowing back out into the room

  260. I’d vote for PUSH. The reason I need a Dyson, my central vacuum died and I’m stuck using an ancient, inefficient vacuum, I just know it’s not cleaning very well!

  261. I would love the pull because I find pushing a vacuum around awkward and like the mobility options with the pull.

  262. Hard to decide. To push or to pull. All my vacuums have been hand me down. All push. What I really want to get rid of is the use of bags. Push would be just gr8!

  263. I like to push 🙂 I need the Dyson Cinetic science because my hoover just isn’t working the same any more.

  264. I’ve never used a “pull” vacuum, so my answer is going to have to be push! I would love to win this because I have 3 kids under 3 and 2 cats. My kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor – Knowing the floor is as clean as possible would make me more comfortable. I recently just cleaned the filters on my existing vacuum. What a pain! I would have rather spent that time playing with my kids! 😉

  265. The Pull please it looks easier to get the dog hair that gets under the couch without me having to move the furniture.

  266. I need to pull to reach all the tiny nooks and crannies in my apartment. As a recent graduate turned entrepreneur I can’t afford to keep buying vacuum bags!

  267. I’d love to win this as my vacuum has just started to smell as if something is burning while using it. I’d rather push, than pull, but then again I’d be happy with either!

  268. Pull. I need Dyson Cinetic science because I live between a highway and railway tracks where it’s extremely dusty.

  269. I’d choose the pulling variety. I’ve used a cannister type vacuum for years in Germany and found they were easier for me to handle than the stand up kind (getting weak in my old age?). We all need the need Dyson Cinetic science which prevents filters from clogging, a marvellous invention. Of course this also means no replacement filters needed and sucks as well years down the road as it did on it’s first day on the floor 🙂

  270. I would love the addition and ease of a Dyson to our household! Cleaning up after 2 little boys with the “PUSH” style of the Dyson Cinetic DC77 sounds ideal!

  271. I think I would prefer to push the vacuum, although I would wish for someone else to push it for me, ha ha!

  272. I prefer to PULL {with the Dyson Cinetic DC78}, and I need Dyson Cinetic science because I love low maintenance!!

  273. If I were lucky enough to win I would select the PUSH model. Our busy home needs constant cleaning from kids, grand kids, friends and animals. I love the no filter feature.

  274. I think I would like to pull. but am not sure. the weight of the machine may be the deciding factor

  275. I vote push! Between allergies, dust and pet hair in our house, the Dyson Cinetic Science would be a dream. And, no filters is awesome. This momma would love a new Dyson. I would “Dy” for a Dyson!

  276. I would love the “push” Dyson vacuum because i have 3 cats and 2 dogs, i need Dyson cinetic science because i want a vacuum that will never lose suction and is great at removing all pet hair! 🙂

  277. I’d definitely prefer to push it! Seems more natural to me for some reason! I would love this vacuum to help control all of the pet hair in my house! 🙂 Plus losing the hassle of cleaning filters – that sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  278. This vacuum looks like a life saver!!! I would love the PULL!! I have 3 pets and fur gets everywhere!! This would help me getting into all corners!!! Thanks for the chance at such an awesome vacuum!!!

  279. I would definitely go with the PUSH. After our central vac gave up the ghost I think this is exactly what we need to clean up after the dogs 🙂

  280. My parents have an old Kirby vacuum they bought from a door-to-door salesman back in 1979. It is a push style vacuum but it is barely picking up dirt anymore, it has a bag system that ends up releases dust into the air constantly. Let’s just say it’s BEYOND awful (haha) & I would love to give them a new push vacuum for a gift! Dyson’s are the BEST.

  281. I purchased a Dyson when I got cats 7 years ago and have loved it! I think the push version better suits my needs but any Dyson would be better than other available options in my opinion.

  282. I would love to try out the pull Dyson DC78! We have had a Dyson since we’ve been married and it has been great! It is finally showing signs of dying though. 🙁 Dyson has also given great support (even out of warranty)!. Thanks Dyson! I would love to try out their new technology and especially love that you don’t even need to clean filters!

  283. Push or pull I will use anything that’s easy on my back & hands. Since I need to vote I will say PULL. Thank you!

  284. Definitely like to “PUSH” my vaccuum. I hate having to clean the filter so this would be fantastic. Hopefully would also alleviate the stress on my lower back that I find with my current upright.

  285. I’m all about the push! I would love a dyson to help with the dust and pet dander in the house.

  286. I prefer to PUSH {with the the Dyson Cinetic DC77} – though I usually do a little bit of both <3

  287. I’d pick to Push because we have multiple kinds of flooring and a fuzzy long haired cat to clean up after!

  288. I would love to push a Dyson all over my house and my moms house. Ill even go to friends houses.

  289. i am a puller all the way! My ancient Samsung is a puller and now it’s so old the bags are $5 each! So I definitely need an upgrade.

  290. pull for this home – definitely better at pulling than pushing and there’s more control. thanks

  291. Definitely pull! I need the Dyson Cinetic Science to save time and money – the filters never have to be washed or replaced, how awesome!!

  292. I think it takes less effort to push, so push it is! Hey, if you’re going to vacuum, you want it as practical as possible. And I love the that the filters never have to be washed or replaced as the one I have now requires constant cleaning (2 dogs), and when you go to clean it you can see the particles flying in the air, so it’s like what was the point?!?

  293. The Dyson Cinetic DC78 pull please! I have a multilevel house and a dog so the DC78 is needed to make stairs and small areas easy to access.

  294. i like to pull. with kids and living in the country I could definitely use the cinetic to help clean up all of the dirt and dust that gets tracked through the house.

  295. I would rather PUSH than pull and we need the Dyson Cinetic Science because it allows for the tips to always be moving, ensuring the dust is moved through the system and into the bin. This way, there is no need to wash or replace a filter. Hello! 🙂 thank you

  296. I would like to push my way to a clean house. I have tried other vacuums only to be disappointed with it’s promised performance within a short period of time. If I could afford to purchase a Dyson I would like to believe it is worth the price.

  297. I prefer pull because that’s what I know. Would love to win this as I need a new vacuum that’s efficient and won’t lose it’s sucking power. Thanks for the chance!

  298. I would push the Dyson vacuum. I would love to win this vacuum because it is less noisy and more powerful than my old vacuum.

  299. Its important because there is no need to wash or replace filter, which is amazing! I would use push!

  300. Pull!! I’m rebuilding my life and owning a vacuum would make things so much easier! No more borrowing from family and friends, and a Dyson is my biggest WANT!

  301. Push Im stronger that way love the Cinetic tech. I have animals to clean up after

  302. I love a vacuum that you push. I love Dyson cinetic science because, I need a vacuum cleaner that never looses suction and cleans up the messes my kids make.

  303. I like the pull technology as it seems best for smaller areas and my current vacuum is a serious workout! There is no better vacuum than a Dyson!!

  304. I need a PULL vacuum because it needs to follow wherever I go. 🙂 And, I definitely need Dyson Cinetic science because, although our mud room addition was completed a few months ago, I still find construction dust settling and need something that will actually pick it up! Plus, I love that the DC78 captures allergens and actually expels cleaner air… all without having to clean filters. (Hallelujah! 😉

  305. I would like the pull option as I have never had one. I like to clean vertically and I think the pull version would be easier to do curtains, couches, and upholstered benches without all the heavy weight. Love the fact that it doesn’t ever lose suction <3

  306. I want the push Dyson. I need the Dyson Cinetic… it will help me maneuver those tight spaces where dust builds up like crazy!!

  307. I would love to PUSH with the the Dyson Cinetic DC77, I need Dyson Cinetic science because I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, 2 large hairy dogs, and 2 small hairy cats. I just know that I (and my floors) would fall in love with the Dyson Cinetic DC77.

  308. I prefer to push. This vacuum would be perfect for me because I have a three month old who will be crawling and exploring the floor soon (not just his play mat) so I want my floors clean and a hassle free vacuum would help me save time!

  309. The push! I really need the Dyson Cinetic science to help clean up after my cats and my kids! They are equally messy!

  310. Like the Salt-n-Pepa song, I like to push it! I need to push it because I live with a busy husband, two little boys (aged three and four), two furry golden retrievers and a black cats. I need to vacuum daily and a good vacuum like the Dyson Cinetic DC77 upright vacuum would be amazing to have!

  311. I would love to pull my Dyson…I need it because I have 8 cats. Yes, I really have 8 cats, 1 teenager, 1 husband and 1 toddler…that’s a lot to clean up after. This vacuum would make my life so my easier.

  312. I’d love the push Dyson. I need Dyson Cinetic science so I don’t have to constantly be cleaning out my vacuum.

  313. Would love to have a Push vacuum that can tackle my place. I have two cats. They make a lot of messes.

  314. Pull. I would like to win because my vacuum is an old cheap one. I have to buy bags for it and its filter is always a dusty mess. Also we have cats and are vacuuming a great deal.

  315. Pull for me – lots of carpeted stairs to clean and an upright vaccum just doesn’t cut it. I love the cinetic technology is perfect for making sure suction continues despite my husky’s insistence on shedding!

  316. I would like to win the Dyson Cinetic Science vacuum because we are constantly vacuuming in our house! Three young children make a lot of messes, and we have a variety of flooring to contend with. I’m most interested in the ‘push’ option – DC77.

  317. I would love a Dyson vacuum to clean up the dog hair from my Great Dane. I think pulling is a thing of the past and want to push my new vacuum.

  318. I would so LOVE to PULL a DYSON! We have a long-haired cat and we have a pup that visits and/or stays with us frequently, so the Cinetic Science of Dyson would be greatly appreciated in our house, notwithstanding that my daughter is waiting to deliver her first baby (our first grandchild) any day now, so having the ability to get the floors as clean as possible is an absolute necessity.

  319. I so love the Dyson vacuums and would definitely go with the push vacuums as I have always used them and they are easier for me Great vacuumm I am told by a friend so would love one to clean up my cats hair uggggggggg

  320. Definitely a “push” – I have a cat & dog who shed and have heard Dyson’s are awesome for cleaning it up!

  321. I would like the “pull” because I find them easier to handle. I have a “pull” and a “push” vacuum I use daily, and the “pull” is my favorite one. I like the fact that I wouldn’t have to clean a filter anymore. Since I am allergic to dust, cleaning out the filters bothers me.

  322. I would love o have either one but I prefer the push. I think my vaccine is so old it was used for cave cleaning. LOL. THANK you for the chance at a New one and a great one.

  323. Pull!! We need a new pull vacuum because my husband hit himself in the face with our upright push vacuum (don’t ask!), causing a black eye and he doesn’t want to use it now! I would like to win a pull dyson cinetic so that I don’t have to be the only one doing the vacuuming!

  324. I would love the push vacuum- it’s great that they are so efficient that there is no need to wash or replace a filter. I have a white cat and black rug- not a great combo! My old vacuum has zero suction left! Help, please!

  325. I’d go with pull so that I could pick up toys along the way or move the dog bowls to vacuum under/behind more easily. With a push, it can be hard to do these tasks while the machine is still running. Thanks!

  326. I would use the push. From what I understand the Dyson is very easy to maneuver and as I have health issues the Dyson would be great, as I cannot use the heavy vacuums.

  327. I think I’d like to Pull – my best vacuums have been canister types, so I think the kinetic animal is my best bet with two longhair catimals of my own!

  328. I want to PULL (with the Dyson Cinetic DC78)! I need Dyson Cinetic science to be more environmentally conscious by not having to buy replaceable bags & therefore saving my precious coins for more important things like food & shelter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  329. I would go for the push! I need a Dyson because I have pets and other vacuums never seem to last more than a couple years, and certainly lose suction too quickly!

  330. Defintely push (turbine head) because I am actually a board of director for a nonprofit rescue and so Dyson would be a life saver especially with all of the fur from a lot of the dogs in the rescue! I personally like push because my dogs like to lounge underneath (also on) the bed so with a turbine head I can clean the hard to reach places.

    1. If you win, you would just have to train the dogs to use it! Then you would be set! 🙂

  331. I’m definitely a pusher and very excited they expanded the science to the upright! With 3 kids (one in crawling stage), a cat, a dog and a vacuum that just bit the dust (literally room full of smoke and dust) haha I’m definitely in need of a new vacuum. I’ve had my eye on the Dyson and have been holding out hopes with Target liquidating that I might be able to snag one and save some $$ as we just sunk quite a bit into renovating our living room and bedroom so winning one would be amazing!

  332. I would like a push rather than pull. It gets into small spaces easier. I need a Dyson cinetic science because I vacuum a few times a week so I need a vacuum that doesn’t lose suction, I don’t have to change a filter and it is good for people with allergies.

  333. I like push. I’d like to win this so I can vacuum the cheerios my son leaves all over the house.

  334. Looks great, I live on a hobby farm we go in and out all day, the cats do too, so our house gets dirty, this would be great.

  335. Looks great, I live on a hobby farm we go in and out all day, the cats do too, so our house gets dirty, this would be great.
    Push is more my thing and Dyson Cinetic science would get the job done right.

  336. I want to push. I need the Cinetic technology because I need to get all the dust and pet hair off my floors.

  337. I like push technology (cleaning filters? Ugh no way!). The suction, non clogging power of the dc77 animal would make life so much easier

  338. I like a PUSH vacuum because when pulling the vacuum always seems to bump into furniture etc. My home is old and can get quite dusty so a Dyson vacuum would sure help in that respect.

  339. I want to push it over my mattress and get the dust mites like they do in the commercial! YUcK!!!

  340. I am a push kinda guy. I need the Dyson Cinetic so that I can keep allergens down in my house as my wife has asthma. Sounds like the Dyson Cinetic science helps to efficiently separate more fine dust and the oscillating tip ensurs the dust is moved through the system and into the bin

  341. Dyson!!! The holy grail of vacuums! I always borrow my friend’s but I’d love to win one for myself! I would definitely prefer the push because of our small living space and tight little corners. Be gone, little dust bunnies and allergens!

  342. I would love a Pull Vacuum , i love that its the cleanest kinda vacuum and it never loses suction , i have a ton of Dog fur that needs to be sucked off my furniture and mats 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  343. Our fam would love this 🙂 the cats hate it but gota clean up after them :p Gota love when they attack the vacuum hahaha…

  344. I like to pull. Makes it easier. Love that it can be used many ways and doesn’t need a filter.

  345. My preference would be to pull. I love that the filters never have to be washed or replaced

  346. I do both actually, with a house of dog hair I tend to push then pull over the same area to ensure that i’ve picked up all that hair.

  347. Vacuuming is very therapeutic for me as well as a necessity for my family as we all have allergies and recently had 2 dogs, a cat and wall-to-wall carpeting.

    I love to push. Pulling is not my thing.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  348. I’m going to say Pull, because the multi floor would work best in our house where we’ve got all kinds of flooring, and animals!!

  349. I want to PULL with the DC78! I’m a first time mom with an 8 month old baby boy and this Dyson is definitely the better option for me, since the canister will follow along behind me, making things a lot easier for me while I have a baby on my hip! It’s hard enough to keep the house clean with a high energy baby at home, this will certainly make things easier! @savvari from Twitter

  350. I want to PUSH with the the Dyson Cinetic DC77! I need Dyson Cinetic science because I love that there are no filters or bags to deal with and that this vacuum captures allergens and expels clean air!

  351. I’d like to PUSH the DC77 Animal around. (With 2 cats, a dog and 2 kids that make a lot of messes, it’d be a huge win for our house!)

  352. I would want to “pull”. I have 2 large shedding dogs and a 3 year old daughter who loves to make messes so I could definitely use a Dyson 🙂

  353. I’m definitely a push! Way easier! We’re thinking of having a cat and the cinetic technology would help us clean the appartment easily!

  354. I like to pull. I always find it lighter not having to push the whole vacuum around 100% of the time, and easier to do under coffee tables and stairs.

  355. I would definitely chose the push. My dog sheds terribly and I need a good vacuum to help me clean it up!

  356. I don’t mean to sound “pushy” but that Dyson would make my cleaning adventures oh soooo much happier. With two children under the age of 2 I’m pushing for a vacuum that can get the job done. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing mean machine!

  357. I’d like to pull because I’ve had both types of vacuums in the past and I like the idea of pulling along a canister rather than pushing!

  358. Push. Dyson Cinetic science is powerful and will help get rid of all the allergens in my home!

  359. I think I’d prefer to push, I have 2 cats and a preschooler, I need a vacuum that is powerful, efficient, and doesn’t lose suction. 🙂

  360. I would rather PUSH {with the the Dyson Cinetic DC77}! I have COPD and this would be awesome for me. Thanks for the chance!

  361. I liked like to “PULL” the vacuum into my son’s room where he could “PULL” all the dusty bunnies and other stuff from under his bed so that we could tackle his dust allergies more effectively.

  362. “Push” it baby! I would take that over the pull type mainly due to ease of storage.
    I have never tried the technology from Dyson, but I know it’s definitely the leader of the pack! And if I ever wanna dip in, why not go all out and try their top of line, flagship model with the cinetic technology?
    The maintenance free concept and the lossless suction definitely does it for me!

  363. For me I would prefer to pull. I find that the pull ones have a longer neck handle to get back into spaces where the upright can’t get in. There is always a few spot in the house where you have to get into under furniture or in a tight corner that the upright just can’t get unless you start taking it apart. Here at home we have a cat & cat fur with the upright sometimes moves it around but the pull one just seem to grab it! I would love to try out the new one!

  364. An upright (Push) vacuum would be a good choice because the hose and cord always become tangled with a canister vac!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  365. I prefer to push rather than pull. I need Dyson Cinetic science to get all the dust and pet dander/hair to alleviate allergies and feel that the house is clean.

  366. I want a PULL.. We have two cats, a dog, and two kids. We could definitely use a vacuum that wont lose suction, and will keep the air in our house clean.

    1. Lots of Pull Folks – I’m still a push gal, even with all that extra animal hair around!~

  367. This might be a duplicate as I was kicked off the page….

    I prefer to push rather than pull. I need the Dyson Cinetic science to remove all the dust and dander/hair to help alleviate allergies and to know my house is as clean as it can be.

  368. Currently own a pull, but I think I am a push girl! Would love to switch (….rrrr….trade up!) my vacuum for this beaut!

  369. I would to push a Dyson around my home! With 3 littles and 3 furry babes in our house – there lots of reasons why we need Dyson Cinetic Science!!

  370. Dyson vacuums are the BEST! I would definitely go with the push, I would love to win the Dyson Cinetic DC77 Animal as my cat Dakota has a habit of ripping out her hair and leaving little hair balls all over the house. I vacuum daily! Winning this would make life easy to clean up, because the vacuum “never loses suction”! “They are so efficient that there is no need to wash or replace a filter.” and that alone will save time…well worth the money if I have to buy it…but winning would be great! Thank you for the chance to win!

  371. PUSH – We need the Dyson Cinetic DC77= it will help us out since we have 1 dog and cat who shed and live right way a walnut factory. In Southwest part of Missouri, we get a lot of storms with high winds that kick up a lot of dust. And it will help pick up allergens that are making us sneeze!

  372. Never really thought about this before. Guess I want to ‘push’. I need Cinetic Science so that I’ll never have to use or replace filters again. (Actually needed to replace the motor on my vacuum years ago after I forget to empty the filter and the motor overheated!)

  373. I would like to push because somehow it seems every day we bring in a little bit more of the outdoors, and I am tired or pine needles and tiny twigs all over the house.

  374. I’d love the “pull” option. I think that vacuum would be easier to maneuver and get into small spaces. The cinetic science sounds neat and I like that there are no filters to wash.

  375. I would like to “push”… so many things to go around and corners to get into

  376. I am definitely a “push” kind of girl. I need the Dyson Cinetic to get at all the pet hair stuck around the baseboards in my house

  377. I like the “push” definitely. Dyson Cinetic science is much needed in our house hold with two young children. There is a lot of cleaning up to do, and what could be more wonderful that to not have to change filters or bags on a vacuum. I have always dreamed of owning a Dyson, so excited about this giveaway. Thank you.

  378. Honestly I could easily push or pull they both seem incredible. I suppose push may win by a hair 😉

  379. I would prefer to PULL, with the Dyson Cinetic DC78. We live in a small bungalow, so the ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces is important to me. I also have an old wrist injury, so the canister model would be lighter and less of a strain.

    Thanks for having this giveaway, Tammi. Keep up the great work on your blog.

    Good luck to everyone!

  380. I would go with a push. Just got a new vacuum but it isn’t cutting it, so need to upgrade to something that really works!

  381. i think i would would like to “pull” – i prefer this style of vacuum – i am sure they are both fabulous though – i have never owned a Dyson!

  382. I like push because I can see where I am going! I Dyson Cinetic science because it is so cool and my vacuum right now doesn’t do a great job!

  383. I want to push the Dyson Cinetic DC77 upright vacuum because I feel like I have more control with an upright. And I want this technology because it never loses suction!

  384. definitely the push for me! I need the Dyson Cinetic science to help clean up after three children! (:

  385. I’d go with a pull. I need Dyson cinetic science to help clean up the dust and dirt that is now up to the kids’ necks. Please help save my children, Dyson, you are our only hope.

  386. push for me ! would love this vacuum to clean up after my toddler (who is in the throwing food stage!)

  387. I really need the Dyson Cinetic science vacuum because I have always wanted a Dyson and they are the best!!… I would rather push my vacuum just because that is what I am use too!

  388. definitely push … i didn’t even know there was another way so maybe if I win i’ll change my mind!!

  389. I push for vaccuming. This would be great, because we just moved for the first time and don’t have a vaccum!

  390. I would love to push! In a house of 7, 5 of them being kids, 2 big dogs and a cat we need some Dyson magic to keep things clean!

  391. I prefer to push a vacuum, plus the uprights are easier to store. I need the Dyson cinetic science because I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a messy husband and I need something good to deal with all of that!

  392. I answered push – but forgot to mention I also need a Dyson Cinetic science as I have a newborn babygirl and want to keep all those nasty dust mites away if possible!

  393. I want to PUSH the Dyson vacuum. They need dyson cinetic science because it makes life easier.

  394. I’d like to pull. I need a good vacuum to keep the dust bunnies at bay for the family since we are all allergic.

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