Month In Photos: December 2014

December 2014 month in photos

December 2014 was a month of mild weather and much time spent outdoors. The highlight of the month was, of course, Christmas. Our holiday captures are of onesie pajamas, homemade knitted touques, visiting Santa, silliness, and sweet treats. Traditions done and memories made.

In December 2014 we played in the snow, took a holiday train ride, and toured the ice sculptures. We actually did a lot of festive activities this Christmas, it filled the time during the long school break! 

Obviously much of the month was preparing for the holidays. As I mentioned in a previous post, we hosted both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. So, a lot of the month was spent in the kitchen, shopping for the holidays, or in front of the fire watching movies after a long day of the mentioned.

Yet, we also took an out-of-town trip for Isabelle’s first Cheerleading Competition of the season – with many more to come in 2015. 

My December 2014 ended with a literal ‘out with the old’, as I came down with the flu and spent the last 3 days of the year quarantined in my room. I was too nauseated to move very much, so binge watching a ton of Netflix was in order. My birthday is on December 31, so needless to say, it went down as the worst birthday ever. Sure, it was disappointing to not celebrate New Years Eve and by birthday in the usual way. Yet, harder than that was being stuck in my room, and listening to the girls outside my door saying Happy Birthday in sad little voices. They wanted so much to give their Mom a Happy Birthday Hug. Ugh, such a crappy feeling.

On the bright side, we did a new years/birthday re-do a couple days later, and it was awesome. Plus, I spent the last part of the year recharging and resting. I felt much better on the morning on January 1st, and it was like the gun fired at the starting line. Bring it on, 2015!

How was your December 2014? 

If you haven’t tried Month in Photos yet, you need to give it a try!

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I started making these in late 2013, so now I have a full calendar year of Month In Photos. I’ll be making my 2014 Month In Photos Book soon, I’ll be sure to update on the final look!



  1. Oh my your girls have grown so much where has the time gone! I have followed your blog from the start so I believe the twins were just born if I recall correctly and your oldest a toddler, which always makes me think of my favorite post you ever had called Where I’m from,so the pictures of your beautiful young ladies makes me think time really does fly! Thanks for your photo’s recipe’s and posts, I read a lot of them but don’t comment on all, all the best in 2015.

    1. Awe, you make me smile Doris! Yes, I sometimes look back in here myself and love all the memories I’ve shared and stored. I so appreciate you visiting so much, your support and kind words means everything to me. Thank you!!

  2. The girls are adorable! What a great December you have had, filled with happiness and great times.

  3. Thanks for asking! My December 2014 was great. I was given the wonderful gift of being able to spend time with my dear brother who lives throughout the year in San Fransisco…and I’m in Florida.

  4. Very beautiful photos indeed! Im sorry to hear you were ill for your birthday and NY eve though 🙁

  5. You did a great job capturing your month in photos! December was such a magical month for my family! After all, you can’t beat Christmas and young kids!

  6. Oh so a great way to spend New years or your birthday! I hope you are feeling better now. My daughter was sick over New years and so we had to cut our celebrations short too. But the husband I were able to stay up and celebrate with video games ourselves.

  7. You daughter looks so mature and beautiful in the cheer leading picture. All 3 in front of the tree is my fav.

  8. Those cheer pics bring back so many memories! December is my favorite month of the year, everything just seems extra magical.

  9. The photos are so sweet! You are truly blessed, except for the nasty flu you came down with over the holidays. Glad you are feeling better! 🙂

  10. It looks like you had a ton of fun! Your girls are so adorable. What a lucky mom you are!

  11. Well December was awful; but the beautiful part was being with my kids and realizing how quick they are growing up and i”m getting older. The idea of people rather than the other stuff is the most important thing reminded me where I need to put my priorities.

  12. It’s awesome that cheer competitions are beginning. I loved seeing my daughter perform in her competitions.

    1. Thank you, and yes, it was for the most part, wonderful. I’m afraid we’re making up for that now though. 🙁

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