Storytelling with Robert Munsch | The Day That Books Came To Life,Thanks to Scholastic Canada, my daughter and I {and the giveaway winner and her sweet son} got to see Robert Munsch tell his famous stories on stage this past weekend! She went to the show equipped with her very first book, ‘Love You Forever‘ which was gifted to her the day she was born. She also chose one book, ‘Makeup Mess‘ to purchase from the lobby giftstore.

Before the show, she was so excited and in awe to meet her favorite Author. Robert Munsch is such a nice person, and as you can imagine – very great with the kids. Robert Munsch autographed her books too, which now makes them even more special to her.

His Storytelling Show was both entertaining and enthusiastic. For each story, he brought kids from the audience onto the stage, and put them into each story. And, it was especially hilarious when he brought up a Dad to act out a part from ‘The Paper Bag Princess‘.

Since he tells his stories with a ton of different voices and such humor, I didn’t bawl when he read ‘Love You Forever‘ like I thought I would {I cannot get through the book one time without sobbing!} Instead, I shed just one tear. Overall it was a fantastic show which my daughter and I will never forget. As a Mom, I am happy that Isabelle has such a love for books, and going to see Robert Munsch in person made her realize that books come from real people, telling real stories. More than just words on colorful paper, Storytelling with Robert Munsch literally made her imagination come to life!


  1. How lucky you were to go and see him! He is such a dynamic speaker and we love his stories too!

  2. So glad that people are still supporting him and loving him after his recent troubles. The quintessential children’s author!

  3. We had a blast seeing Robert Munsch I was so surprised to see how much my little guy got into the stories.

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