Going to the Pampers Baby Care HQ in Cincinnati

myorganizedchaos.net,Next week I will be flying to Cincinnati to visit P&G Baby Care Headquarters in Cincinnati. During my stay I will get a “behind the scenes” look at the Pampers brand of diapers. Now, you may have heard recent buzz about their newest line of diapers, Dry Max. For the past few months I have been following some parents’ stories {online} about Dry Max causing severe diaper rash. As a Mom myself, of course I have tried Pampers. In fact, I am a Mom of Twins – I have used a lot of Pampers diapers. And, I have tried the new Dry Max diapers, the first time being a review for Pampers Dry Max. And, true to my posted review of the product, I do like them so much that I have bought them since that first try. They fit the Twins’ shape very well, and work as a good diaper should. And, neither of the Twins have ever reacted to the diapers, even once. Don’t get me wrong, the Twins DO get diaper rash {they have eczema and very sensitive skin too}. Yet, I know that when they eat spicy food or tomatoes – they will rash the next day, guaranteed. And they do get that resulted rash, regardless of which diaper brand they are wearing. So, I can 100% say in certainty that they haven’t reacted to the new Dry Max diapers from Pampers.

But, I am also a Mom in the media – I am well aware of the claims that some babies react severely to the Dry Max diapers. So, I am eager to use my voice as a Mom in the media when I go to Cincinnati – and speak to the developers, paediatricians, managers and researchers behind Dry Max. I consider it my job to act as a liaison between the products and you, the parents.

So, I’m seeking your stories and opinions, readers!
Speak up and tell me your questions and concerns regarding the Pampers brand.
And, I will be certain to bring up all of them at the Pampers HQ
and come back with answers!


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  2. I have a 19 month old son and up until about 2 months ago we had only used Pampers. My son also has very sensitive skin. He also got a TON of diaper rashes (even before Dry Max came out) and I’m a SAHM so I know he wasn’t sitting in dirty diapers for a long period of time. Anyway, when Dry Max did come out we noticed that he was getting diaper rashes more often. I didn’t really think it had anything to do with the diaper until I started reading about what others had said about chemical burns from the diapers online. He didn’t have a chemical burn but he definitely had a reaction to the diaper. Once we switched to Huggies his rash was completely gone 2 days later. And *knock on wood* he hasn’t had a diaper rash in 2 months!!! I definitely wish we would have switched to Huggies sooner.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Jamie!
      Side note, Pampers didn’t fit my oldest daughter back when she was an infant – I, too, mainly used Huggies until she was a bit older. Now, 4-5 years later – Pampers fit the Twins better right off the bat. Go Figure!

      See, I have one issue with the claims of ‘chemical burn’ {and I am not downplaying the reported cases in the least}. But, The way I see it, to toss a phrase like ‘chemical burn’ out there would tell me that, if that be the case, ALL babies wearing them should get a severe burn-like rash – would they not?
      Why would only *some* babies, who wear diapers made from the same batch {same day etc} get a ‘chemical burn’?
      I would only assume it was something other than a ‘chemical burn’

      Kinda like, why would bleach poured in everyones’ eyes only affect some people? It wouldn’t…
      Does that make sense?

      Definitely something to think about, all the causations…
      I guess that’s something I should ask, right?

  3. I have used the swaddlers with dry max with no problems. I have not used the new cruisers yet. I’m a bit scared after hearing all the stories. Should there be a difference between the swaddlers and cruisers? Also, please report disappointment in the loss of softness. Especially in the swaddlers. They used to be so cuddly and soft. Now they feel like paper:(. Thanks!

  4. My girls have been out of diapers for awhile now (they just turned 5)… but, I’ve been following this story, anyway. And, from all that I’ve read, on both sides, it seems that some babies might be having some kind of allergic reaction to the absorbent gel in the diapers… and, they’re having this problem with the Dry Max diapers in particular because, while the gel is in all diapers, it’s closer to the skin in the Dry Max diapers (since they got rid of the “bulky fluff material in the storage core.”)

    Certainly can’t say for sure, but might be a question to ask at the HQ. It just seems to be a logical conclusion since, some babies are having a problem with this and others aren’t.

    As for how they fit, I personally did find that the Huggies seem to fit my girls better than the Pampers… but, I think that can be different from baby to baby. I think when it comes to diapers, you should just try several different brands and see what works best for you 🙂

  5. I’m a Pampers fan and have used their diapers, without fail, since the birth of my son. My son, fortunately, has not experienced the unfortunate diaper rash due to the diapers, however, I did find that after he pees in them (just once), the diaper tends to sag! Not just a little sag, a big sag! I’m hoping that you can report saggy diapers and see why they do this. Good luck on your trip! I’m looking forward to your findings =)

  6. We used to use Pampers with our first son – it was our preferred brand. Now with our 2nd, we’ve used mostly Huggies. I just bought a box of Pampers, though and can’t get over the strong smell. I guess it’s supposed to be a baby powder smell, but we can’t get used to it, and it bothers our scent-sensitive family. I don’t remember Pampers having a smell at all before (at least, not before they’d been used!) Can you please ask if they’ve considered a scent-free version? Thanks!

  7. We are a cloth diapering family, but when we need the occasional disposable we always reached for Pampers. I was never really thrilled with them, but they seemed to work better than the other brands out there.

    Things I would like to see:
    1. A rear gusset or elastic to keep poo from blowing out the top. I would bet that 4 of every 5 poo diapers we had in disposable were blowouts.
    2. A biodegradable diaper from Pampers.
    3. Or at least a more natural diaper, without all the chemicals.
    4. I could care less about trim fitting, I just want the diaper to work (aka not leak or blow out), be soft on my babes skin, and be as eco-friendly as possible. [which is why we use cloth 99% of the time]

    Right now when we need a disposable we are reaching for the Huggies Pure and Naturals. They seem to work well, they are fragrance free, and they are made with organic cotton.

    1. Hi Heidi,
      Great suggestions!!
      I like the idea of the rear elastic too.
      Your ideas are noted and will be discussed!


  8. I’d love to know what the deal is with Pull-ups. They always seem to leak. We’ve tried different sizes but are now just sticking with the store brands because they’re much more absorbant. I thought maybe we should get the overnights but I have yet to see any overnights larger than a 3T-4T. I wonder if they just don’t make them larger or if it’s just all the stores around me?

  9. I am with Julie on the smell. I am a long time Pampers mom and have diapered all 5 of my kids in them almost exclusively with the odd cloth and huggies tossed in. The only thing I don’t like is the baby powder scent. There is no need for a diaper to smell. I haven’t tried the new dry Max diapers because we are in the pull ups stage now, but I will say the most recent batch of pampers wipes I bought did irritate my DD’s skin when it never had before. A more Eco friendly option would be wonderful though.

  10. Have a safe trip!

    I have taken pictures of my daughters rash(they are on my face book page- Josi’s Rash) I wrote to Pampers & asked if they would like to see the pictures. They returned with an email saying they were sorry for any problems & they would be mailign me something & to save any unused product.

    It took about 3 wks for Josi to develope the rash. It wasnt a HORIBBLE rash it wasnt a diaper rash. It was on her belly, thigh & back where the outside of the diaper rubs, almost looked like goose bumps. It got worse the longer she was in the Dry max, the bumps were more raised & turned red. I switched back to the Target brand diapers I was using (I bought the Dry Max because I had a coupon for a free box from Toys R Us). I received in the mail last week a letter from Pampers(same as the email they sent) & 2 coupons for up to $19.99 off a box of diapers. So they are atleast acknowledging there is an issue now. Now they just have to correct it.
    Here in KC there was a report on the local news (NBC Action 4 I believe, it may be on their website still) so there must be enough people around here that are having problems that it made a news story.

    My request from Pampers(other than correcting or removing Dry Max) the gifts to grow, the rewards items… I was saving points for the longest time (buying only Pampers partly for points) because they had great rewards. Then they changed them. Now I buy Targets diapers(Cheaper, no rashes, & who cares about points for crummy rewards).

  11. I agree with the request for more natural or eco-friendly diaper. On the Pampers Mexican website they actually DO have a “Pampers Natural” listed, which uses absorbers and fragrances derived from natural materials. I’d love to see this in the US!

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