Mom vs the Chaos


Utilizing an explosion of energy this morning {and knowing that I would likely be low on the stuff tonight},  I started a slow cooker meal bright and early. Wanting to use up some fresh veggies on this dull and rainy day, I had decided to make Crockpot Chili.

Later on while talking to a blogging friend on the phone today, conversation shifted from how much the twins were fighting today to ‘what’s for dinner?’. 

“I have some Chili ready … Isabelle tolerates it, but the twins hate the stuff. I know it’ll be a huge fight later on but oh well. I’m a ‘eat it or go without’ Mom. They’ll learn one day.”

At dinnertime, I placed tasty bowls of Chili in front of the kids and sat down. Yeah, I might of had a smug look on my face. It was like my little piece of payback from a trying day of constant refereeing. Perhaps someday they’ll just it eat already!

Like I expected, there was a lot of stirring, and some polite forced smiles which really could have translated to ‘I’ll stab you in your sleep for this’. But, who’s to say for sure? 

What seemed like hours later, I failed at many attempts to convince {and possibly bribe} the twins to eat it. Not a spoonful injested.

Fine, bring your bowls up to the counter” I sighed as I loaded the dishwasher.


I turned to see my darling little twincess, standing in the middle of the dining room, a shattered bowl at her feet. Mouth open in complete shock, with bits of bowl and lots of Chili, all around her.

Shape, arrow

Time froze. I swear minutes passed before I was even able to move.


This is the part where I recalled my phone conversation from earlier in the day.

While the drop was an accidentee {as my twins call it}, this meal was a challenge right from the start. Mom vs the chaos. And I lost.

It literally splatted everywhere. While it would be vile to have posted a photo of the regurgitated dog food Chili that lay on the floor, though the image will be in my head forever.

Instead, I’ll will show you a glimpse of the reach. Dropped by a 4ft tall tiny, somehow it sprayed all the way up to light switch level.

{Also a test in ‘how clean is your computer screen’ right? heh}

On my railing going into the living room, in the OPPOSITE direction to where she was walking.

a railing

On my pantry door, on the kids easel, cabinets, on the underside of the table and all over the dining room chair cushions = @#%$&!

Cleaning it up made me gag, that was a whole new disgusting.

After washing the floors twice and wiping down, which I think, is everything – it still feels gross.

Cleaning this up was disgusting. I even think this is worse than the great poo fight of 2009. Seriously.

In this particular battle of Mom vs the chaos – they totally win. I’ll most likely never make Chili again.



  1. One day we will look back at these moments (While we sit in our padded cells) and laugh….. right?? My monster toddler has learned to just push a kitchen chair all over to get up on the counters and get what he wants…which has left me with some messes!

    1. My sister did this at 3 and found the chocolate covered ex lax. Mom got it away from her after she had already ingested 1 pill. To say the least she was not a happy kid, and all the meds ended up on top of the fridge.

    2. Hahaha Mallery, that is so true! Good luck with your monster, ahem, son. Sending you what little patience I have left!

    1. I’m still in shock, Literally, it was one of those moments where you look around and just think … really? wow…

  2. My Mom used to keep anything we wouldn’t eat for the next meal. If you think they don’t like it on day 1, wait until they have it for breakfast on day 2. They’ll like it less and eat it next time you make it with a lot less fuss. 🙂

    1. I know a few people that do that … I could never only because I don’t like leftovers. There’s very few meals that I’ll eat the next day.

  3. your post made me laugh and cry at the same time, I HAVE BEEN THERE! Chin up Mom, as frustrating as it is, one day I think you’ll have a laugh. maybe. 😛

    1. Thank you Sandy, glad I was able to give you a chuckle and a tear today. Bet your day went a little smoother after reading this!

  4. Almost bedtime for me and I have to thank you for making me laugh…sorry…it rained all day today in Victoria, BC. The title of the article as well as your writing are spot on! I love your sense of humour. 🙂 I remember when Sara knocked over a huge snow globe that my sister had given to me one year. I swear I was always finding sparkles long after the mishap!

    1. Thank you Teresa! 🙂

      That would be a huge mess! I think it’s bad enough when the girls get glitter spray in their hair and it’s everywhere, I can imagine that would be like the actual can exploding!! Terrible, and what a loss. So sorry about your globe. 🙁

  5. Reading this made me feel like I was actually there gagging with you, I’m glad I wasn’t!

    1. Ha!! … as I puke in my mouth a little. Yeah, thinking about it still makes me vomit a little ..

  6. Oh man, I would have hated to have been you on that day! I have been you on a different day, and I totally relate to that feeling.

  7. Some day when they are 15, you will look back on this moment and wish you could make them little again. I know that doesn’t help much when dealing with chaos now but trust me some day you will. I would give anything to change a dirty diaper or clean marker off the walls if I could just make them tiny for a few more days.

    1. I can totally see that Ellen, I can.
      I look back at when they were babies, and it was all such a challenge, so trying – yet I would love to have one day back. So yes, I get this.

    1. Thanks Tiffany. Talking about makes it a little easier. Who am I kidding? I’m going to show the kids one day and be all ‘see! see what you did?!!’ lol
      I’m sure when they are going through this with their own kids, it’ll make it a little easier to handle, and provide some laughs!

  8. i would have died! hugs to you, and I hope your night ended with a huge glass of wine.

  9. Oh my! What a mess to clean up! My kids are like that too. I’ll slave away to make something and no one will even try it. It’s frustrating!!

  10. I have the same thought process. I’m the eat it or go without type of mom. BUT on those rare occasions they do know how to make you question something you fixed, lol. I have several “not making this again” on my list. Thank you for making me laugh. It’s amazing how food can reach places you never thought it would reach when messes are made.

    1. Sometimes it’s just not worth the fight. Trying to recall if I even liked Chili as a kid… regardless, my plan totally backfired. I really paid the price for this one!

  11. I needed this today, my daughter used up the last of my patience last night. we are not alone, we are not alone. this’ll help me for round 2 today.

  12. Don’t be surprised if you keep finding small splats in unexpected places. My daughter dropped a brand new jar of relish (large size, I got a deal) on the floor. I kept finding little bits in odd places for at least a month. Talk about a sticky mess!

    1. Oh, I fully expect that. And, it’ll be even more repulsive I’m sure. This isn’t over yet!

  13. my son did the same thing with noodle soup. by the time I was finished cleaning it up, it was a soggy mess everywhere. I think just the smell of it cooking will make me barf. never again. oh, the things we go through!

  14. sending many hugs, but I have to laugh. kids have a way, don’t they? also read you’re ‘I’ll stab you’ post too, I laughed until I cried. Your posts always resonate with me.

  15. Oh My Gosh,that would drive me crazy. Happy to be past that stage. Either that are now I totally gave up all together. 🙂

  16. I feel you! I guess chaos is a big part of every mom’s life. I just try to remember that I love my son and he loves me. Sometimes, it helps calm me down. 🙂

  17. Wow, she got some real reach with that one! Hope you got it all. That would seriously suck finding some moldy chili later.. then you will really be gagging!

    1. Ohhhh, yes! that is exactly what I’m afraid of. In fact, I’m going to wipe down everything again!

  18. This may be the reason I make two meals some nights:) I have also had the ‘not so exciting’ dinner hit the floor by ‘mistake’ on a few occasions. Don’t you love how they always manage to show you in the end? grrrr!

  19. I wish I could blame my mess on my kids, I turned my mixer the wrong way when trying to slow it down to get batter of blade. it flew everywhere.

    1. Ohhhh no!!!! I have done that before, not wild-like, but I can see how that could easily happen. Yikes!

  20. We have the same issues with certain foods at our house and my son. When I was a kid I used to have to sit at the table until I ate everything, but with my kids I say “This is what’s for supper and if you don’t want to eat it that’s fine.” type thing. But — my son will always chose to go hungry rather than eat something he hates. Bah!

    1. See, mine ask for snacks all day long, Drives me insane when they do this and refuse meals. Oh no, I don’t play like that! lol

  21. Kids rule!! You will look back one day your children and laugh about this. I promise!

  22. I feel for you Tammi i have had my share of accidents too and with carpet in the dining room it seems every meal can be a chore and a huge clean up afterwards!

    1. Oh no! ok, I’m thankful that we don’t have carpets in there. How do you keep them clean??

  23. Today was our trying day and the BOTH OF US were home with the kids today! After a whole morning of, ‘no you do it’ and ‘no I don’t want to’, we decided to take the kids out. After a long day, we decided to just pick up some yummy take out and call it a day. As I was tending to my oldest with the potty, my youngest was eager to go and climbed onto the chair ready for dinner. As my wife was grabbing some drinks, we hear our youngest cry at the table. The little bugger decided to grab some sauce that came with our dinner and it was the smelly and sticky fish sauce. YUP…that got all over our carpet, soaked through our dinning room chair and got over everything with a 2 feet radius.

    As I’m typing this, I smell nothing but that fishy smell. Might need to throw everything out, before my wife decide to burn our place down. Febreeze is sprayed, but boy does it still stink like we are hoarding dead fishes under the carpet.

    We can totally relate to your story!

    1. Oh my … we can never have enough eyes, right? You might have to invest in hiring a carpet cleaner, might be worth the stress of trying to get that out yourself.

  24. I have a question – a big one for me:
    you (and nobody in the comments with the similar situations) mentioned how did you deal with the kids after that? Just a talk? a time out? what helps to ensure they understand and don’t repeat that?

    1. Well, it really was an accident. I contemplated making her clean it up but I know a kid would just smear this kind of mess all around = more for me to clean up after. I just reminded to her to be careful, hold tightly with two hands and not rush. She fetched cleaning supplies for me and took off her clothes so I could bath her – but there really wasn’t a need for any ‘punishment’ in this case. Also, we have those heavy square plates, not the ones I usually use for the twins but all of their plastic dishes were in the dishwasher …

      1. Ok, accidents are easier to deal with. My son once dropped a bowl of soup looking into my eyes (after some quiet confrontation with me about it) and since he never showed any indication of anything like this happening, the bowl was breakable (Corell, but from the height of the high chair… )We were shocked and speechless for a few looooong seconds. The shock saved me from screaming and him from pretty much any punishment, but I still wonder what is the appropriate reaction(and punishment) if it ever happens again… hopefully no, as we rarely have any confrontation about food recently.

  25. Oh dear! Chili cleanup is NEVER fun!!! ‘Tis all part of being a parent though. No chili though…I think that’s rather harsh 😛

  26. hope the clean up went smoothly probably find some splatter every now and then lol

  27. Oh that sucks. Never had a bowl of food that bad, but I did have a 2 yo cover himself, all his trains, a dresser, step stool, part of my new vinyl flooring and numerous walls with Vaseline!!! Not something I ever want to clean up again. My ex said he laughed the entire way over to my house (20 mins) because he new laughing in front of me would not be a good idea. 2 years later, I can see SOME of the humor.

  28. A really bad day. Yet one day you will tell this story and laugh all the way. I had a similar tale with a large jar of mustard. Not pretty.

  29. Sounds like a day in the life of Mommy life. I have had days like this when my kids were smaller. Actually, they are older and still manage to drop things. I’ve had to clean BBQ off the ceiling not to long ago. It can be frustrating, however, just try to keep in mind that the good times out way the bad. This is apart of what it means to be parents to little ones. Patience is the key! I hope that your day turned out better!

    Days like this provide those, “Remember when?” Conversations as they get older. Something to laugh about when your kids have their own kids and go thorough the same.

  30. Oh! Jeez.. I am literally cringing at the thought of the mess & the frustration you must have felt at that moment… Good for you for keeping your cool in the situation!

  31. Wow I know that was a serious mess to clean up but I must admit to having a good laugh while reading your post. A few years ago I had just finished wallpapering my Mum’s kitchen and we stayed for dinner. My youngest son loves his grandma’s beets…well he was carrying the bottle without the top and tripped. Beets and beet juice was everywhere, completely all over the one hour new wallpaper. It was so bad that we couldn’t save the paper and now we laugh at it, as you will too about the chili accidentee, well one day 🙂

  32. My oldest droped a bowl of salsa one time. It splattered everywhere and I thought I had gotten it all until I looked at my ceiling a week later and it was up there too. Of course, being that it had a popcorn ceiling the only way to clean it resulted in wiping away parts of the popcorn stuff too!

  33. ha! This is a story to tell later in life, you will laugh… I feel your pain for every moment of it. Chili/spaghetti, the messiest most staining things… seem to fly like mad through there air and land everywhere but where it seems logical to be!

  34. October 30-Some day soon, I hope you will laugh at this-well, maybe not so soon. My daughters, granddaughter and her cute little little 2 yr. old were having lunch at a popular tourist restaurant. A table of bus tourists were at the next table waiting for their meal. My little ggson was happily eating toast under his fruit jam. He had a perfect ring of jam around his mouth. He is really cute with brown curly hair, blue eyes and a beautiful complexion. He turned to give the tourists the full effect of his mouth circled with red jam. They all laughed at the sight. He hesitated a moment, and, picking up a piece of toast and jam, threw it in their direction where it landed on an older gentleman. My daughter and her mother were totally embarrassed. I was trying not to laugh. The people at the table laughed and the gentleman just shrugged it off. I am sure it will be a highlight of the trip for them. -Shouldn’t laugh at a little man with a face full of jam. –Not polite!! His mother apologized to them when she recovered from the shock!1 Sad to say, this incident made my day! I still smile when I think about it.

  35. Thanks for the laugh – and thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. 🙂
    Supper any night is a constant battle with our twins, and I think mom’s are supposed to lose to the chaos. It’s all part of the process. 🙂
    Love your blog!

  36. awww I’m looking forward to this with my little one (NOT!). he’s just starting solids and so far I haven’t given him reign of his own utensils. I’m sure i’ll have a similar story to this!

  37. Oh wow, I love chilli but not one of 3 kids do :(, fortunately though only one of my children still throws food on the floor and it’s only in bits and pieces thankfully not the whole bowl. I wouldn’t blame you if you never made chilli again

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