Toddler Poop … Everywhere


I have read that all Mom’s eventually write a blog post about toddler poop. Nah, I always thought – that will never be me! Pfft, POO is POO…Why would I need to write about it? Boy, was I wrong!

After putting the Twins down for their afternoon nap today, I started preparing supper for tonight. Over the monitor I heard a bit of sporadic whining. It sounded to me like two girls not wanting to sleep, as they usually do when they are laid down for a nap.

After about 5 minutes, the whining turned into giggles; quiet at first – then full out baby-belly-laughs.

I chuckled listening to them, imagining them playing peek-a-boo with each other. Then I thought I’d better go into their room, and cover them up. If they didn’t fall asleep soon, they will be up too late tonight. 

So, I went to their door and opened it….

The smell hit me first, it was a lot stronger than usual. I have a strong stomach, yet this made me gag a little. Then, I noticed the source of all the giggles – POO!

Lots of POO – and had taken off their diapers.

Both of them!

POO was smeared into their sheets and blankets, AND they were throwing it at each other. A full blown POO fight.

It was on the carpet, walls, their crib rails and all over themselves {hair included}. And, one of them {who shall not be named} was tasting it.

The other was feeding it to her stuffed bear.

Did I mention that we had spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner last night?

Color drained from my face and I felt faint. I said very slowly, still standing at the doorway, “Oh….my…God!”

Isabelle came walking down the hall and started preaching to me, “Mom…that is a BAD not ever say that again!…”. Then she got to the doorway and looked in,“Oh my God” she repeated.

I was in too much shock to respond to her own bad language, this time I just had to let it slide.

The Twins, happy to see Mom and Sister at their door, started clapping and jumping on their beds. Little bits of corn bobbed up and down on their mattress.

Then, I started laughing.

I could not stop – tears started rolling down my face. Isabelle was now a little mad at me, “MOTHER!!! Aren’t you going to clean this up?…Why are you laughing?…This is disgusting!”

I wanted to run down the street screaming. Yet instead I laughed.

They say a person at the brink of insanity starts to laugh. I now believe this to be true.

Really, where do you start the clean-up? Especially with 2??

It took me over an hour to get them bathed, the laundry gathered, the carpets cleaned and the walls and the two cribs sterilized. While I cleaned, the Twins ran around the house making raspberry noises – taunting me the entire time.

All the while I thought, “This just has to be blogged..”

There it went. I was wrong. I have now blogged about POO.




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  2. Ah, I see where you went wrong now, you LAUGHED the first time they did it! Too bad you didn’t react the way I know I would have, by becoming a crazy-woman and screaming cuss words loud enough to wake the dead. That would have scared them out of ever doing it again, but know they think it’s game! Good luck, something tells me you’re gonna need it…..

  3. Tammi, that is the funniest thing I have read in a LONG time. I had to call my hubby and read it to out loud to him – we lost it at the “feeding it to her bear” part, and then the pièce de resistance – the corn bobbing on the beds… I pray our twins are not as creative as yours, but I don’t hold out much hope!

  4. LOL!!!! My neighbors have twin girls (now 7) and they did the same thing when they were about 18 months – and on more than one occasion! I hope they didn’t do it again!

  5. I am going throught his exact same thing. i dont know what to do i can never lay them down. i have tried everything i can think of. i have twin boys that are almost 3 and another boy that is almost a year and ahalf. i am thinking of options like seperating them but idk bc i only have 2 rooms and my room so put the baby with me?? i dont know what to do i am out of my wits

  6. LOL!! My nephew did this when I was babysitting him, even though it wasn’t funny at the time we laughed about it after.

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