Fisher-Price Classics, Back Again!


I’ve noticed a trend in being a #FisherPriceMom over the past few years. No matter which toy I feature, comments always bring about the talk of the Fisher-Price Classics.

At mere mention of the brand or any Fisher-Price toy, conversations on my posts bring about fondness and memories of the childhood. Hey, I’ve reminisced and gave an inside glimpse into the history of Fisher-Price after my visit at Headquarters. With such a huge fan base spanning decades, it really says a lot about quality and trust in products, doesn’t  it?

Guess what guys. Fisher-Price Classics are back again. Perhaps you’ve seen the displays in stores recently? I have!

Re-imagined for a modern look, these 4 toys are indeed classics that many probably had as a child {me, me, me!}. With this new release, you get to share a piece of your childhood and play with your child. Sweet, right?


See ‘n Say® Talking Game 

The Fisher-Price See ‘n Say® is the matching and memory game with fun animal sounds & names that teach your child as they grow!

It helps teach kids the names and sounds of different animals in a fun and interactive way. Pull the lever, watch the arrow spin, land on an animal and follow the simple steps to play. With 3 different game levels to play, See ‘n Say® is a game that really grows with your child.


See 'n Say Talking Game fisher-price classics

The game includes 20 animal and animal scene cards that store neatly in the back of the See ‘n Say® unit and a Parent Guide with extended learning and play ideas. 3 x AAA batteries to required (included).

Available at Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, Wal-mart and Sears. MSRP $24.99


Chatter Phone™ Talking Game 

The iconic Chatter Phone™ toy has been reimagined as an amazing interactive matching and memory game that teaches your child as they grow!


Through fun sounds, phrases and prompts, the Fisher-Price Chatter Phone™ Talking Game will guide your child to learn about animals, animal sounds, numbers and counting, while having fun. Just pick up the phone, insert the interactive cards and follow the simples steps to play. With 4 different games to play, Chatter Phone™ is a game that really grows with your child.

The game includes 22 interactive animal and number cards that store neatly in the bottom of the Chatter Phone™ unit and a Parent Guide with extended learning and play ideas. 3 x AAA batteries to required (not included).

Available at Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, Wal-mart and Sears. MSRP $24.99


Lil’ Snoopy™ Tippin’ Treats Game 

The Fisher-Price Lil’ Snoopy™ Tippin’ Treats Game is the high-energy game of chasing and collecting fun that teaches your child as they grow!

Lil’ Snoopy Tippin Treats Game fisher-price classics

Collect the bones and chase the motorized Lil’ Snoopy™ around the room to get them into his bowl before he tips over! Developing hand-eye and physical coordination, this game is a great excuse to get your kids moving. With 3 different games to play, Lil’ Snoopy™ Tippin’ Treats is a game that really grows with your child.

The game includes 12 coloured and numbered bones that store neatly in the Lil’ Snoopy™ bowl with a lid and a Parent Guide with extended learning and play ideas. 2 x C batteries required (not included).

Available at Toys ‘R’ Us. MSRP $24.99


I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System 

The Fisher-Price I-Jig is the interactive and electronic puzzle & game system with three modes of learning and discovery for hours of playtime! Each colour-coded puzzle includes a puzzle key that unlocks the magic of that puzzle.

In the first mode, you put together the puzzle as the I-Jig encourages and teaches you along the way. Place a puzzle piece with a pig on it? Hear it “oink”! Half-way done with the puzzle? It’ll cheer you on to keep going!

I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System fisher-price classics

In Mode 2, play Find & Seek as your child learns to identify the objects in the puzzle image and in Mode 3, each puzzle has its own unique game to play. The three separate levels of game play allow the I-Jig to grow with your child.

The system includes 2 x 24-piece puzzles, puzzle keys and a Parent Guide with extended learning and play ideas. 3 x AAA batteries required (not included).

Option 3: Additional puzzle refills are available in 2 assorted styles and sold separately, giving your child
new ways to discover the magic of the I-Jig.

Available at Target. MSRP $24.99


What is your all-time favourite Fisher-price toy?


I’m apart of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation
with being a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador {#FisherPriceMoms}. The opinions on this blog are my own.





  1. I think my favorite Fisher Price toy was the educational clock. It was built like a little house with a clock face. I taught my children how to tell time with it! 🙂

  2. omg i love these toys and i know my daughter would have so much fun with them. i love the see n say talking game and the chatter phone!!

  3. I really like the idea of the I Jig, my niece will be 2 in February however, she gets so many gifts that this is one her parents can put away until age appropriate! cheers

  4. It is great seeing them re-invent some of these classiscs! I remember having a See N Say and the phone!

  5. Love the classic Fisher-Price toys! I have bought a few for my little guys and just love watching them enjoy the same toys I did as a child!

  6. I loved so many I cant think of one right now. I would love to find all of the originals from when I was a child.

  7. I remember these when our family was younger. I’m happy to see them again. There are hours of enjoyment and education here.

  8. My girls had the chatter phone, and now they are teenagers. At least I a great niece to spoil , thank you:)

  9. My all time favourite toy was the Fisher Price Family Play Farm Barn & Silo. The classic Fisher Price toys are so awesome and most kids still enjoy playing with them.

  10. Love these as a child, I did see them out again, Guess what my great niece got for christmas…. You got it, from me it was Fisher Price toys (choose my favorites)

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