12 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season

Holiday Shopping doesn’t have to break the bank and leave you crying on Boxing Day! There are plenty of ways that you can save money during the holidays, without feeling like scrooge.

12 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season

12 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season:

  1. Make a list and stick to it ~ Not only will you have an idea how how much it could cost, but then you can be on the lookout for those items on sale, at all times. 
  2. Always use a coupon ~ Very seldom do I ever make a purchase without an instore coupon {better if I can coupon stack}, or a promo code to save online. It takes saving coupons you see in newspaper, flyers and mail-outs,  {or doing a search online for item name and ‘coupon’ or ‘sale’}, but it’s totally worth it! 
  3. Don’t forget to use those social media sites ~ Check out the brand or business on Facebook or following them on Twitter, and you can get direct news of sales and ways to save on those products. It doesn’t hurt to sign-up for newsletters either, as long as they don’t send them so often that it’s annoying, this is a great way to learn about sales and discounts!
  4. Giveaways and contests ~ It only takes minutes to enter giveaways, and someone has to win! It could be you and that means you could win free gifts this time of year. Now, how could a ‘saving’ get any better than that? In fact, if you have your heart set on a specific item, try Google searching for that item with the word ‘contest’ or ‘giveaway’. Remember, the more you enter, the greater your chances are of winning – yet you don’t have a chance if you don’t enter at all. 
  5. Freebies ~ Many companies and brands offer up samples of their products, and I grab them where ever I can. Not only are sample sizes great for testing out a new product before committing to a purchase, they are also great for use during travel – or as a stocking stuffer gift! And again, it’s free for you! 
  6. Stay on the lookout BOGO or a free gift with purchase ~ This is a great way to make 2 gifts out of one purchase. Whenever visiting a site, always check their sales and promos section, you can find great treasures in there!
  7. Do the math ~ Make sure to not fall for a 50% off sale right off the bat. While it may seem like a great idea, there may be hidden costs that will make that final price skyrocket. For instance, the cost of shipping could very well make that purchase a very expensive one, and a free shipping offer on a regular priced item could be the better deal. So, make sure to calculate which is the best savings for you. 
  8. Re-gift ~ Now, I’m not saying to take that pair of socks out of your drawer and wrap it up. But, if you got a gift card last year that is still un-used, chances are you won’t use it anytime soon. So why not gift it to someone will will use it right away? Or, use that gift card to buy someone you know a gift! Same goes with that package of bath soaps you’ve never used, still sitting on a shelf all wrapped. If that brand or scent is just not your thing, there is someone who would love it. And hey, you clean up your house a little at the same time – organize that chaos!
  9. Shop smart ~ To make your holiday shopping more stress-free, make sure to start right now if you haven’t already. There’s great sales and discounts out there. And, by finishing early, you avoid the holiday rush and avoid the chance you’ll just choose anything at full price, just to get outta there! 
  10. Make your own gifts ~ Whether it be a baked item, or a crafted one, this adds a personal touch and usually costs a fraction of the price. If you see a great sale on photo books, make one as a gift! Better yet, involve the kids and it’ll be even better. Keep in mind that money is saved, but you need the time to complete these jobs! And don’t procrastinate either or that’s bring you back to #8
  11. Wrap presents with magazines or newspapers ~ You can save a ton by doing without expensive Christmas gift wrapping. It’s free, it’s eco-friendly as it’s recycling, and it gives that ‘from the heart’ look. Again, get the kids involved and have them colour and draw the newspaper or write notes on it. It’s a fun project for them, and it crosses that wrapping off the to-do list.
  12. Give home-made coupons ~ This gift option costs nothing but it shows you care enough to think of what someone really needs. Ideas for coupons include: wash their car, babysit, a massage, or help cleaning their house. This is especially good for those that cannot easily complete tasks themselves or new parents. 

This Christmas doesn’t have to be the most expensive time of year. And there’s no reason that the holidays should leave you broke with a huge credit card debt.

Take note of these money-saving tips and let me know if you have a sure-fire way that saves you money at Christmas!


  1. I always write down what I bought for each person so I don’t miss anyone or go overboard!

    1. I do the same Diane, and then live in panic each year that someone will find my master list! lol

    1. So nice! I have a dear friend that does that, I always love her gifts each year! Homemade is awesome!

  2. I make jams in the fall for gifts, get a head start on the gifts and use up the berries from our trees!

  3. Great ideas! With sites like airmiles shops and ebates, it’s easy to get something back as well if you are shopping online for gifts.

  4. This was a great article to read for holiday shopping and contained tips which I know I already use. I believe the main one is set a budget because if you don’t you will be dealing with shopper’s regret when the credit card bill comes in January.

  5. Awesome tips! I’ve definitely gifted prizes that I’ve won. I’ve been making lots of homemade gifts in the last couple of years – shortbread, homemade wine, even a delicious peppermint body scrub that was SO easy to make, and impressed everyone I gave it to!

  6. Great hints! GIfts in a jar (aka mixes) are a real hit with some individuals (the type who like to cook but don’t have time) and they can be wrapped quite prettily as well. There are lots of sites with fun recipes and/or printable tags.

  7. I only recently discovered how much there is to be won online. It is exciting to find out your entry has won and yes, it is a great way to save money – at this time of year especially. Its possible to have gifts for many people on your list without spending anything. 🙂

  8. These are great tips! Since I’ve still got shopping to do, this will come in handy! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the tips list! I also save up all my travel-sized samples for stocking stuffers.

  10. I always try to budget, but when I get out in the stores I always see something else to buy

  11. I’ve always been careful with re-gifting but this year I’ve made it work for me. I was just really careful to not ‘cross re-gift’ and kept the previous giver and new receiver away from eachother!

  12. Awesome tips – I shop a little all year as I see things on clearance etc. and make sure that I stick to giving these items to friends/family at Christmas – this way I’m not stuck with huge credit card bills in January as I have paid for it all year long.

  13. Great ideas. I did the BOGO the other day, but it was buy one get one half. Still a great deal!

  14. Ive saved a bit this christmas by giving some of the prizes I have won for gifts. very tight squeeze this year with our move, the buyers of our house backing out 5 days before signing. two mortgages till house resold at a huge loss. and truck dying. but upwards and forward for 2014.

  15. All great tips…Also, If you see something early on that you know someone will like and it’s a great deal get it…It may not be there later.

  16. These are great tips. I’m bad for waiting last minute, which I end up spending more doing it that way… but I do search for coupons and price match everything. Christmas shouldn’t cause you to go into debt!

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