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My girls love going to their grandparents’ house, and one of the reasons is all the new-to-them Vintage Fisher-Price. It’s a fact that the toys there are all my husbands’ toys when he was a kid {and in prestine condition, I must add}. Remember the little record player? That was one of my favorites growing up!! Hand-eye coordination, the feeling of the rivets on the records. And, the cause-effect of the music played.


 Front and center to all these toys, is hubby’s old collection of Fisher-Price toys, mainly the Little People.


 The Barn with silo, trailer and more, circa the 80’s. So, obviously my husband used to have the coolest toys growing up and can now prove it {And kudos to his parents for keeping all those toys safe for so many years}. Though we don’t have original Fisher-Price toys in our own home, my girls have many current play sets which they enjoy just the same.


Hubby and I both recall our days playing with Little People Playsets very well. And, I can’t help but stare and smile at my daughters, 30 years later – playing with the same sets that we once did. The routine is the same, put the people in the trailer and drive them around. Make a pen for the little rooster using those tiny fences. Ahh, memories!

Years later, my first child got her first Fisher-Price Little People Playset, she loved this house so much!


Now it’s 2011 and my twins get to play with the original Little People, the early 2000’s version of my first daughters’ and the most current Little People toys available.


30 years agoor today, kids have been and are still learning through play, with Fisher-Price.

It’s amazing to see and nostalgic to get in there and play with them. Yes, I still have a place in my heart and in my home, for Little People. Entertaining and teaching kids all over the world.

Do you have any original Fisher-Price toys, which you just can’t let go of?


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  1. Very sweet! Your girls are adorable!! My mother kept all of our original Little People toys from the houses to campers and farms, even a Sesame Street clubhouse, and all of the adorable original little people. A couple of years ago, she donated them to the local primary school in our neighbourhood. When Aidan was in SK last year, I was thrilled to learn that the Fisher Price toys from my childhood were kept in his classroom, and he played with them every day! Each time that I went to that room for a meeting with the teacher, I had to hold back from sitting cross-legged on the floor and playing myself 🙂 I’m sure they’ll last another 100 years and continue to put smiles on children’s faces.

    1. That is sweet Shauna!!
      Even after my kids have outgrown them, I’m sure they will still be kept by our family – would love to see my grandkids play with them too.
      Did I just say Grandkids??!

  2. That is so cool, that he still has all his old toys. My hubby and I just purchased the Fisher Price little people Super Hero set for my son, my husband is so excited. His son will be playing with Bathman, Joker, and I just know we are going to keep that set forever.

    We have so many Fisher Price toys in our house and so many more to come, this is really a wonderful post.

    1. Thanks Jayde!
      I don’t think I have seen the Super Hero set – sounds like it would be fun though!

  3. My mom has kept all of our Fisher Price toys, and I too love watching my girls play with them. Mainstreet, Sesame Street, and the Sesame Street Clubhouse are all favourites here. Oh, and we are also in love with the music box record player! Even though kids now-a-fays are a step removed from the LP experience, it is still an incredible toy. Did you know it’s been re-released? I recently saw it for sale on the Chapters website. Guess what’s going to be under our tree this year?

    1. really? That I did not know!!
      And yes, the record player is one of my faves – I still remember playing with it as a kid – and dancing….
      good times!

  4. My parents have one of the first Little People houses that I love watching the kids play with. We bought one of the newer versions {The Busy Day Home}, but it wasn’t the same.

    My grandparents had the old wooden clock that we used to carry around as kids. Target sold them last year in their vintage collection. I bought it, but it wasn’t the same as the old one. It was not wood, and the design was printed and glue pressed on.

    I do have to say that overall we still love Fisher Price. Mica got super into the Little People. I knew all the main character’s names from the videos. Now both kids get into Team GeoTrax!

  5. We have that record player still! I bought it from the second hand store before my first son was born and it’s still a hit with my boys. I love that it doesn’t need batteries and it’s practically indestructible!

    1. yes – no batteries!! Love that aspect!
      And all babies love feeling the rivits on the records…. such smart design, strengthens all the senses!

  6. I still have my circus train (although some of the plastic has started cracking and breaking). I also have the Hickory Dickory clock, some little people and little cars for them.

    I’ve accumulated some of my old favourites since I’ve become an adult like the record player, the cash register, a house and today for $5 a castle in great condition!!!

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