Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat

Design and LogoBritax and DesignThere’s a reason that Britax continues to be the most trusted name in car seats, and there’s a reason why Britax products have been features on My Organized Chaos, multiple times through the years. Britax is one company that I have noticed that continues to improve their car seats and integrate the newest and most efficient technologies in each product. When something can be made better or built safer – Britax is always on top of the game. And when it comes to baby, toddler or child safety, Britax is one brand that is recognized for their superior designs.

Not only does Britax excel in safety, they also have some of the trendiest designs around.

When I had my oldest daughter, I researched and researched car seats when choosing ours. Back then I recall Britax appearing continuously. Even today, Britax was always at the top of every list, for many reasons. Sure, I admit, Britax car seats are more expensive than others out there, yet car seats are used for so long, why cheap out on something that will be used for years. And, most important – who can put a price tag on a childs’ safety.

A new Britax product has been tested by my family for a few months, the Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat {side note: if you have heard of the Marathon 70, the difference is location. In Canada, seats can only be certified up to 65lbs forward facing, vs 70lbs in the states}. The Britax Marathon 65 utilizes Safe Cell Technology which helps lower the center of gravity and keeps the child from being pushed forward in a crash.

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Integrated Steel Bars reinforce and strengthen the connection to the vehicle while reducing forward flexing of the child and possible injury. As well, the Energy Absorbing Versa Tether slows the rate of forward movement and keeps the top of the child attached to the seat. Those ARE the top reasons why parents choose the Britax Marathon 65.

Features of the Marathon 65

Britax and Seat

  • SafeCell™ Technology:
    features SafeCells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat
  • Integrated Steel Bars:
    strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash
  • Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether®:
    features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat

Seat and CarYet while it’s designed for safety, it’s also fit, comfort and style that makes this seat stand out to me. I also have the Britax Advocate for the twins as well it has the Side Impact technology, so the Advocate is best placed beside Isabelle {to protect her from hurting herself against a car seat in the event of a crash}.

The Britax Marathon 65 would be chosen by those with very small vehicles and when no-one sits next to the car seat {since it doesn’t have the Side Impact Technology}. Or, two Marathons can fit side by side as well.

Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat For comfort, the Marathon 65 gives head and lumbar support and extra padding. The girls are just so comfortable in their Britax car seats, which makes for a happy ride for any driver.

And, once again {for what may very well be the millionth time}, I cannot boast enough about the lower connectors and how easy they are to tighten to 100% safety to any vehicles’ latch system, and then easily loosen for removal. Connectors on any other seats were always my top complaint, so much tangling and fussing behind the fabric to install. The lower connectors on the Britax car seats makes the seat easy to use, I cannot love this feature more!

TextFor the new parent to one that is looking for a new car seat, Britax is the ultimate in both safety and style in car seats. Safety is the top concern of all parents, and we all want the best for our kids. Simply put, Britax is a brand that you can trust with your kids. If gifting a car seat this year, please don’t put a price on safety – gift the best.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I like the B-AGILE Stroller because of it’s 3 wheel design. The car seat would be for my nephew

  2. Unfortunately I don’t own any britax items but would love the britax b ready stroller. If I won it would be for my baby girl 🙂

  3. I just love the Chaperone Stroller. My friend has one and it’s amazing. I wish I had one. Anyway, if I won this car seat, it would be for my 2 year old son.

    1. Forgot to say WHY I liked the stroller. It’s just so easy to convert into a carriage. It’s also a really smooth ride for the baby.

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  6. I LOVE the marathon for my daughter. She seems to like it and it is the only seat we would pick. The car seat would be for our new baby due in 2012!

  7. I like the Chaperone stroller because it looks very handy. You can use it with an infant carrier until your child is 55 pounds.

    The Britax Marathon 65 would be for my great nephew.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  8. I like the Britax Boulevard car seat best. I find the Advocate a bit wide with the side impact wings, so the Boulevard is a great compromise. This car seat would be for my daughter in a second vehicle we’d be looking to buy.

  9. I love all Britax convertible car seats. They are safe and comfortable. If I won this it would be for my daughter because she doesn’t have a seat in dada’s truck.

  10. This is an amazing car seat, I’ve been looking at purchasing one for my new baby. I’ll wait until Dec 2, 2011. I’ll like to win the Boulevard 65 CS, it matches my car! BTW some of your links back to Britax are not working.

  11. I like the BRITAX BABY CARRIER because it can carry a baby from 8lbs to 32lbs, so it would last a long time and its very versatile!

    If I won, this would be for my daughter!

  12. I would love the Frontier XT in Livia color for my daughter..
    She is growing up fast and this is the size we need now. It looks comfie and very safe and I love that it has 2 cupholders on it..

  13. I like the B-Agile stroller, it seems like something that would fit my needs perfect (plus I like the way it looks) and if I won, it would be for me 🙂

  14. I love the B-NIMBLE stroller, especially the green colour, it is the size of an umbrella stroller but stronger and better quality, and it would fit my daughter for longer, which would make life easier when she gets tired of walking.
    If I were to win the car seat, it would be for my ever growing toddler.

  15. I love the B-NIMBLE stroller because i love the look of it and i love that it is lightweight and convenient

  16. I am partial to the Britax Frontier. My kids are all bigger and could use a seat that can accommodate them. I would be putting my 3 year old into this seat if I wil, because our current seat is near expiry.

  17. I love the carseats. Makes me feel like my child is safe. If I won, I would use this for my youngest who is shortly going to outgrow her current carseat.

  18. I love that you can rear face until 40 lbs with the Marathon 65 and a few others as well. I also love their fabric options (especially cowmooflage lol). If I won, this seat would be for my 2 year old son 🙂

  19. the B-AGILE stroller would be great to own, but the PARKWAY SGL booster would also be awesome to own. as i have both an infant and toddler i tend to look for products that are sturdy, well made, easy to use and can be used for both children.

  20. I really like the roundabout. it’s an affordable convertible by britax yet just as safe as all their other seats. i would be putting our three year old in the marathon. (had to switch him out of his roundabout for his little brother, but the 3 yr old really doesn’t like his big boy eddie bauser booster and wants back in the britax.)

  21. I don’t own an Britax products yet, but I’m soon going to be in the market for a convertible carseat and would really like a Marathon 65 for my 12 month old son!

  22. I really like the FRONTIER XT SICT. I love that is used as a harnessed seat, that can be then used as a booster once the harness is outgrown. If I won the Marathon 65, it would be for one of my sons.

  23. My favorite britax products would have to be all of their car seats. They are so safe and comfortable for children. They also allow for extended rear facing which is great. If I won this car seat I would be using it for my next baby due in December.

  24. Advocate CS. A friend of mine has it for her child and loves it. It sounds to be so much better than the one we have, that I really want it now. But Marathon 65 is a great alternative too 🙂

  25. I like the B-Ready stroller because I have two kids now and I love that it has the extra seat option

    the car seat would be for my son if I won

  26. I love the Britax Boulevard 70CS for it’s safety & convenience features. The Marathon 65 would be for my son.

  27. I love the B-Ready stroller because it is so compact & can fit 2 babies! Definitely planning on purchasing it soon..
    If I win the Marathon carseat it will be for my sweet son, this is actually on his Christmas list because we want the BEST seat out there for him! Maybe we will be lucky??

    I also LIKE your Facebook page & added your Holiday Button.. Not sure how to subscribe through e-mail, yet

  28. I have been wanting the B-Ready Stroller for awhile now! I love that it has the option of adding the second seat to turn it into a double stroller!

    This seat would be for our youngest! He JUST turned 1 and needs to be moving out of his infant seat soon. He is still small enough for a bit longer but we want a good convertible seat so we can keep him rear-facing! It would be a blessing to win this one!

  29. I’d love the Organic Baby Carrier. Love that it’s up to 32lbs.
    The car seat would be for my son or daughter, Our current one is not very good, but good ones are so expensive…

  30. I like the Marathon actually. We have the retired Boulevard but it has done A LOT of travelling (we always take it on the plane, taxi, rental cars)! It’s very well “used” and we can use another one SO, it would be for my son!

  31. I would love a B-Agile! As a working mom dragging two kids through a busy school parking lot the easy fold and maneuvering of the B-Agile would be awesome!

  32. I like the B-AGILE because its light weight. If I win the car seat it will go to my grandson who is outgrowing his infant car seat fast!

    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  33. i love the B-AGILE stroller, very easy to use. And I would give this win to my sister who has a 6 month old, and loves britax,

  34. I really like the Chapperone stroller. This car seat would be for my daughter.
    Lisa_june at hotmail dot com

  35. I like the B-READY stroller. It has so many great features and will hold a child up to 55lbs, so it would accommodate my son or daughter. The car seat would be for my little girl.

  36. i like the b nimble cause it’s so compact and light yet still has room for storage and the seat would be for my son’
    nannypanpan at

  37. I love the Marathon carseat, we have one and love it. If i won this would be for my husbands car so we didnt have to undo it each week

  38. Unfortunately I don’t own any britax items, but my son is in need of a new car seat and I have been trying to save up for a Britax car seat. He is 9 mths today and out growing his infant seat fast!!

  39. I love the Marathon carseat. We have one for our older son and will need one for our younger one soon.

  40. I love the Baby Carrier Organic, it looks really comfortable. This seat would be for my son, he’s ready to move into a convertible carseat.


  41. I love the Britax B Ready stroller – it’s so easy to use and I love how my son sits up higher than a regular stroller.

  42. Love the B-NIMBLE because it’s lightweight and is compatible with my carseat (peg perego)

  43. I like the Chaperone car seat because it has the Anti-Rebound Bar! If I won this I would give it to my SIL who is due in May 2012.

  44. I love the B Ready stroller because it has the option to have a second seat if we have a second child. If I won this would be for my daughter

  45. what i love the most about britax carseats and is the safecell technology you can never be too safe, or prepared. I’ve had friends who’ve been in accidents and the britax performed as it is intended to

  46. I like the look of the Combination Harness-2-Booster seat for my two year old. I love it when they get to move to a booster seat (because it’s just easier) and this one seems to let it happen sooner by being a combo car seat/booster idea. Awesome!

  47. would be for my little boy and love FRONTIER XT SICT best. wow — what a seat! Side Impact Cushion Technology
    features energy-absorbing cushions on the exterior of the child seat to reduce side impact crash energy by 45% by diverting crash forces away from your child and providing extra protection for the adjacent passenger — nice!!

  48. I also love the Chaperone because this stroller looks well worth the money, I’d love to have it because I have a 1 week old son and 3 year old son and no stroller. Moneys tight. If I won this carseat it would be for my 3 year old son!

  49. Chaperone Stroller is such a cute looking one. That is my favorite,
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

    the seat would be for my grandson so we do not have to keep switching from car to car.

  50. I like the B-Scene stroller as it looks like a good versatile stoller for us, and just looks good!
    The car seat would be for us – for my daughter. I’ve only heard excellent things about Britax.

  51. I also like the PARKWAY SGL booster…if I win it would be for a friend 🙂

    justasmalltownmommy at gmail dot com

  52. I love the B-ready stroller, it looks so stylish and easily moveable! This would be a perfect gift for my cousin who’s expecting.

  53. Mandatory: I love the B-Scene stroller because of the curvature; instead of being a wide square stroller and have to squeeze through spaces it’s also easier to maneuver on sandy surfaces.

  54. I love the carseats, but also really like the B-AGILE stroller. Loving the three wheels, and the style – also love that it holds kids up to 55lbs! The carseat would be for my son… his current seat will expire soon.

  55. I have a Frontier ( in pink – lol) for my middle dd, and we love it. I would love to get the Britax 65 for my little guy.

  56. I love the Britax B-ready. I think it is awesome that it converts from a single to a double in seconds. That way both my kids can ride, but I am not stuck with a double forever.

    This car seat would be for my little BIG guy. He is just over a year and outgrew his infant seat, so this would be awesome!

  57. I am following your blog via Google Friend Connect.

    wiesefamily at hotmail dot com

  58. Both my kids are currently using Britax. My older one is on the Parkway SGL after outgrowing the Marathon 65 and the younger one is on the Boulevard 65.
    I hope to win it for my brother and his girlfriend who are expecting in the beginning of February 2012. I wouldn’t trust my kids on anything other than a Britax.


  59. I love the Parkway Booster because is very safe. The car seat would be for my son.

  60. I love the FRONTIER 85 SICT. It would be great for when my daughter needs a booster seat.

    1. I like it becasue my daughter walk alot and the B-AGILE Stroller would be perfect for that.

      The car seat would be for my grandchild.

  61. I like the britax baby carrier..This car seat would be for my 2 year old son who does not have on at the moment!

  62. I really like the Britax Marathon 65. With a second Baby on the way.. It would help with purchasing a 2nd car seat for my DD as forward facing or for the new baby as Rear facing. 🙂

  63. This would be my first britax item – it would be for my 7 month old daughter.

  64. I love the b-scene stroller the best because it has a Large under seat storage
    This seat would be for my son if i won

  65. I like the Britax Advocate 65. I love the SafeCell™ Technology in their car seats, this car seat would be for my little girl as she is out growing her infant seat soon.

  66. My favorite Britax product is the Advocate car seat. I would like to have one because of the saety features it provides for our little one. If I won this seat it would be for my soon to be child.

  67. After researching car seats in stores, the Britax seats definitely have the best features. The easy to adjust straps, the tether, and latch are great. Years ago, I was familiar with the Roundabout, but all the new models are excellent.

    I would be using this car seat for my baby due in 2012.

  68. I bought the Britax Marathon for my daughter and she is still using it 4 years later! I love it! I am having another baby so I need a new car seat.

  69. I also like the B-Nimble since we don’t have a stroller that fits through aisles. Thanks!



  71. B-SCENE is what I am loving, it just looks like a great stroller. If I won the car seat, it would go to my sister in law who is just starting their family.

  72. I don’t own any Britax products yet, but I love their car seats. I would love to have a Boulevard, Advocate, or Marathon seat for my daughter.

  73. My favourite item at Britax is their marathon 65 seat in cowhide pattern. I’d give it to my friend who just had a baby and will need a seat once her infant grows out of the bucket style seat.

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  75. I love the idea of the B Agile stroller. I want convenience, light weight, and easy for a stroller. This seat would be for my baby boy

  76. Love the marathon, love all the saftey features, perfect for my little guy who is outgrowing his carseat carrier!

  77. I also like the B-Agile because of the 3 wheel design. They can go anywhere and are super easy to push! Living in the country, this is definitely a must-have! I would love the Britax Marathon 65 as one of my friend’s purchased it for her daughter and loved it as well. It would be for my newborn son who is quickly outgrowing his infant seat.

  78. I love the B-Ready travel stroller system. I love that you can really custom design the system to fit your needs. I especially love the bassinet add-on. :o)

    I would love to win this car seat for my niece. I keep her full-time and it would be a blessing to have a car seat to keep here.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :o)

  79. I would love to win a car seat. I just had a baby girl, Adalynn, in July and she is quickly out growing her infant seat. Due to rare complications from birth, I cannot return back to work and my husband was recently laid off after working for the same company for 15 years. We are going to need to purchase a bigger car seat for her soon but we will not be able to do so due to our income. It would be such a blessing to win.

  80. I really like the CHAPERONE stroller because it has all the features I am looking for in a stroller. One feature I really like is the adjustable handle (great for me or my husband)! If I won, this car seat would be for my baby girl.

  81. I LOVE Britax for its safety ratings! I don’t own any yet but I will need to upgrade my infant sons’ car seats and winning this seat would be a great help, considering I need to buy 2! This seat would be for one of my two 11 month old twin boys 🙂

  82. I like the B-AGILE Stroller. If I won the car seat would be for my soon to be baby.

  83. I like the B-SCENE Stroller because of the Stylish, 3-wheel design and the One-step linked brake locks. If I won the Marathon 65 car seat from Britax it would be for my son.

  84. I really like the CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG, as it’s such a great idea to keep everything clean, in one piece and safe! If I won, this would be a gift to a single mom I know who could really use this!

  85. I LOVE the Britax Boulevard carseat that we have. It is phenomenal, and since we are trying for #2, this one would be for us 🙂 I feel like I could drive a falling apart 98 sentra and still feel like my little one was safe in the Britax.

  86. I love the Britax Marathon (don’t own one) and would love one for my 2 year old. She’s in a Eddie Bauer car seat that only harnesses to 40 lbs. My older DD is in a Graco that harnesses to 65 (she just hit 40 lbs at 5) and I will need to upgrade my younger DD’s car seat before she hits 40 lbs. I would gift my EB to one of the mom’s in my mom’s group that can’t afford a new carseat.

  87. I love the Boulevard car seat, especially because it comes in bubblegum pink. Super cute.

  88. I love the b-ready stroller, but don’t own it, can’t afford it. I would use this car seat for my new baby.

  89. I’m having my first baby in January and my sister’s friend recommended the Britax Marathon for its longevity. This is how I discovered the Britax brand, and now I have fallen in love with their products (I am buying their B-Agile stroller and B-Safe infant carseat. I was sold when I saw how easily it folds and how lightweight and compact it was).

  90. I also like the B-Agile stroller, because it is just that, and would like to win because my grandson is going to start picking up his nephew for daycare to give his sister a break from traveling extra miles (with his new hours, it is right on his way back from work) and we need a better car seat for his vehicle than the one we currently have available.

  91. My favortie Britax product is the BRITAX BABY CARRIER ORGANIC because I like that it’s made from 100% organic cotton (all for the enviornment). This would be for my co-worker who has a baby shower at the end of the month.
    hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

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  94. I like the Advocate 65 CS because it has the newest side impact technology and gotta love the no rethread harness! If I won, this seat would be for my son.

  95. We are expecting another baby in July so I would get the Chaperone carseat. Also if I win this carseat it would be for my son. Or we might use it for the new baby.

  96. We have and love the Frontier 85 booster. I love this seat and feel my daughter is safer in it. There is now safer car seat out there.mI am pregnant now and if we won this would for this baby due in April.

  97. I like the B-Agile Stroller because it is compact and travel system compatible. This would be for my daughter if I win.

  98. I like the B Agile stroller,would be great for our constant outings. The seat would be for my son.

  99. I love the BReady stroller because it is so versatile and can be used with a growing family (like ours!)