2011 Halloween with My Chaos

Despite a bit of hail, blowing rain and a cold walk from house to house – my kids had such a great Halloween! My little Vampire Princess and the Cat and Dog loved everything about the day. Many memories were made!

posing for a picture

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  1. so nice! The weather held out for us.. the evening before there was a huge storm, so the kids were lucky! Hope they enjoyed the evening and cleaned up with treats!

    1. Thanks Annie – I did that so quickly – b/c we were late and I didn’t want them to rub it all off before we left the house. Literally, all 3 in under 5 minutes – and…. go!!!
      Speedy Mom!

  2. Very cute costumes. I’m glad they had fun despite the weather. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.

  3. I am glad your cute kids had fun despite the weather. So many areas were hit bad. we get a lot of cold and rain on Halloween, I remember lots of frozen fingers, but enjoying the “hunt” anyway.

  4. Your kids look great. I remember beginning to read your blog and I think it was around the time that the twins had their first birthday.

    1. Awe – thanks for sticking around, Jayne!!
      They had their 3rd in July, time really does fly!
      But, so happy I have it all written down right here!

  5. What an AWESOME photo of your girls. I just love Halloween. We had a great night too! I was Princess Leia and my son was Chewbacca!

  6. Oh we had rain too! Your babes look adorable!!
    My 12 year old remarked that by the time she got home she looked more like a “Zombie Mime” then a french mime. (Face paint is runny lol)

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  8. I love your kids costumes!! They look so cute (even the vampire princess;-) Happy Wordless Wednesday (and I messed up cropping my image in your linky…but oh well!!)

  9. They look great. Your weather sounds like the Hallowe’ens I grew up with in Newfoundland. We lucked out in TO. They had been forecasting rain, but it was cool and clear

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