Britax Frontier Harness-2-Booster Car Seat


Britax is know for safety, and the Britax Frontier Harness-2-Booster Car Seat is a prime example! Did you know that 1 in 4 car crashes that involve children occur from the side, and side impact collisions can be fatal. The Britax Frontier 85 car seat has ‘True Side Impact Protection’, meaning the design transfers energy away from the child into the padded seat during a crash. You’ll notice this from the image of the seat, the cushioning around the head is superior.


The Energy-Absorbing Base is in the lower portion of the child seat that is specifically designed and engineered to divert crash forces away from your child during a crash. During a crash the vehicle is forced to come to a stop but Car Seateverything else in the vehicle will keep moving until it has come to a stop. In a frontal impact crash, your child’s seat will begin to move forward and as the child seat comes to a stop vertical force is applied to it. The energy required to crush the base is being applied to the base during a crash instead of to your child. The Frontier 85 is the only Britax car seat that features this technology.

Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether is a strap that is located on the back, upper-part of the seat. There is a hook on this strap that attaches to an anchor in your vehicle. The tether system allows you to tether your child seat in either the rear-facing or forward-facing modes. By using the tether, you can reduce the distance that the child’s head moves forward by four to six inches, thereby minimizing the risk of injury during a crash.

A close up of a bag

Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner is an energy-absorbing foam that is placed in the shells and head restraints of all Britax seats. The energy-absorbing foam crushes at the point of contact during a crash and the energy required to crush the foam is absorbed by the foam instead of your child. The foam also acts as a barrier between your child and the rigid seat shell and any other intruding objects such as the vehicle door or window.

Instillation and Use

There is something to be said about the ease of installation when it comes to car seats. I have had a few in the past that have been difficult to install and straps always got twisted and turned. This is my second time with a Britax Car Seat and I am so amazed by the brilliance in design when it comes to the straps, they never get twisted {on the harness or at the back for the anchors}. In fact, the Frontier 85 offers a total of 10 harness positions and three buckle strap positions. To help prevent the harness from twisting and sliding out of place, it has a cobble weave design with sewn buckle stops. At first I took advantage of it being assembled with the 5-point harness and had the Twins test-drive the seat. Then, I took off the harness, to use it as a booster for my oldest daughter.

The Quick-Adjust Head Restraint & No-Rethread Harness easily adjusts the harness shoulder height and head restraint without disassembling.



Britax car seats are undeniably heavier than some other brand of seats {The Frontier as well as the Advocate 70 CS car seat I received earlier in the year}. And this is one thing I do notice about this seat. Yet, once a seat is installed into my vehicle, it’s very rarely moved – so the weight isn’t a negative aspect in my mind. Another thing to note is the plush and quality fabrics and foam used, since they make the seat very comfortable for children {especially for long trips}. The plush seat cover is extremely thick and the underlying foam provides extra comfort, therefore encouraging your child to stay in the proper seating position. The integrated armrests help provide a secure fit and a natural place to rest the arms. The girls also love the integrated cup holders, which can hold common beverages like 20 oz water bottle.

Other Features:

  • Certified for Aircraft Travel in Harness Mode
  • HUGS™ {Harness Ultra Guard System} reduces forward head movement and cushions the chest in the event of impact
  • Durable and Washable Cover in mature fashions for the growing child
  • Premium, Push-Button Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick, simple, and tight installation
  • MSRP (USD) $279.99

When used as a belt-positioning booster the Frontier 85 is compatible with the new Britax SecureGuard Belt Positioning Accessory Clip. The SecureGuard, which is sold separately, works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt during impact, reducing the risk of abdominal injury.

My oldest has been using this car seat since it arrived at our door. I commented the other day, that the Twins could use that seat too, but she wouldn’t hear of it. For now, she has claimed it as her own – and refuses to use the booster seat she had used before she sat in the Frontier 85. To me that says so much for comfort! And, I feel so much assurance knowing she is in such a safe car seat!

Organ and DesignAs for why to give the gift of Britax this year?
Well, for all the reasons stated above!
Whether it’s a car seat or one of their strollers or travel systems, gifting Britax is like giving style and safety.
Now, what parent won’t love that?!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.



  1. Brtiax products look like quality sturdy baby items the B Ready Stoller looks amazing! I would really like to win the car seat or any Britax product for my grandaughter! Thank you for having such great giveaways

  2. The Britax B Ready Stoller looks great! Long have I heard that Britax makes safe, reliable products. It’s a little out of our price range now, but we would love to save up for a Britax car seat for our baby boy. Winning the Britax Frontier 85 would be amazing!

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  8. I love the Britax Boulevard Click. What a great way to know if your babies are nice and snug (and safe) for your next car ride!

  9. Oh I would loooove one of these to move my 2 year old to so I can have his convertable for our 3rd baby on the way!! I love the quality of Britax’s, theyre safe and lots of care is put into making each one! I subscribe by RSS, Like you on Facebook & Liked Britax on Facebook!

  10. I love the B-Scene stroller. Winning this would be perfect timing, as we moved to be closer to my dad, and he is looking to buy a car seat for our son. No more swapping ours from our car to his.

  11. I have always wanted the Britax B-Ready Stroller for my boys 🙂

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  15. I love love love britax products in fact I am it is time to upgrade to a booster seat now, we have the Britax Marathon and have loved it, I don’t think I could ever buy for myself or anyone I know a different brand.

    I’d love to win the new frontier 85!! Thanks

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  19. I love the Marathon Classic. I have one but I bought it used on kijiji and it “expired” last month so I will need to find a new one very soon.
    thanks for the chance!!!!

  20. I love teh marathon and that is what my daughter uses now. We just need another one with a new baby on the way

  21. I like the Blink Britax Stroller. It’s one of the compact, foldable ones but it holds a child a lot longer than most of those type strollers.

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  35. all Britax’s things are great…i would like a Chaparone for new baby coming

  36. I love ANY of their products! We have Marathons but I’m in the market for a different style. This Frontier would be great!

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  39. I love all Britax products! They are the safest around and feel secure knowing we use them with the kids. My favorite product out right now is the b-ready stroller!

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  48. I love the Britax Regent my petite 9 year old is riding in now. Excited for the Frontier 85 and the ability to keep her in a quality seat for much longer!

  49. I love the idea of the stroller bassinet that fits in the B-READY or B-SCENE strollers. It would come in handy with the use of a stroller but also if you are on the go and need a spot for baby to sleep at someone else’s house.

  50. I also love their B-ready stroller.
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  52. The B Ready Stroller looks like a lot of fun. I have the Chaperone travel system and LOVE it! Once you go Britax it’s hard to go back!

  53. I like Britax B-Ready, because it is capable to expand to a two baby stroller if needed!

  54. I love the Advocate 70 CS Car seat. It looks so well made and safe.

  55. LOVE this seat. My little boy is 38 pounds and his seat only goes to 40 but I am currently fighting cancer, just had treatment and isolation last week and been an emotionally and financially devastating year. Also like ADVOCATE 70 CS
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  56. Would love to try the Britax B-Ready Stroller:) Love the Bassinet accessorie as well. Their innovation if amazing! Strollers have come so far since our last one 6 years ago.

  57. B-Ready Stroller looks like it is ready for anything. Amazingly well-made.
    I am a definitely impressed!

  58. I really like their B-ready strollers. They look solid!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  64. I also love the B-Ready Stroller and the Boulevard 70 CS car seat.
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  65. The B Ready stroller is really interesting!

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    and I would love this carseat. My daughter is outgrowing her old one.

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