Travel Insurance For Canadians

Looking for Travel Insurance For Canadians?

With winter hitting us Canadians hard already {-45 last week, yikes!}, my family has already begun thinking of our winter getaway. Yet amidst the booking, packing and celebrating – please do not forget to get yourself some travel insurance.

It’s a simple step that could possibly end up saving you much grief and a ton of money. And since I like to blog about ways to save you money, time and energy here on My Organized Chaos – it only makes sense to discuss the importance of travel insurance.

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My first experience with using travel insurance while outside of Canada, was when I went on a student exchange to Europe in high school. On the midnight flight there, I managed to break my glasses {what a way to start a trip!}. No worries, or so I thought, since I also wear contacts. Yet during my first day in Paris, I developed a terrible eye infection, and could not wear contact lenses. The pain was intense and a doctor was called to visit me in the hostel. Needless to say, my parents were very thankful that they had gotten emergency hospital and medical insurance, so that I could see a doctor, get medication and buy a new pair of glasses. The frugal price of travel insurance saved my parents thousands, and within a day I could actually sight see – with sight. Can you imagine paying all that money and not being able to enjoy your trip?

On our last family trip to Mexico, we almost forgot to get travel insurance, yet thankfully we remembered the day before we left. Though we didn’t need to use it during that particular vacation, it brings valuable peace of mind – so that you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about much hassle and unexpected costs.

Whether you are traveling within Canada or taking part in out of country travel, insurance is one of those things that should be added and crossed off that list before you leave. For those that think that travel insurance is too costly, think again. Do some research and you will see that it’s actually a small price for something that is so crucial – and could leave you very thankful when you get home.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, opinions are my own.


  1. We get insurance whenever we go to Mexico. It is easy and not expensive – you never know!

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  4. Thank you for the helpful reminder of the importance of travel insurance. I am excited that our new credit card will provide travel insurance if we use it to book our travel. I need it because in the past I have taken the risk and travelled without medical insurance. Now with two little ones added to the travelling picture, insurance is even more important. The extra insurance policies that credit cards provide really are great.

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