1. That’s so funny. My 7yo son watches it upside down on the couch. The girls are so adorable! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. OMG, they totally look like double the trouble Tammi – too too too super cute 🙂

    I watch TV like that all the time!!

  3. Hahahah!!! They are so cute! I can’t believe how flexible little kids are….. and how it all changes as we get older. *smh* I can barely touch my toes now.

    Happy Wordless Wednesday, girly!

  4. Soooo cute! My daughters like to watch TV like that too!! It must be comfortable… On my way to try this out ;D

  5. Oh, if THAT’S not a picture of just plain adorable, I don’t know what it is. Oh, and I DO watch TV like that. Just sayin’. lol

  6. What a strange way of watching television. But if it works for them, it is alright. I love how they are both doing the same things.

  7. Sure I do. Hahahaha. Nope, doesn’t happen. If I got on the floor like that, I’d have three dogs on top of me thinking I wanted to play.

  8. Hehe! Look at those little cutie pies xD
    I know this is funny, but sometimes I watch tv like that and in other weird ways-I’m just a weird contortionist like that. LOL

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