Azul Sensatori for the Second Time: Family Travel


When coming home from press trips, I’m often asked by friends and family, if the treatment I received was the ‘norm’. It’s easy to say that as press we are given the ‘royal treatment’ because of who we are and what we are there for. It’s only a given that companies and resorts want to show press ‘the best of the best’, and I don’t blame them at all! Since, as members of the press, our experiences land in the minds of others, anyone would want to push the positive. It’s life, y’all.

Yet, when I know without uncertainty that my experience is valid, true and constant whether I’m wearing my ‘press hat’ or not, I’m a total fan. And, you’d want to hear about these instances of consistency, right?

Last year I went with my fellow #FisherPriceMoms to Azul Beach, a resort by Karisma Hotels in the Mayan Riviera. We went to check out their 3 resorts {Beach, Fives and Sensatori} as well as have a closer look at Azul’s partnership with Fisher-Price. As I mention in the links above, it was an amazing trip and the entire experience raised the bar for me when it comes to all-inclusive resorts.

Yet, is that the norm? Would the average ‘joe blow on a holiday’ really experience what we did?

As a travel writer, I had to find out.

So, I went back to Azul Sensatori, this time with my own family for a vacation.

azul sensatori family travel myorgnaizedchaos

Was our experience the same, when not on an organized press trip? When there wasn’t literally banners to welcome just us specifically, with more welcome messages right there on the TV screens for all to see? {literally, they did}

Answer: It was even better. 

I learned on my last visit about the unique toy lending program, yet this time I got to experience it first hand. With my own kids and via friends we made while there, who had babies and small children. I actually witnessed how valuable it was to borrow toys during the stay instead of packing them. I saw the surprise and relief on Mom’s faces when Fisher-Price highchairs were sterilized and wrapped until use, so that parents knew they were clean.

I thanked the stars for the Fisher-Price toys at the restaurants, so that the kids could play after eating {quietly}, so that my husband and I could finish our meal. Best of all, I didn’t have to bring these toys with me, wash them after and then lug them back to the room. Convenience!

azul hotels for kids

I got to see the joy on my kids’ faces when Sonya-Lee and Eddie showed up at dinner and had a little dance party with the kids. My girls’ eyes popped out when they saw them and then rushed to them like celebrities to give them a hug. A video of them dancing with beloved characters will always be one of my favorites.

We befriended a family at the resort that could not speak more highly about the stroller lending program at Azul. They didn’t have to bring their own and all the stress that comes with taking one on vacation. Another Mom was almost in tears of happiness when Azul offered her formula when she’d run out of her own supply. It was remarkable what a difference these things make to traveling families and how much it impacts the entire stay.

azul hotels fisher price partnership

Order extra bottles of water to your room, it’s brought in record time, on a silver platter! Huh? Not something I’d ever expect to occur, but when it does, it sure knocks you on your feet as being incredibly awesome. It’s such a minor thing, but makes a lasting impression, trust me.

As well, when you call room service {front desk} for anything, you can bet that within minutes of delivery, your concierge is calling you on the phone to make sure you got said items, that they are adequate PLUS make sure there isn’t anything else need at this time. It’s things like this that makes a guest feel wanted, valued. Azul WANTS you to be entirely happy and we’ve decided that they’d do pretty much anything to make sure that happens.

The staff. Oh dear the wonderful staff. We really made lifelong friends at this resort, not only with other resort guests, yet with those that worked there as well. They are so kind, to everyone {and I DID compare notes with other families the entire vacation to see if their experience was exactly the same as ours. It was!}.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 2.33.33 PM

For instance, the pool waiter on the first day asked all of our names. When he was on shift later that week, he STILL remembered them. Besides the fact that most bow before walking away, saying ‘It’s my pleasure’, we really got to know a lot of them as people.

One poolside waitress was notorious for taking the time to get to know our kids and us, stopping to chat and not only to take our drink order. We learned of her own child, what she liked to do on her days off etc. {btw, she’s pregnant with her second right now and I think of her often. I so wish her the best and miss our talks on Motherhood}

azul sensatori family review

Kind, generous and so friendly. I compare the staff to Disney Cast Members, standing out as those that go above and beyond the call of duty. It’s remarkable.

This also is the case with the Azulitos Club {kids club} staff. My daughters cried and cried when they had to say goodbye to the Azulitos ladies. Sort of like close family, even lifelong babysitters, these ladies are incredible!

Many times we’d be sitting by the pool and they’d come by and just play with my girls or would personally come to our room and invite them to events taking place. You can really tell they love their jobs and that they adore children, and that alone makes all the difference when it comes to kids’ comfort zones, their happiness – as well as the parents’ peace of minds.

azulitos kids club azul sensatori

We met a couple families that booked a one-week stay and then booked themselves a second week {changing flights and everything}, after experiencing just a couple days at this resort. Who does that?

MyChaos Twitter AzulHotels

Oh right. We did. If you missed my not-so pleasant experience at what was supposed to be our second week in the Mayan Riviera, grab a cuppa and have a read. We left Azul Sensatori for less than 24 hours, then turned around and came back, entirely changing our vacation plans. Yet, it was the best travel decision we ever made as we were all treated so well at this resort.

While I could go on and on with examples, this could end up being the longest blog post ever.

I will have more posts, as I cannot help but share certain specifics from our family vacation. Yet for now, know that my incredible Azul experience from last years press trip was met with an even better one this time, as guests. I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again and look forward to another stay soon. It is really is a wonderful all-inclusive resort option for a large family.


Make sure to read up on my previous posts from this trip, a Tour of Azul Sensatori, in photos and my post highlighting the beautiful Azul Sensatori Beach.




  1. Oh they got to stand next to Eddie and Sonya Lee. Mica watched way too many Little People movies. I know all their names. Did Eddie have Freddie his frog with him? See I told you I’ve watched too many of those! LOL

    1. He didn’t?! Yet, maybe it’s in his backpack! 🙂
      They have a separate FP channel on the TV’s there too – it’s the show 24/7 – my kids were thrilled!

  2. Sounds like an amazing spot! I love that the waiter took the time to remember your names. I’m so bad with names so that is very impressive to me!

  3. Holy cow…looks like a dream vacation for a family. Especially after reading about the first nightmarish part of your second week! There has only been one time that my husband and I got to our destination and decided we couldn’t stay. There was no better feeling than the relief we felt when after we checked into the second place.

    1. ‘no better feeling’ – YES!
      Best choice ever! Considering they are rated the same ‘travel stars’ … speaking volumes to me. One, HECK NO! Another, never trust those stars again.

  4. It’s nice to know that they took good care of you and your family. Looks like a place I’d love to take my family one day.

    1. Hubby and I have been to MANY AI resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, so we do have a lot to compare it to. They really do go the extra mile to make sure your stay is the best, and I love that.

  5. Wow! What a difference from your other experience! I have to say the Fisher-Price toys available to kids at meals is a fantastic idea! I may just look into this resort (some day :))!

  6. It looks like a lot of fun, someday I’m going to go on a winter vacation to escape the snow.

    1. Oh, it’s so good for the mind, bosy and soul. I don’t know how I’d get through our 8 months of Winter without an escape now and then!

  7. I like what you said about the staff and the comparison of them to Disney is EPIC! Staff at hotels (cast members) are the people you rely on at any home away from home.

    1. That’s a big deal to me, since Disney does it RIGHT! They are known for their impecable service and catering to kids. Well, when you travel with kids, taking those steps to cater JUST to them, is key. Azul has it right too, and I love that. Takes ‘family-friendly’ to a whole new level!

  8. Wow this looks like a great place for a holiday with kids! We don’t have kids but I will definitely share this with friends who do

    1. Thanks for sharing Judy, I’ve been telling all my friends that are parents, we are a close group that sticks up for one another. We all want our vacation experiences to be positive, you have to make them count!

    1. Same here, i just cannot get enough. I think I was born in the wrong place, I’m such a sun-lover!!

  9. I just love resorts that keep the rug-rats busy and entertained – makes it much more relaxing for the grown-up rats. And I love the Mayan Riviera – so this may be perfect for us!

    1. They do so well at that. And those cheesy resort shows at night? Yeah, they have good ones!! really good. And I still cannot believe I say that…

      1. LOVE the cheesy shows – we have a family inside saying that we use when we see something that is supposed to be amazing but is truly lame, a phrase we learned at one of those shows: “Happy Happy! Clappy Clappy!”

  10. I loved your pics, sounds like a fabulous resort for families. We loved the Mayan Riviera , I will have to look into this place next time.

  11. Oh my goodness, it’s GORGEOUS! It looks like a really amazing place for a family vacation!

  12. I love the service and the attention to details. Definitely a must do. Wonderful information for future reference.

  13. I’m a travel agent, and I’ve been on FAM trips and had similar experiences.. it’s so nice feeling wined and dined, isn’t it? But in my experience, the resorts really do live up to their claims of awesome service for clients too. I’ve recommended resorts that I’ve been on FAMs to and had lots of positive client feedback.

  14. Jeez! That looks like paradise!

    I took my first winter trip 3 years ago (never understood the draw prior) and I was HOOKED instantly.. It’s SO different than a trip to say, another province.

    My trouble is now – too many places i want to see and not enough holiday time to do it 🙂

  15. That looks like a resort that really works for the whole family, thanks for the great review!

  16. What a vast difference in the two resorts! I read both the bad experience & this one! Wow…love that the staff go above & beyond.

  17. Oh, wow. This sounds like such an amazing vacation! Our littles are 3 and 10 months, so I think it will be a little while before we do a trip like this (unless they provide a nanny!). But it sounds incredible, and I’m a teensy bit jealous! 😉

  18. I love hearing that your own personal experience was just as good, or better, than the corporate trip. I travelled a fair bit for work and often wonder what the treatment would have been like had it not been “sponsored”.

  19. That looks like an amazing resort!! My boys would have a great time!! And the beach, I wish I was walking through the sand along the waters edge right now 🙁

  20. That’s so great that the staff was so lovely with your girls. It’s so important to ensure that parents get a vacation too!

  21. Sounds like you had a fabulous family trip to the Mayan Riviera (compared to that other awful one)!

  22. Sounds like you had a great time at the Azul Sensatori but as for the other place….OMG is all I gotta say!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing both resorts!! It truly does help and I agree most families only get one vacation per year so reviews such as yours go a long way! Btw I love your humor!

  23. Looks like your family had an awesome time, what a beautiful resort. It is so nice when the staff is exceptional in doing their job, it really does reflect on repeat business. Your pictures are great btw, I could jump in the pool right now!!

  24. Thank you for your “second” review of this place. Sounds amazing. A truly pampered vacation with little ones.

  25. This place sounds like any parent travelling with children…strollers, formula and best of all Fisher Price??!! I want to go with Sara…wonder if she would still play with toys at her age…she turns 25 in September!! Lovely article and pictures, Tammi 🙂

  26. Thanks for all of the great details on this resort! I’m definitely going to keep it in mind.

  27. amazing place for a family… all the perks and details they thought of (ie/ stroller program) really makes it unique and stand out

  28. This is awesome to hear. I have bookmarked every Azul post you have done over the past while because I’m dying to go there with my family. I’m heading to Mexico for the first time this April, but sadly it’s not the same area. One day I’ll make it to Azul.

    Thanks for the honesty!

  29. Absolutely wonderful review! It’s awesome to know that resorts (at least this one) wont sugar coat the experience when they know it will be written about – this review makes me want to stay there even more because of that fact!

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