Karisma Hotels, ‘Little Helpers’ for Family Vacation

Parents can agree that helpers make all the difference. Right from birth, it’s those little ways that people lend a helping hand, that truly mean so much.

Now, apply that to a vacation. Have you ever taken your kids to an All-inclusive Resort?

If so, what would have made your stay easier, more enjoyable and less stressful? If you could choose those ‘little helper’ duties, what would they be?

Let me introduce the ‘little’ helpers of Karisma Hotels: Sonya Lee and Eddie.

Karisma Hotels Review

Beloved by your kids from the early beginning, these Fisher-Price ‘Little People’ Sonya Lee and Eddie are friends to be seen at Azul Hotels by Karisma Resorts.

They are part of the ‘Gourmet Inclusive’ experience, which means that there are added and very unique amenities and dining options at their resorts {and you won’t find them at any other all-inclusive resort}. For instance:  a la carte menus in all of the restaurants, an all-lobster menu, and individualized service.

So, how does this apply to Sonya Lee and Eddie?

Pretend with me that {these mini} Sonya Lee and Eddie figures are your own kids, and I’ll take you on a vacation to Karisma Hotels as seen through their eyes…

A person sitting on a beach

You arrive. Everyone is tired from traveling. It’s hot, the beach is calling, you need to unpack. At Azul Beach Hotel you don’t stand at a counter or in a line – you sit down on a couch with a drink {milkshakes for the kids!} to check in, and relax. {this kind family and Azul staff member allowed me to take a photo of just that, an easier way to check in, and they agreed with me}.

A person sitting next to a fireplace

During check-in, enjoy Personalized and friendly service. Choose your pillows, the scent for your room and most importantly – all the ‘gear’ that you need for your kids … Say What?

Azul Hotels by Karisma provides families with necessities, so you don’t have to bring them with you. Pack and plays, toys, coloring books, monitors, botttle warmers, a stroller {single, double or triple}, baby bathtub, bathroom step stools – the list goes on. And it’s all delivered to your room. Even popcorn and snacks can be delivered, what’s a family movie night without some, right?!

A table topped with different types of food on a plate, with Hotel and Resort

I took my kids {twins plus one} to an AI resort when the twins weren’t even 2. That my friends, was insane packing! I had 2 whole full-sized suitcases devoted to life jackets, sand toys and room toys. It was such a hassle to haul around, not to mention the fact that many airlines charge for baggage so you would save money if you could pack less. Plus we all know that *new to them* toys keep kids the most occupied.

Kids Sonya Lee and Eddie are playing on the playground at the beach. Oh no! The sunscreen was left in the room or worse yet – you are all out! No problem, just ask a beach butler for some sunscreen and it’s yours. At no extra cost.

A group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a wooden table

This ‘beach butler’ service even provides reading materials, mineral water vaporizers, gourmet snacks, or even a full picnic on the beach. This my friends, is a pretty big deal.

A group of people sitting at a table

Need some time alone with your spouse? Now’s the time to check out the incredible kids clubs. I toured 3 Azul Hotels in the Mayan {Beach, Sensatori and Fives} and was able to see each kids club located at each resort. They all have daily activities for kids, yet for this post I’ll show you the bright and colorful Azulitos Kid’s Club at Azul Beach Hotel.

Hotel and Resort

 Room and Home

It’s 1,600-square-feet in size and is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It has a full-day activity program, Lego Corner, Doll Corner, Nap Room, video games center, play area and a My Gym Children’s Fitness Center for kids ages 6 to 12 years.

Hotel and Resort

There’s even a trampoline and balance beam in the kids club. My daughter would be all over that! I haven’t seen gym equipment like this at other resorts, so I love that it’s included and there’s something for all ages. You want to play, don’t you? Sonya Lee and Eddie did too.

Hotel and Family

At the hotel restaurants, Sonya Lee and Eddie were so impressed at the special attention provided, just for them. Fisher-Price highchairs, boosters, toys, and a full meal selection is supplied for them.

A group of people sitting at a table

The selection of food is ample with great variety, right now to jars of Gerber baby food {another thing you don’t need to pack, parents!}

Food on a table, with Beach and Hotel

Kids can eat with the grownups or sit with the Kids Club staff and other kids at their own special table. They have toys, coloring books, balloons and all sorts of fun stuff at their table. Way better than having breakfast with Mom and Dad on the patio overlooking the ocean, right? {win-win, parents!}.

A group of stuffed animals sitting on top of a table

Sonya Lee and Eddie want to play and splash in the pool, so let’s head there right now. Azul Hotels by Karisma Resorts features a boutique-style property with an intimate feel that even shows poolside. With 148 rooms, they provide over 500 lounge chairs so there is never a race to find the perfect spot.

Azul Beach Review My Organized Chaos

At all other resorts, I always woke up way before the sun, just to madly reserve chairs. Yet, that isn’t needed at Azul Hotels, most were empty all day long. So go ahead, sleep in if you wish, you’ll still have a tranquil and prime place to soak up some rays.

Speaking of mad ninja tactics on vacation, have you ever tried to get a pool floatie at resort pools? They’re pretty sparse and hard to get. Not here folks, you have a couple of your own right on your balcony. Awesome! I think back to how many times my kids whined for a floatie yet they were all in use. Less whining = happy everyone. ‘Nuff said. No need to pack the nun-chucks on vacay.

Now we are back at the room after a long day of play and fun. I noticed some key aspects of my family swim-up suite, one which deserved it’s own post. So, make sure you check out all the deluxe yet family friendly features of this particular room.

A living room with a remote control on a table

BEST OF ALL – This entire experience is available to all guests. Why should you get premium and pampered amenities by upgrading and paying extra? At Karisma Resorts, ALL guests get all this added attention for the duration of their stay – for no extra charge.

Myself, Sonya Lee and Eddie had a fabulous time. Through their eyes, I seen how much Karisma Resorts {and partner Fisher-Price}, have taken those extra and generous steps to make your entire experience, unforgettable. Less stressful. More relaxed. More enjoyable.

Isn’t that what a family vacation should be like?

It’s very true, having ‘little helpers’ make all the difference, even while on vacation. Special ways to ensure that everyone in your family can enjoy a ton of this:

A group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a sandy beach


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    1. Thanks Kristen! And here I am thinking that my photos really don’t do the place justice – seriously! lol

    1. The kids I seen were having a blast, Sue! Even when I’m without my kids, I take time to study what other kids are doing and the ‘mental state’ of the parents {ha!}. Everyone at the Azul Hotels looked entirely relaxed and having so much fun!

  1. Awesome post. What a wonderful way to enjoy a vacation. Thanks for the information.

  2. the ‘ultimate’ in vacationing with kids; everyone gets to enjoy the holiday to the fullest
    as seems in your description. thanks for the tour of this lovely place


  3. This sounds like a great place for family vacation, I can’t see anyone getting bored. Your photos are super, really gives us a good look at the amenities offered so I thank you for that. Love the “Gourmet Inclusive”.

    1. Thanks Deb, glad I relayed the info perfectly! Honestly, I feel there is so much more to talk about!! I have videos as well, just finished uploading them!

  4. We were at Azul Beach when you were there! It was our first time there and we all loved it! The kids and adults can’t wait to go back!

    1. Nice Sandra!! Where was your room? Wouldn’t that be something if we passed each other with a ‘Hola’?!

      1. Yes! Our room was in Villa 8 by the Bubble Bar. My kids had their pictures and videos taken while in the Kids Club getting their faces painted. 🙂

  5. Looks like you all had an amazing time. It’s like a child’s dream resort. I always enjoy seeing the pictures of your vacations. Did I ever tell you I’m very petite? If I ditch the wheelchair, I’m positive I’d fit in your suitcase HAHA!

    1. Well, maybe next time we’ll have to try that! lol
      Thanks so much for the compliments Stephanie! The inside of my camera was fogging due to the humidity so sadly not all of my photos were perfect, I realized when I got home. I know, I’m picky! But, that calls for a re-do, right?

  6. How I wish I could have stayed with Sonya Lee and Eddie longer at Azul! Thanks for posting, Tammi. I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thanks Riza – it was SO VERY nice to have you there. Until our next adventure – cheers!

    1. Ok – can I just give one big ‘ol DITTO to all of that?
      Love it Diana!! {add in a trumpeter and it’s heaven!}

    1. Thanks Dani, it was great seeing you last week! Shall me make this a yearly tradition?

  7. Haha, the Fisher-Price “Little People” photo looks great! I didn’t know they have them there!

  8. Thanks for nice article.

    For families with 3+ kids, this looks like a great option. Giving the grown-ups the opportunity to read a book or go for lunch by themselves give everybody so much more energy to do something together the rest of the day.

  9. Love this post! Had my husband read it shortly after because I thought the resort was so amazing. He agreed…..and we quickly looked into booking a vacay there. lol It’s a little pricey, but would be so worth it, particularly at some point when we have younger kids. Right now, with our kids {almost 8 and almost 5} there isn’t a lot of extra *stuff* we need…..but boy oh boy, this resort looks AH-MAZING! And the swim up rooms – be still my heart.

  10. Is great post!! I never knew this kind of hotels before. I’ll check it out, love all your travel post. I love travel but with kid, is a different kind of story.

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