Do it: Sanitize Stuffies, Parents!


Let’s talk about a topic that we all know well, parents! Stuffed Animals.

They are everywhere, right?

Beloved friends to have and hold since the day we are born {maybe before}, kids love their stuffies. They foster their creative side in play, are there for all the big moments as they grow, and are so comforting in times if illness and sadness.

sanitize stuffies maytagbloggerchallenge

Best friends forever, stuffed animals endure so much and go everywhere imaginable.

… so, I hate to put a damper on the sweetness here, but when’s the last time you really washed all those stuffies in your house?

Do you know what dust mites and germs are in those things?! Gah, I’m such a debbie downer…

When your child is sick, you sanitize and scrub the carpet, clothes, sheets, doorknobs etc. What about the stuffies? You know, the ones they hug continually and rub their faces in? Please don’t tell me it’s been since your kid was very little, hobbling around using ‘bear-bear’ as a tissue for that toddler-drip!

I have to admit, it slips my mind too. I do wash the ‘favorite’ stuffies when I think of it, which is usually when one of them is noticeably needing some TLC. Yet what about the ones lying around in corners or shelves that you don’t see much?

Confession: I’m pretty sure there are a few that would fall under the ‘never’ category … ewww.

sanitize cycle maytag maxima xl blogger challenge

Challenge #2 in the Maytag Blogger Challenge is all about stuffies and sanitizing them. Thing is, and this is the cool part … are you reading carefully cause things are about to get incredible? All the super-cleaning magic happens in the dryer.

It’s true, the  Maytag® Maxima XL™ HE Steam Dryer with a quiet SoundGuard® drum has a Sanitize Cycle that raises temperatures to eliminate 99.9% of certain household bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. You read that right, the dryer dries clothes {obviously}, but it can also sanitize them.

maytag maxima xl blogger challenge

This is awesome news for those items that you don’t want to go into the washer. You know, those delicate and precious items that you need to clean {and I mean, clean} without being shaken, stirred and scrubbed in water.

Watch the video below, as we tackle some serious stuffy sanitation {say that 5 times fast}, DRYER-STYLE!

Our stuffies: Brown Bear, Ellie, Kitty, Bunny and more went in stinky and sad and came out refreshed. I am especially happy to finally clean my childhood friend, Bunny, whom has spent years collecting germs. She’s now ready to take on another 22* years with our family.

maytag blogger challenge myorganizedchaos

After we sanitized the stuffed animals, the twins remarked how soft and great-smelling they were, and I liked that the fur didn’t pill or look disheveled. Overall I’m so impressed with the Sanitize Cycle, and know I will love it more when the kids get the next round of the flu.

Huggable, lovable and very clean friends, I think we can all sleep better knowing that our dear stuffed friends are not full of dust mites!

sanitizing cycle maytagbloggerchallenge

Thing is, you can sanitize even more than just stuffies, so I made a little list.

Items you should be sanitizing in your home, perhaps once per month:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Pet beds/blankets
  • Pillows

Can you think of more items that could be sanitized in this awesome Maytag Maxima XL dryer?


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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on my bedding. I would love to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and Dryer because I don’t have a set of my own πŸ™‚

  2. My little ones doesn’t have a specific stuffie she’s in love with – she has a million! πŸ™‚ I would sanitize them all. My washer and dryer makes the loudest beep when it’s done… drives me bonkers, ‘ cause I always think it’s going to wake the kidlets

  3. Would sanitize my pet’s bedding and stuffed toys! The Maytag Maxima XL Washer and Dryer look like a great set, love all the options on them

  4. I am literally daydreaming about that dryer as I write this. As a Mom, a sanitization cycle would be a dream come true!!!! My children have so many stuffies and I hate putting them through just the wash cycle. I am beyond impressed with this product and the video, wow…blew it out of the water for me. It is nice to read about products, but including an actual look at it in use …LOVE IT!!! Plus, I can relate to everything your girls do with their stuffies, as mine do the same things..And I can’t believe Bunny is already 22 years old {hehe}….She looked pretty great after the cycle, which really impressed me!

  5. i would sanitize the blankets id love to have a new washing machine mine is an old maytag like 4 yrs old

  6. I’m the lucky proud owner of my Dad’s Teddy Bear from 1929 and I would LOVE to sanitize it!!

    1. I would love the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and dryer, because there is so many different features

  7. I’d love to use it on bedding… the cats take over sometimes :s

  8. I would love to use this on my bedding. I have a condo-sized washer and dryer and I can’t squeeze my comforter in there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. This system would definitely be for blankies and stuffies. Though I would try curtains!!!

    Another reason why I’d love this system, the wrinkle control option!! That would be a real lifesaver and time saver! Thanks for the contest!

  10. We need to sanitize lovies in our home. Those security blankets/lovies gets a lot of loving and goes everywhere with the kids.

  11. I would use it on bedding, kids toys, and dog bed! I would love to have a new and fancy system like this!

  12. I would defiantly use it on bedding, I have teenage sons lol they tend to be smelly little creatures and It would help clear out allergens too

  13. I would use it on all of our mattress pad and pillow protectors because most of us in the family have allergies. Having 13 year old Washer and Dry is reason enough to want the Maytag Maxima XL Laundry Pair, they are awesome!!

  14. I would sanitize my cats bed πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer,,because who wouldnt?!!!,,My dryer is also dying πŸ™

  15. The sanitize feature would be perfect for my son’s green blankie. It goes everywhere and lord knows how many germs are all over it.

  16. Amazing machine! I would sanitize my sons blanket (he drags it everywhere, kinda like Linus from Peanuts

  17. I would use it on all our plush toys. But with 2 small children, tehse appliances would be so helpful for my family!

  18. I’d use it on my pillows! I would love to have these, as my washer/dryer are in need of an upgrade!

  19. I would use sanitize on everything my twin sons wear… or actually touch lol.. I would love the washer and dryer because with 3 kids I have a lot of laundry

  20. I would sanitize the “millions” of stuffies my kids have as well as all our our pillows and bedding. I would be thrilled to have this dryer because of its capacity as well as its loaded features and because my dryer does some very zany things sometimes and is in need of replacing :)!

  21. This is awesome! I wish I had read this before we replaced our dryer last year. My trick is to add fabric softener to the load when I wash my kids stuffies. The softener keeps the fabric from pilling up and matting in the dryer. I was my kids stuffies on a regular basis so just popping them in the dryer would be a big time and energy saver.

  22. I would love to sanitize shoes.. I’d love to have the washer and dryer as it’s an amazing set that does SO much!

  23. I would love it for bedding and pillows, I have such sensitive skin it would help a lot.
    great video too, nice to ‘see’ you and your kids!

  24. I’d use the sanitize cycle for my gym clothes cause they get a little funky. I’d love the washer and dryer cause I don’t like the one that came with my place.

  25. My pillows! The cats (all four of them!) love to snuggle up on my bed whether I’m in it or not!

  26. I would sanitize my cat’s toys! I’m sure they are full of germs Ewwwwww.

    The washer & dryer seems like it’s smart and would save me time! I’d love to have all those different options available to me.

  27. Id use it all on my daughters bedding she is allergic to dust mites.

  28. Sounds perfect for my curtains, i don’t think they can be washed, but really need it!

  29. I would sanitize my youngest blankie and the middle one’s bedding (allergies to dustmites and asthma). I would love to have the the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and dryer because my washer and drier are 15 years old…

  30. We are learning how to make smooties and protein shakes so this would be a perfect addition to our kitchen!!

  31. My kids are grown, so we don’t have a lot of “stuffies” hanging around. I would love the sanitize feature to use on pillows, though πŸ˜‰

  32. I would use it on the stuffed animals I keep around for the grandkids when they sleepover.

  33. Being able to sanitize laundry would be great! But I still wish someone would invent clothes and sheets that you don’t have to wash lol and have little nanites that eat all the dirt and bacteria lol

  34. I would to use the new Maytag Maxima XL Washer and dryer , I also would like to try the sanitization cycle with the slippers and some shoes

  35. its such a great company with awesome products that last, only hear great things were using quite old washer that could go at any time now & were saving for house so these would be wicked addition.. thnx

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    1. Sanitizing – what a great idea for Health Care. Stuffed animals are no longer taken at the hospitals due to sanitation.

  37. I would use it on the stuffed animals, blankets etc. I would love the washer because it would make life easier….

  38. I would use the sanitize cycle on bedding/pillows/curtains.. I would love this set just because of all the next features and xtra care my clothing would get.

  39. First off, I’d love a new dryer. Period. One that could sanitize my kid(s) stuffed animals… and my pillows would be amazing!

  40. I’d use it on our bedding because our 9 month old sleeps with us and spits up and pees our bed sometimes!

  41. I would sanitize everything in my son’s room – stuffed toys to sheets as he still “forgets” to wash his hands.


  42. Love the size of the machine. I’d use it on the blankies. They get washed, of course, but could use some sanitation!

  43. I would use the sanitize cycle on all of our bedding., as well as our dogs bedding. I love that this washer and dryer has an allergy removal cycle, as I suffer from allergies.

  44. would use it on our stuffed animals first, great idea. then I’d do the kids clothes, super sensitive skin in our house

  45. I would defintely use the sanitize cycle on my child’s stuffed animals. They need it!! I would love o have the Maytag washer and dryer because it looks like it does EVERYTHING I need it to do!!

  46. I would defintely use the sanitize cycle on my child’s stuffed animals. They need it!! I would love o have the Maytag washer and dryer because it looks like it does EVERYTHING I need it to do!! What an awesome pair!

  47. I would use the sanitize cycle on my little one’s Softy Blanket and Piggy Piggy. There are SO many reasons to want a high quality washer and dryer. Efficiency would be top of the list.

  48. WOW my household needs this! My kids have a ton of stuffies! I would definitely use it on them!

  49. I would use it to sanitize the dog’s bed, it needs it, I would love the washer and dryer, much better that what I currently own

  50. I’d use the sanitize cycle for my dog’s bedding and toys – especially his yucky, drooly ball!

  51. I would use it on my dogs beds. I would LOVE this washer/dryer because my machines are getting old and the washer is getting stinky.

  52. I would use it for my dogs bed! definitely needs a good thorough cleaning every now and then – maybe her stuffies too;)

  53. It would have to be my duvets, and I would love to have a front loading washing machine again, so much better than top loaders

  54. Love that washer and dryer. I actually saw on ‘sharks’ where a mother invented a large bag to put stuffed animals in to use in the washer. They basically laughed her off the show. Looks like she didn’t know about Maytag

  55. I would use the sanitize cycle on stuffed animals and bedding. I would love to have the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer because they are quicker than my old washer/dryer plus they have so many great and different features.

  56. I am expecting our first little bundle of joy this late Fall so it would be wonderful to have a Maytag Maxima XL Washer and dryer to wash and dry all those little onesies and baby things. Thanks for the chance! Twitter fan@plumerea

  57. I would love to sanitize the comforters and duvets from the beds All the bedding for that matter!

  58. i would use it to sanitize my pillows . id love to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer because its able to do large loads of laundry instead of doing multiple loads which saves time and electricity

  59. I would use it on my kids bedding as they have such bad allergies, wish my dryer did this! thanks for the chance to win and loved your video as well!

  60. I would sanitize the beddings. I like how the Maytag Maxima XL Washer/Dryer combo has a steam dryer function – will come in handy!

  61. i would use it on my collection of Stuffed Disney characters that I have been collecting for years. I would love to have the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer for numerous reason the Sanitizing cycle being just one.

  62. We have 4 cats, so their bedding and I would love to win this because we live in an apartment building and we have to pay for our laundry, therefore, when I win this, I will not have to dish out money to do laundry..they pay for the water, lol.

  63. I’d love it on all of our bedding, especially my daughter’s. She wakes up in her crib with such leaky diapers.

  64. We are fingers crossed going to be buying a house this fall and are going to need a new washer and dryer. That set looks so amazing!! And PILLOWS. That’s what I would sanitize!! All of the gross nasty stuff that lurks on them even with pillowcases used. How does the dryer do with feather duvets? We just moved to a place that has VERY cold winters. So I can see duvets being another thing on the list of must haves for new house πŸ™‚

  65. I too would use it on my children’s stuffed animals! Sometimes I cringe just looking at my daughter lugging them all over the house, I would love be able to sanitize them all! This looks like an amazing washer and dryer set and that’s why I would love to have a set!!

  66. I would use it on undergarments! I would love the Maytag set because I don’t own a washer and dryer..! Thanks for this giveaway!

  67. I’m potty training my son right now, I would use it on everything. Does it sanitize the carpet as well? joking! πŸ™‚

  68. i’d use it for stuffies… my son is 1 year old and his favourite toy is the same pink unicorn as in your picture

  69. Ok you just made me go ewwww only cuz I have never thought of washing my sons stuffies ugh! I can’t believe it….why haven’t I thought of that? I want a may tag just for the simple fact I can sanitize his stuffies!

  70. I would sanitize EVERYTHING…with a 3 year old a new born preemie in the house we spend more time cleaning than anything

  71. I would use it on our bedding! I would love these washer and dryer because they have so many cool features!

  72. I’d be sanitizing all throw pillows and slip covers. both the washing machine and dryer seem amazing – fabulous and unique features and would likely be much more energy efficient than my current duo.

  73. Definitely dog stuffies came to mind first, and love the idea of the dryer’s SoundGuard drum!

  74. I would use the sanitize cycle on bedding, would love to win so that I can replace my current washer\dryer with something that has a lot more cooler features πŸ™‚

  75. I would you use the Sanitize Cycle on the same things as you – Stuffed animals, Pet beds/blankets, Pillows! I’d love to have both the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and Dryer — they got lots of great features. We recently bought a new washing machine that we’re not all that thrilled with and this would be a great replacement!!

  76. I would use the sanitation cycle on my pillows, blankets and duvet.
    I would love to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and Dryer because they look awesome and mine are old and don’t clean so well anymore

  77. I would sanitize slippers. I’d love to have both the washer and dryer because I could get laundry done faster thanks to them being XL.

  78. The first thing I would sanitize would be my towels and bedding! I need a new washer and dryer so badly, mine are dinosaurs! Plus, I’ve wanted a washer and dryer with steam options for a few years now, and I love all the other cycles and options, too! It would make life so much easier!

  79. I would wash my daughters stuffies in the Maytag washer to get them really clean

  80. How true is that, my kids put their “guys” through a lot of abuse as well. Having a sanitize cycle is SO nice, we also use ours often! Cute video too!

  81. my dog shed so much, I’d first do his bed then the blankets that he lays on all the time

  82. I’d use the sanitize cycle on blankets and bedding. The features are endless on the washer and dryer. I like the steaming and the overnight features. My washer and dryer are very basic and it would be nice to have those extras.

  83. Would love this dryer especially during the cold bug season to keep my kids stuffies clean without running them in the washer.

  84. With little ones and especially having one with very sensitive skin, sanitizing everything is SO very important in our home.
    I really love the Sanitize Cycle feature and the fact that it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, dust, etc.? WOW! Honestly, that’s just what I need. We’re on the lookout for a new washer and dryer for our home and I’m really going to consider this set.

    Thanks for the great and honest review as always!

  85. And how cute is that before and after with her Brown Bear? My daughter has a blanket that she still carries around everywhere since she was a baby. That is one item that requires the Sanitize Cycle! πŸ™‚

  86. I would sanitize my dog’s bedding and stuffies. He’s made quite a nest for himself! I would love to get Maytag Maxima XL set because I love machines with lots of buttons and settings lol.

  87. My bedding and curtains, shower curtain, etc. I would love them because my washer is broken!!!

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  89. I would use the Sanitize Cycle for bedding and I would love to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer because I have an old set and I love the steam option.

  90. What a great invention. I would use it for bedding since I no longer have young children, so no stuffies.

  91. I would use the cycle to sanitize the dogs beds, it would really be great to do this once a week or so. As for the next question, I ask “Who wouldn’t want the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer???” Especially with all these features, the Steam Dryer feature is pretty cool too.

  92. I would use the sanitize cyle on my decorative pillows.
    My present washer and dryer are almost 30 yrs old and aren’t energy efficient at all. Many times the washer won’t do a proper spin and the dryer gets way too hot to be safe.

  93. Will use it for blankets; Maytag is a very well known brand and makes durable items.

  94. I would use it things the dog has dirtied and we’d love to win the Washer/Dryer for our other home!

  95. I would love to have a washer and dryer, period. I live in an apartment, and I hate using the laundromat. I miss owning a washer and dryer. πŸ™ Maybe I’ll win one one day πŸ™‚

  96. I’d use the Sanitize Cycle on clothes, bedding etc. that I buy at yard sales.

  97. The sanitize cycle is important in a household of 4 kids, who bring home various illnesses, not just homework. I can think of the kids winter hats, scarves and mitts off the bat. With getting lice a couple of years ago… I go nuts over their hoods & hats ‘n such.

  98. I would love it for my son’s toys and pillows. Our dryer is older and I would love to replace it!

  99. Anything and everything, we have BAD allergies in this house. I know we’d use that cycle a lot!

  100. I’d sanitize my sheets and towels around the house, and I’ve been needing a washer and dryer upgrade.

  101. I could have used 20 something years ago. Both my boys have allergies and it would have been so much easier than washing them till they fell apart. They’re favorites are put away, like yours, so they can have the fond memories at 22 as well.

  102. I’d love to have it because my washer and dryer are pretty old. I would sanitize the pet beds.

  103. I would use on Bedding and Pillows and of course Stuffies. Towels and Face cloths too. Oh and Bat mats and ohh I could go on…. I would Love this feature! I have a bit of a Germ OPhobia LOL

  104. I would love to have a maytag washer and dryer because I could use a new set!! And this one looks totally awesome

  105. Oh, I for sure would be putting the stuffies in there!!! Also, what a great cycle to have in case of the dreaded lice attack!!!

  106. Oh my, I need to do this to the pillows in the house, they just are not the same after a washing. I also have a boy, so I am sure there would be a ton of stuff I could run through. The dryer I currently have has a anti bacterial button, I am not sure if if would do the same.?..?

  107. I would use the sanitize cycle for several things for bedding, for my dogs bedding, for bath rugs, for towels etc it would be a wonderful dryer to have

  108. I would sanityze all my cat accessories, his blankets and the pillows he’s always sleeping on!

  109. I would use the sanitize our comforters. I would love both the washer and dryer because my set is old and a new reliable set would be fantastic

  110. Id sanitize my couch pillows &id love the Maytag Maxima cuz of it many features to help a mom out

  111. I’d love to enter but can’t, I’m in the USA. Both my kids have blankets that they love to take everywhere. I wash them often.

  112. I would love to sanitize our comforters. I love all the extra features on these appliances.

  113. I really wish we had a sanitize cycle on our washer. My 1.5y/o is having breathing issues and wheezing every 3-4 weeks. Washing everything on HOT wont work because our washer only has Hot/Cold setting and definitely doesn’t get hot enough.

  114. I wish I had one of these dryers to sanitize our stuffies! That bear looks in pretty good shape for 7 years of love. My 7 year old daughter has a puppy that has seen some hard loving. LOL

  115. I would use it for my dogs bed! definitely needs a good thorough cleaning every now and then – maybe her stuffies too;)

  116. This would be a great cycle for me! I’m a nurse and I would love to sanitize my scrubs, I know they could use it!

  117. Pillows first, stuffies and then the bedding. what a great feature for a dryer to have. Loved your video too, nice to see you Tammi, have been reading for years!

  118. I’d use the cycle on my work clothes. And I’d love to have one in my home because ours is currently broken. It’s the laundry mat for us for now (and boy what a hassle haha)

  119. I would use the sanitizer on my pet blankets and toys. I need a new washer and dry and this one looks awesome.

  120. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on my bedding, and wouldn’t have to take it to the laundrymat! uggh

  121. My youngest son is a stuffy collector, and he’s got allergies so it would be perfect.

  122. I have two cats who shed quite a bit.I have many things to use this on,bedding pillows,napkins.The hair from cats is taking over my!!

  123. I would love to have that dryer to sanitize my dog’s bed and toys, as well as destinking all of my workout clothes!

  124. I would use it on my unmentionables
    I would love to have the XLs to replace my aging units

  125. I’d love to sanitize the dog’s bed, the kids stuffies, our duvet and pillows.

  126. I think I would use it for stuffed animals. Bet that cycle would have been awesome when we had lice hit our house last year!! I would love the new Maytag, as it has so many new features over my front loaders which were purchased over 8 yrs ago

  127. We have several toys around the house that are covered in baby drool. Could definitely use a sanitize feature on the washer.

  128. I would use the sanitize cycle for all my sons stuffies! They get dragged through literally everything! I would LOVE this washer and dryer set for all the amazing settings and functions it has! Especially the overnight cycle!

  129. Definitely on our stuffies- there are more and more of them and they need a bath too πŸ™‚

  130. I would definately use it on the stuffed animals!! They could use it, really really bad.

  131. I’d like to try the Maytag Maxima as I have a brand new Samsung washer and dryer and am not happy withe washer – it leaves an odious smell after laundry loads that lingers. That being said, yes, I would sanitize sheets and pillowcases in the Maytag Maxima – nice feature.

  132. We spend a lot of time with animals and on the lake. Those germs need to be killed so I feel that my family will stay strong and healthy.

  133. The Sanitize Cycle would be perfect for my bedding and my new puppys bedding as well!!!

  134. I’d sanitize my hubby’s work clothes….he works in sewage treatment plants! I’d love this washer/dryer!

  135. I would use the sanitize cycle on our bedding and my son’s stuffed animals and soft toys. I’d love to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and Dryer because I’d like an HE system.

  136. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on my throw pillows. I would love the machines because mine are old and much less efficient. I like all the fancy settings, too.

  137. I’d toss everything that’d fit in there. Seriously. We’re allergic to just about everything, but dust is a biggie. I do a crazy amount of laundry.

  138. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on my cat’s bed and toys. I would LOVE to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer because the washer and dryer I currently have are not only an eyesore, but they are old, and they have a mind of their own…only working when they feel like it. lol

  139. My dtr loves to bring her stuffies to daycare and I would sanitize each of them when they come home!! Our washer seems to leak a little so winning this combo would be perfect!

  140. the pet beds and the bedding and with 3 cats a busy household i need the pair to keep ahead of my troops

  141. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on my blankets. I’d LOVE to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer ‘cos mine are old & rickety, probably not efficient either

  142. I could use a new set. My machine does not balance so I am kept very busy during a wash cycle. ugg. I would sanitize the bedcovers.

  143. I’d love to have this washer and dryer set because they appear to be durable and reliable — something I’d love to have!

  144. I would sanitize our pillows and also the collectors teddies that I got when my Grandpa passed away in December

  145. I would sanitize my grandson’s stuffies and all our pillows and throw cushions πŸ™‚

  146. Would sanitize my pet’s bedding and stuffed toys! The Maytag Maxima XL Washer and Dryer look like a great set, love all the options on them (reposting so my comment and rafflecopter names match)

  147. I would definitely put my son’s stuffed bunny in to sanitize! I would love this washer/dryer set because it has so many more options than my current set does!

  148. I’d sanitize pillows and stuffies…probably towels too, especially kitchen towels.

  149. My daughter’s Patchy Patch from when we took her to see Toopy and Binoo. It’s getting pretty dingy from going with her everywhere!

  150. My current machine is as old as the hills so I would absolutely LOVE this. I would love to use the sanitize feature on our stuffed animals πŸ™‚

  151. I would use the sanitize setting on my daughters bedding, she has a lot of environmental allergies. I would also use it to wash our pillows and blankets, especially the ones on our couches.

  152. I would love it, because we never know what kind of bacteria stays on our clothes, or rugs, or toys

  153. I would use the sanitizer for my quilts. I would love to have the Maytag washer and dryer as there are so many cool or should I say “hot” features.

  154. I’d use it on underwear, pillow cases and if possible my son’s shoes and hockey gear!! Wouldn’t life be marvellous then?

  155. I would sanitize my dogs stuffies :). I love all the options but especially that the washer uses the appropriate amount of detergent based on the load.

  156. I once laundered a furry stuffed cat the wrong way…the fur sort of melted-ish turning her favorite stuffed animal into a mess that we nick-named “mat-a-cat”

  157. i would use it for my hubby clothes. He’s working in a really dirty place and im always afraid that he is gonna be sick

  158. I would love to use it on the cat beds. I like all the different features on the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and dryer.

  159. I’d like to try the Sanitize cycle on my bedding too, especially the pillow cases, to keep the dust mites at bay. I’d love the Maytag Maxima XL HE Steam Dryer because it can do large loads and we try to be as efficient as possible for laundry.

  160. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on my bedding, and probably all the clothes and toys….lol. I Love how they look and what they do…my set is 20 years old smh

  161. I would use the Sanitize Cycle on stuffed animals for sure! as well as blankets ! Any reason why you’d LOVE to have the Maytag Maxima XL Washer and/or Dryer? YES!! my old maytag is so old and grimy and has no bells and whistles! I love all the features on this new set especially the overnight wash/dry function!! It would save me so much time and energy re-washing!!

  162. The sanitize cycle is invaluable for bodily fluid mishaps and for fighting lice.
    ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  163. I would use the sanitize feature on my husband’s work scrubs…he works in a long term care home and brings home some pretty awful stuff somedays. That and my teen son’s rugby clothing is the reason I’d love to win this.

  164. I’d use the sanitize cycle on pillows after someone is sick. I’d love either a dyer or washer. Mine are over 25 years old!

  165. I would sanitize all my stuffed toys.I could use the upgrade of this washer and dryer.

  166. I would like to sanitize my duvets.
    I could use the great new features of this washer and dryer.

  167. When I opened our Women’s Home for homeless, abused and addicted women and children, one of the ways to welcome them was to have a stuffed animal on their pillow. We never outgrow our love for them! Because some of the stuffies were gently used, it was necessary to make sure they were cleaned and ready to comfort our next guest.

  168. With having a home daycare this cycle would be great to get all the sick germs that are always around my house!!

  169. My appliances are ready to leave this earth….I would like to be able to do a duvet….

  170. I would love to win these. I would use the sanitize cycle on Sophie’s blankies because they go everywhere.

  171. I would love to have this blender! πŸ™‚ i love cooking for my family, and this would certainly help!

  172. I would sanitize everything, I have a 1 year old and as you can imagine it gets quite grimy around these parts!

  173. Tea Towels, wash cloths and cloth diapers. I would love to have all the options that his laundry pair offers.

  174. I would sanitize the kitchen towels! Someone bought me white kitchen towels and finally got around to using them. I don’t think I ever realized how dirty they get during food prep and I was wondering how much a normal temperature was actually cleans them?! Yuck. I also love the size capacity of the washer. It would be nice to be able to wash your own duvet/comforters!

  175. I would love the Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer – It looks like it could handle all of my bedding without hurting myself trying to stuff them in there. I also love the idea of using less water because it’s better for the environment.

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  177. I have two little doxies that sleep with me. I would love to sanitize my bedding and all the blankets and throws in my house.

  178. Second part of question. I would love to have the Maytag washer and dryer. They would help make laundry more fun.

  179. I would use that setting on my husbands chef shirts and I would love to have this set because my machines are 30 years old and have seen better days

  180. a sanitization cycle! Amazing, I could wash the girls teddies and blankets, without flooding the basement! I dream of one of these.

  181. Nice washer and dryer set. Probably a lot of things around here that should be sanitized. I like nice fresh bedding and would use it for my bed linems. Thanks for this contest.

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    friends. Benefiting from Dujiangyan Irrigation Project which was constructed in 256 B.
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