A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

As a parent, there is one wish I always wanted to give my kids. One dream I always had.

And finally, I got to be THAT parent. That parent that announces to their kids that they are going to Disney World. Being able to do this was more heartfelt that I could have ever imagined!

For months hubby and I have been keeping the secret that we got the golden ticket invite to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for 2012. This Wednesday we fly to Florida and take in the conference for 3 fun-filled days with Disney, experiencing much behind-the-scenes action.


We will stay at the park for one whole week though, and will get to know two of the many on-site Resort Hotels offered at the park. It’s our first time at Disney, and I’ll be honest, it’s overwhelming but such an incredible adventure that we are more than willing to take on.


Then, thanks to ALL STAR Vacation Homes‏, we will be extending our stay, living the Florida life in a gorgeous vacation rental home. With many homes to choose from from ALL STAR and all varying in size, amenities and price {yet all conveniently located very close to Walt Disney World}, we picked one awesome and amazing house to call home sweet home for another week of our stay.

During our second week, Tourism Florida also has some fun adventures for us as well!

There will be many updates to share on FB, Twitter and here. And, be sure to follow conversations as they happen, from all the attendees: #DisneySMmoms

We are more than THRILLED for our 14 day family holiday. Better start packing! 😉

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  1. I loved disney but have never been able to take my own kids and now one is ready to graduate and leave
    I had always hoped to but the cost is so dern expensive from where I live – ah to have a major airport near us LOL

  2. ah its the cost that hampers us, airfare per person is not cheap in Canada, esp when you have to fly and our vehicle prob wouldn’t make a trip like that LOL
    but I do enter to try to win !!!

    1. Airfare is not cheap, but if you watch closely, it’s not as bad as one would think. A friend booked 2 months in advance and it was only $400pp… so if you have time for research, it could save a ton!

  3. yeah but both of us work and we have to book off our stuff in jan (we legally get three weeks paid where I live) my hubbys place is unionized and he’s bottom man on the pole but I could prob get it off as long as its our off season at work (nov- feb). With both my kids being 16 and 18 they’d have to pay adult fares, but on the bright side, we’ve all got passports (and arent those horribly expenisve, basically $100 after you’ve done the photo and paid the fees)
    My daughter is going to Australia thru the school, and we’ve paid the fees in full for that, $4700, now she just has to work this summer and do bingos for spending money. And of course, we did have to buy her new luggage lol

    1. They already ‘packed’, lol
      Of course I need to re-do it all, but still – yes, they are excited!

    1. Almost the same ages, Susan, I didn’t know!
      So happy to see you again, and with our kids for once!! 🙂

  4. I can’t wait until the day I get to bring my family to Disney. Tobei has never even been. I have been twice and love it. Once as an adult and once as a kid. Have a fantastic time, I know you will.

  5. I am so excited for you and your family. This is my dream to one day take my kids to Disney (okay it’s for me too as I have never been) and I am hoping to make it happen eventually. We figured out last time we flew from BC to Ontario that for the same price (or cheaper as flights in Canada are SO expensive) that we should save to go to Disney instead next.

    Have fun on your trip, looking forward to all the updates and pictures so I can live it vicariously through you for now!

    1. Thanks Tara! And it’s true – my husband flew one province over for double the cost of a flight to Orlando. It’s crazy!

  6. When we take our kids to Disneyland, my husband and I get JUST as giddy and excited, if not more so, than our kids. It’s such a magical memory for them, and it makes us so happy to see them in their happy place!

    1. One more sleep Alyson – I’m bouncing off the walls more than the kids right now!!!

  7. That is so exciting! We are going with our 4-yr old daughter and what will be our 4-month old daughter this October and I can’t wait to tell our 4-year old. She will freak! We are trying to decide if we should surprise her or tell her ahead of time. Hope your trip is awesome!

  8. What an amazing experience for you & your family! Have lots of fun & take loads of pictures (I know you will!).

  9. So exciting! We are taking our daughter (2 1/2) in September and I could not be more excited. I cannot wait to read how your trip goes!

      1. World. I’m SO excited!!! We have the bibbidi bobbidi boutique all booked and lunch with the princesses! My little girl is just going to melt!

  10. Oh that video made me smile… even a little teary eyed over here :p
    Have a great time!!

  11. So happy for you! Part of our wanting to have only 2 children is the fact that we can take them on vacations. My DH was 1 of 5 and did not get to go to disney until he was in his 30’s.

    1. That is true Erin, we face that a lot with 3 kids. Especially hotel rooms that have a maximum occ. of 4.

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  13. Wow, talk about the trip of a lifetime. What a neat opportunity with the conference!

  14. So Exciting! I have never been (nor my kids). Hopefully we will get to plan a trip in the future. Have fun!

  15. That is sooooo cute!!! Love the girls’ reaction. You guys will have such fun!

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